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Our complete NFL Collection includes single totes, double rollers, triple rollers, towels, shoe covers and grip balls.


Selected NFL teams available

• Color coordinated retractable square locking handle

• Zippered accessory pockets

Embroidered NFL team logos

• 5” wheels

• 600D fabric

• Holds up to size 15 shoes


• Handle extends to 36”

• Replacement handle #1139

• Dimensions: 11” W x 19” D x 23” H

Chicago Bears 9153NFL-03

Cleveland Browns 9153NFL-05

Dallas Cowboys 9153NFL-06

Denver Broncos 9153NFL-07

Green Bay Packers 9153NFL-09

Indianapolis Colts 9153NFL-11

Kansas City Chiefs 9153NFL-12

Oakland Raiders 9153NFL-13

Miami Dolphins 9153NFL-15

Minnesota Vikings 9153NFL-16

New England Patriots 9153NFL-17

NY Giants 9153NFL-19

Philadelphia Eagles 9153NFL-21

Pittsburgh Steelers 9153NFL-23

San Diego Chargers 9153NFL-24

San Francisco 49ers 9153NFL-25

Washington Redskins 9153NFL-28

Baltimore Ravens 9153NFL-31


• Handle extends to 45”

• Handle retracts flush to base

• Replacement handle #1139

• Dimensions: 13” W x 19 D x 31” H

Chicago Bears 9353NFL-03

Dallas Cowboys 9353NFL-06

Denver Broncos 9353NFL-07

Green Bay Packers 9353NFL-09

Oakland Raiders 9353NFL-13

NY Giants 9353NFL-19

NY Jets 9353NFL-20

Philadelphia Eagles 9353NFL-21

Pittsburgh Steelers 9353NFL-23

San Francisco 49ers 9353NFL-25

Washington Redskins 9353NFL-28

Baltimore Ravens 9353NFL-31



All 32 NFL Teams Available!

• Adjustable padded shoulder strap

• Embroidered NFL team logos

Side shoe compartment

• Large front accessory pocket

Foam ball holder

• Metal hardware

• 600D fabric

• Holds up to size 14 shoes

• Dimensions: 14” W x 9” D x 13” H

Atlanta Falcons 8960NFL-01

Buffalo Bills 8960NFL-02

Chicago Bears 8960NFL-03

Cincinnati Bengals 8960NFL-04

Cleveland Browns 8960NFL-05

Dallas Cowboys 8960NFL-06

Denver Broncos 8960NFL-07

Detroit Lions 8960NFL-08

Green Bay Packers 8960NFL-09

Indianapolis Colts 8960NFL-11

Kansas City Chiefs 8960NFL-12

Oakland Raiders 8960NFL-13

St. Louis Rams 8960NFL-14

Miami Dolphins 8960NFL-15

Minnesota Vikings 8960NFL-16

New England Patriots 8960NFL-17

New Orleans Saints 8960NFL-18

NY Giants 8960NFL-19

NY Jets 8960NFL-20

Philadelphia Eagles 8960NFL-21

Arizona Cardinals 8960NFL-22

Pittsburgh Steelers 8960NFL-23

San Diego Chargers 8960NFL-24

San Francisco 49ers 8960NFL-25

Seattle Seahawks 8960NFL-26

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8960NFL-27

Washington Redskins 8960NFL-28

Carolina Panthers 8960NFL-29

Jacksonville Jaguars 8960NFL-30

Baltimore Ravens 8960NFL-31

Tennessee Titans 8960NFL-32

Houston Texans 8960NFL-33



All 32 Teams Available

• 16” x 26” printed valour towel

Individually packaged
Atlanta Falcons 9000NFL-01

Buffalo Bills 9000NFL-02

Chicago Bears 9000NFL-03

Cincinnati Bengals 9000NFL-04

Cleveland Browns 9000NFL-05

Dallas Cowboys 9000NFL-06

Denver Broncos 9000NFL-07

Detroit Lions 9000NFL-08

Green Bay Packers 9000NFL-09

Indianapolis Colts 9000NFL-11

Kansas City Chiefs 9000NFL-12

Oakland Raiders 9000NFL-13

St. Louis Rams 9000NFL-14

Miami Dolphins 9000NFL-15

Minnesota Vikings 9000NFL-16

New England Patriots 9000NFL-17

New Orleans Saints 9000NFL-18

NY Giants 9000NFL-19

NY Jets 9000NFL-20

Philadelphia Eagles 9000NFL-21

Arizona Cardinals 9000NFL-22

Pittsburgh Steelers 9000NFL-23

San Diego Chargers 9000NFL-24

San Francisco 49ers 9000NFL-25

Seattle Seahawks 9000NFL-26

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9000NFL-27

Washington Redskins 9000NFL-28

Carolina Panthers 9000NFL-29

Jacksonville Jaguars 9000NFL-30

Baltimore Ravens 9000NFL-31

Tennessee Titans 9000NFL-32

Houston Texans 9000NFL-33



Choose from 13 Top Teams

• Defends shoes against offensive elements

Dura Flexx fabric

• One size fits most

Chicago Bears 9500NFL-03

Dallas Cowboys 9500NFL-06

Denver Broncos 9500NFL-07

Green Bay Packers 9500NFL-09

Indianapolis Colts 9500NFL-11

Oakland Raiders 9500NFL-13

NY Giants 9500NFL-19

NY Jets 9500NFL-20

Philadelphia Eagles 9500NFL-21

Pittsburgh Steelers 9500NFL-23

San Francisco 49ers 9500NFL-25

Washington Redskins 9500NFL-28

Baltimore Ravens 9353NFL-31



Choose from 15 Top Teams

Microfiber construction

• Unique football shaped design

• Absorbs moisture allowing easy release

Chicago Bears 9700NFL-03

Dallas Cowboys 9700NFL-06

Denver Broncos 9700NFL-07

Green Bay Packers 9700NFL-09

Indianapolis Colts 9700NFL-11

Oakland Raiders 9700NFL-13

Minnesota Vikings 9700NFL-16

New England Patriots 9700NFL-17

NY Giants 9700NFL-19

NY Jets 9700NFL-20

Philadelphia Eagles 9700NFL-21

Pittsburgh Steelers 9700NFL-23

San Francisco 49ers 9700NFL-25

Washington Redskins 9700NFL-28

Baltimore Ravens 9700NFL-31

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