11BFreeGeographyK – March 1, 2011

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11BFreeGeographyK – March 1, 2011
The Earth is not a sphere, because it bulges at what hemisphere?

A. Southern Hemisphere

The Tropic of Capricorn passes through which landlocked country of South America?

A. Paraguay

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, lies on which coast of the Caspian Sea?

A. West
What is the arm of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between the coast of Spain and the Balearic Islands?

A. Gulf of Valencia
In geography, what does the acronym GIS stand for?

A. Geographic Information Systems

What tropic line runs through China, India, Oman, and Mexico?

A. Tropic of Cancer

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The flow of what river severed Trinidad from the coast of South America?

A. Orinoco River

The South Shetland Islands lie between the Antarctic Peninsula and what continent?

A. South America

Most of the world’s deadliest earthquakes have occurred in what country?

A. China (or People’s Republic of China)

What type of landform are the following: barrier, continental, and oceanic?

A. Islands

The Cyclades are islands belonging to which country of Europe?

A. Greece

Phang Nga Bay lies along the southwest coast of which Asian country?

A. Thailand

A valley glacier is one of two types of glaciers; name the other?

A. Alpine glacier

Most of the oldest rocks on Earth are of what type?

A. Metamorphic

What kind of islands is separated from the seashore by a sound or a channel?

A. Barrier

Which English city was set in 1884 as the prime meridian by an International Resolution?

A. Greenwich

Which unmanned scientific satellites have produced continuously remote-sensing data of the Earth since 1922?

A. Landsat

What process caused the formation of the Earth’s crust over four billion years ago?

A. Plate tectonics

The December 26, 2004, tsunami occurred off the coast of what major island of Indonesia?

A. Sumatra

What body of water connects the Gulf of Oman to the Persian Gulf?

A. Strait of Hormuz

The Rappahannock River meanders through the Blue Ridge Mountains on its way to empty into what body of water?

A. Chesapeake Bay

Louisbourg National Historical Park lies on which Canadian island?

A. Cape Breton Island

Which country lies farthest north: Finland, Norway, or Sweden?

A. Norway

What body of water separates Baffin Island from the province of Quebec?

A. Hudson Strait

The Kailao is a Wallisian dance brought to what country of Africa?

A. Tonga
What tropic line runs through Australia, Brazil, Namibia, and Madagascar?

A. Tropic of Capricorn
Three of world’s most deadly volcanoes have erupted in which Asian country?

A. Indonesia

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial lies on Put-in-Bay at South Bass Island just north of which U.S. state?

A. Ohio

The Detroit River connects Lake Erie with what lake on the Canadian-United States border?

A. Lake St. Clair

Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, and which other U.S. state surround the panhandle of Oklahoma?

A. Colorado

Ellesmere Island, Canada, is part of which territory?

A. Nunavut

Clingman’s Dome is a 6,643-foot mountain that lies on the border between North Carolina and which U.S. state?

A. North Carolina

What body of water separates Prince Edward Island from mainland Canada?

A. Northumberland Strait

Which landlocked country lies south of Chad on the African continent?

A. Central African Republic

Which seasonal adjustments in wind and temperature in the eastern Pacific Ocean causes a poor Atlantic hurricane season?

A. El Nino

Which country has experienced the world’s six most deadly floods?

A. China (or People’s Republic of China)

What intense activity on the sun causes an active night display of the aurora borealis?

A. Solar wind

What underwater mountain chain stretches for more than 40,000 miles around the Earth?

A. Mid-Ocean Ridge (or Mid Oceanic-Ridge)

What causes the winds to deflect to the right in the northern hemisphere?

A. Coriolis effect

Which state is NOT touched by the Mississippi River: Louisiana or Alabama?

A. Alabama

Which country lies farther north: Paraguay or Uruguay?

A. Paraguay

Name the warm surface current originating in the Caribbean Sea that flow up the eastern coast of the United States.

A. Gulf Stream

Panch Pokari is a series of three lakes found on what mountain?

A. Mount Everest

After the Caspian Sea, the world’s next three largest lakes are found in what system?

A. Great Lakes

Most icebergs in the Northern Hemisphere come from glaciers of what entity?

A. Greenland

Which region has an ozone hole over it the size of North America?

A. Antarctica

True or False

Most cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons develop above the equator.

A. True
The Mindo Cloud Forest is located on which continent?

A. South America

After Alfred Wegener, Christopher Scotese developed a super continent configuration that will form in the next 250 million years called what?

A. Pangaea Ultima

Which river of Russia flows north into the Laptev Sea?

A. Lena River

Jackson Hole is located in the Grand Teton National Park in which U.S. state?

A. Wyoming

What region is disputed by China, India, and Pakistan?

A. Kashmir

The Gulf of Mexico currents wash the shores of Sanibel Island belonging to which U.S. state?

A. Florida

The Reichstag renovation of the parliament building occurred in which German city in the late 20th-century?

A. Berlin

What body of water separates Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula?

A. Victoria Harbour

What is the largest and most celebrated temple on the acropolis of Athens?

A. Parthenon

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