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Finding Aid for the

Center for Puppetry Arts Photograph Collection

Prepared by Athena Smith

Collection Summary

Title: Center for Puppetry Arts Photograph Collection

Span Dates: 1930-Present

Bulk Dates: 1966-Present

Creator: The Center for Puppetry Arts

Extent: 13 boxes

Language: English

Repository: Nancy Staub Puppetry Research Library

Center for Puppetry Arts

1404 Spring St NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

Abstract: Contains photographs on productions, staff, and activities at (or involving) the Center for Puppetry Arts and the Vagabond Marionettes.
Administrative Information

Provenance: This collection contains photographs collected by the Center for Puppetry Arts (CPA) since 1980 to the present.

Processing History: This collection is an active photograph file that continues to grow. It contains photographs regarding events and staff members associated with the Center for Puppetry Arts (CPA). Until 2014, the collection was processed by CPA museum staff into file drawers by topic or person and the majority of the Center for Puppetry Arts Photograph Collection was unprocessed. In 2014, the CPA Photograph collection was processed into the existing CPA files. All documents were rehoused into archival boxes and a finding aid was made.

Copyright Status: Some material may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the patron's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections.

Access and Restrictions: The records of the Center for Puppetry Arts Photograph Collection are open to research by appointment only. The library and archives are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 3:00, it is suggested that researchers call a week in advance to set up an appointment.

Preferred Citation: Folder Title, Box Number, Collection Title, Nancy Staub Puppetry Research Library, Center for Puppetry Arts.

Scope and Content Note: The Center for Puppetry Arts Photograph Collection contains photographs which span from 1930 to Present. The photograph collection includes pictures from productions prior to 1978 from the Vagabond Marionettes and Nicolo Marionettes. After 1978 the pictures of productions were those done by the Center for Puppetry Arts. There are also photographs of staff members, museum exhibits and other events that have either occurred at the Center for Puppetry Arts or were done as part of the Educational Outreach Program at the Center for Puppetry Arts or an event associated with the Center for Puppetry Arts or Vagabond Marionettes. Included in the photograph collection are pictures of the Center for the Puppetry Arts Grand Opening, the Vagabond Marionettes appearance on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1968, family photos of Jim Henson and his family at the Center for Puppetry Arts Grand Opening in 1978, pictures of Jim Henson and the other Muppet Performers at “The Muppets Take Atlanta” event in 1988, Center for Puppetry Arts Summer Festival in 1990-1991, and Atrium/Harlequin Hall Opening Celebrations with pictures from Visions of Jim Henson in 1996-1997.

Organization of the Papers: This collection is arranged in one series CPA Photos. They are organized by date. Any titles with quotations (“ “) is a performance and anything italicized is an exhibition.
Container List
Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1930-1974- Box 1

  • CPA Photos-1930-Spring Street School Students “The Midget Marionettes”

  • CPA Photos-1964-1965-Nicolo Marionettes: “Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1966-1967-Vagabond Marionettes: “Rumplestiltskin”

  • CPA Photos-1967-1968-Vagabond Marionettes: “Rumplestiltskin”

  • CPA Photos-1968-Vagabond Marionettes: “Rumplestiltskin on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

  • CPA Photos-1968-1969-Vagabond Marionettes: “Candy Cane Concert”

  • CPA Photos-1969-Vagabond Marionettes and the Savannah Symphony

  • CPA Photos-1969-1970-Vagabond Marionettes: “Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1970-1971-Vagabond Marionettes:”Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1970-1971-Vagabond Marionettes Untitled

  • CPA Photos-1971-1972-Vagabond Marionettes: “Peter and the Wolf”

  • CPA Photos-1971-1972-Vagabond Marionettes Pictures

  • CPA Photos-1971-1972-Vagabond Marionettes “Rumplestiltskin”

  • CPA Photos-1972-1973-Vagabond Marionettes “Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1972-1973-Vagabond Marionettes “Hansel & Gretel”

  • CPA Photos-1973-1974-Vagabond Marionettes

  • CPA Photos-1973-1974-Vagabond Marionettes: “Jack and the Beanstalk”

  • CPA Photos-1973-1974-Vagabond Marionettes: “Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1973-1974-Vagabond Marionettes: “Snow White”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1974-1977-Box 2

  • CPA Photos-1974-1975-Vagabond Marionettes: “Aesop’s Fables”

  • CPA Photos-1974-1975-Vagabond Marionettes: “Cinderella”

  • CPA Photos-1974-1975-Vagabond Marionettes: “Peter Pan”

  • CPA Photos-1974-1975-Vagabond Marionettes: “Titania”

  • CPA Photos-1975-“Mayors Day for the Arts”

  • CPA Photos-1975-Puppet Convention

  • CPA Photos-1975-Vagabond Marionettes 10th Anniversary

  • CPA Photos-1975-Variety Show

  • CPA Photos-1975-1976-Vagabond Marionettes: “Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1975-1976-Vagabond Marionettes: “Uncle Remus Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1976-Vagabond Marionettes Logo

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “African Tales” (Clara Dunn)

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Cinderella”

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Street Puppets”

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Jack & the Beanstalk”

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Jungle Book”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1976-1978-Box 3

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes:” Rumplestilskin”

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Sleeping Beauty”

  • CPA Photos-1976-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: “Snow White”

  • CPA Photos-1977-Vagabond Marionettes: Clara Dunn

  • CPA Photos-1977-1978-Vagabond Marionettes: “Dracula”

  • CPA Photos-1977-1978-Vagabond Marionettes: “Raggedy Ann & Andy”

  • CPA Photos-1977-1978-Vagabond Marionettes: “Snow White”

  • CPA Photos-1978-Vagabond Marionettes: “Sow’h Lollipop Concert”

  • CPA Photos-1978-Vagabond Marionettes: Clara Dunn

  • CPA Photos-1978-The Atlanta Journal: Vincent Anthony & Nancy Lohman Staub

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center for Puppetry Arts Photos Before Opening

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center for Puppetry Arts Grand Opening

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1978-1980-Box 4

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center Opening Folder 1 of 3

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center Opening Folder 2 of 3

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center Opening Folder 3 of 3

  • CPA Photos-1978-Center Opening (Henson Family Photos)

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“COAD Canada Puppets”

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“Jack & the Beanstalk”

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“Marionettes, Mime & Music”

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“Uncle Remus Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-Untitled

  • CPA Photos-1978-1979-“Winnie the Pooh”

  • CPA Photos-1979-Bread and Puppet Party

  • CPA Photos-1979-Center for Puppetry Arts Board

  • CPA Photos-1979-Janet Geiser and Nikito

  • CPA Photos-1979-40th Annual Puppeteers of America National Festival

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“Cinderella”

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“Peter Pan”

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“An Evening with Bruce D. Schwartz”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos- 1979-1982-Box 5

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“The Reluctant Dragon”

  • CPA Photos-1979-1980-“A Visit to Grandma Gladys”

  • CPA Photos-1980-Vincent Anthony

  • CPA Photos-1980 Center for Puppetry Arts Brochure

  • CPA Photos-1980s-Outdoor Signs

  • CPA Photos-1980-Serodrak Party

  • CPA Photos-1980-UNIMA Washington Conference (Jim Henson, Shari Lewis, Bil Baird & Burr Tilstron)

  • CPA Photos-1980-Vagabond Marionettes 15th Anniversary Party

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-“Aesop’s Fables”

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-Steve Hansen: “The Rise and Fall of the Entire Human Race”

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-“The Jungle Book”

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-“A Day in Kuklapolita, A Night With Burr Tillstrom”

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-“Puppetry: Sculpture in Motion”

  • CPA Photos-1980-1981-“The Wizard of Oz”

  • CPA Photos-1981-Rich’s Downtown

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-African Puppetry

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-“Allegorey”

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-Art of the Muppets

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-“Babes in Toyland”

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-Howdy Doody and Other Rembrances

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-“Raggedy Ann & Andy”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1982-1985- Box 6

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-“Rumplestiltskin”

  • CPA Photos-1981-1982-“Sleep and Other Works for Puppets”

  • CPA Photos-1982-Center Board Photos

  • CPA Photos-1982-Puppetry Center Meeting

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1982-“Cinderella”

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-Contemporary Artists

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-“Gustaf and his Ensemble”

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-Mark Chagall Puppet Exhibit

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-“Hallowmas”

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-“Heads or Tale’s”

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-Museum Exhibit

  • CPA Photos-1982-1983-“Sleeping Beauty”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1983-“Hansel and Gretel”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1983-“Monkey Business”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1983-“Winnie the Pooh”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-Art At the Heart

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-“Dracula”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-Hallowmas

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-“Line of Flight”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-Masks: Power and Magic

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-“Peter Pan”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-“Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-“Puppet Arcade”

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-Puppetry of China

  • CPA Photos-1983-1984-Yueh Lung Shadow Theatre

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1984-“Ferlin Bigheart and the Stolen Yodel Caper”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1984-“Sleeping Beauty”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1984-“Tubby the Tuba”

  • CPA Photos-1984-Wynn Park Rehearsal for Bird, Snake, and Cat Light-up Puppets

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-“Blue Night”

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-“Cardboard Castle”

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-Demons and Angels

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1984-1988-Box 7

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-“Dr. Doolittle”

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-The Puppetry of Frank Paris

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-Robots: Fantasy and Reality

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-“Uncle Remus Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1984-1985-“The Wizard of Oz”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-“Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-Bread & Puppet

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-Experimental Puppetry Theater (XPT): “Hangman”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-Experimental Puppetry Theater (XPT): “Visions of St. Lucy”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-“Hansel & Gretel”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-“The Jungle Book”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-“Marie Antoinette Tonight!”

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-Puppetry of India

  • CPA Photos-1985-1986-Puppet Pursuit

  • CPA-Photos-1985-1986-“Sand”

  • CPA Photos-1986-Vincent Anthony and Senator Mack Mattingly (Georgia)

  • CPA Photos-1986-Coca-Cola’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition

  • CPA Photos-1986-Girl’s Night Out

  • CPA Photos-1986-Museum Exhibit

  • CPA Photos-1986-Stardust

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1986-“The Princess and the Pea”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1986-Summer Festival: “Rip Van Winkle,” “Body Shop,” “The Monster Show,” “Pinocchio,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and Todd Stockman

  • CPA Photos-1986-1987-“Aesop’s Tortoise & The Hare and other Fables”

  • CPA Photos-1986-1987-“Beatniks from Outer Space” (XPT)

  • CPA Photos-1986-1987-“Triad: An Evening of Performance Art”

  • CPA Photos-1987-Stardust

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Alice”

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Breaking Boundaries”

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Cirque Pataphysique”

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Peter Pan”

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Puss in Boots”

  • CPA Photos-1987-1988-“Winnie the Pooh”

  • CPA Photos-1988-Muppets Take Atlanta Folder 1 of 4

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1988-1990-Box 8

  • CPA Photos-1988-Muppets Take Atlanta Folder 2 of 4

  • CPA Photos-1988-Muppets Take Atlanta Folder 3 of 4

  • CPA Photos-1988-Muppets Take Atlanta Folder 4 of 4

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-The Comet Opera (or, Cats Have Dreams, too): The Puppetry of Suzy Ferris

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-“Peter Rabbit and Other Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-Puppet Pursuit

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-Puppetry of the Americas Conference & Festival

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-“Snow White”

  • CPA Photos-1988-1989-“Stories From Here”

  • CPA Photos-Summer 1989-George Latshaw Workshop

  • CPA Photos-Aug 1989-Education Workshops

  • CPA Photos-Oct 1989-Paul Zaloom

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Clay Martin’s Puppet Theatre, Atlanta Dogwood Festival

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990- Groundbreaking

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-“Gulliver and the Little People”

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-“The House of Horror”

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-“Invitations to Heaven”

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Museum Photos

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-“Pinocchio” Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-“Pinocchio” Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Puppet Traditions of Asia

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Puppet Pursuit

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1989-1991-Box 9

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Puppetry of Janie Geiser (Folder 1 of 2)

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Puppetry of Janie Geiser (Folder 2 of 2)

  • CPA Photos-1989-1990-Wayland Flowers & Madame

  • CPA Photos-July 1990-Futurism Conference

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-The Art of Bil Baird

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Brer Rabbit and Friends”

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Defenders of the Code”

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Dinosaurs” Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Dinosaurs” Folder 2 of 2

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Dinosaurs” Education Workshop

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Hermann”

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Pinocchio”

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-Summer Festival: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Hansel and Gretel", “Toyland Express,” “Bingo, the Circus Dog,” “The Snow Queen,” and “The Runaway Rocket”

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-“Sunda: From Village to City”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1990-1996-Box 10

  • CPA Photos-1990-1991-The World of the Wayang: Puppetry of Indonesia

  • CPA Photos-1991-1992-Fools, Jesters & Gods

  • CPA Photos-1991-1992-“Heaven Hell Tour”

  • CPA Photos-1991-1992-“Montage: 3 New Works” (The Yellow Wallpaper, Par La Longeur D'Une Corde, Bed & Breakfast)

  • CPA Photos-1991-1992-“Safe As Milk”

  • CPA Photos-1992-Puppetry: Echoes of Society Exhibition

  • CPA Photos-1992-1993-“Hansel and Gretel”

  • CPA Photos-1993-Celebration Dinner At the Home of Mrs. J. Erskine Love

  • CPA Photos-1993-Miscellaneous Museum Photos

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-“Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-“Alice in Wonderland”

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-“Journey to the Bottom of the Sea”

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-“The Little Girl and the Trolls”

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-“Metamorfosen”

  • CPA Photos-1993-1994-Trick Marionettes

  • CPA Photos-1994-1995-African and African American Puppetry

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-“Frankenstein”

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-“Paradise Now”

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-Power of Wonder Installation

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-Power of Wonder General

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-Visible Collections Storage

  • CPA Photos-1995-1996-“Wilbur and the Giant”

  • CPA Photos-1996-Bear in the Big Blue House Visit

  • CPA Photos-Oct 1996-String Fling

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1996-2000-Box 11

  • CPA Photos-1996-1997-Atrium/Harlequin Hall Opening Celebrations (with some pictures of Visions of Jim Henson)

  • CPA Photos-1996-1997-Center for Puppetry Arts: A Retrospective

  • CPA Photos-1996-1997- “Rainforest Adventures”

  • CPA Photos-1996-1997-Vision of Jim Henson

  • CPA Photos-1997-Education Slides

  • CPA Photos-1997-1998-“Anansi & African Trickster Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1997-1998-“Briar Rabbit”

  • CPA Photos-1997-1998-Education Slides

  • CPA Photos-1997-1998-From Marionettes to Muppets: The Puppet Photography of Richard Termine

  • CPA Photos-1997-1998-Jimmy Rowland: Atlanta and Beyond

  • CPA Photos-1998-20th Anniversary Celebration

  • CPA Photos-1998-1999-“Fire”

  • CPA Photos-1998-1999-Fool’s Fire: The Genius of Julie Taymor

  • CPA Photos-1998-1999-Les Images d’Epinal: Overture to Theatrical Prints”

  • CPA Photos-1998-1999-“Rabbit Tales”

  • CPA Photos-1998-1999-“Who Said that!?!” The Art of Contemporary American Ventriloquist

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Autumn Portraits”

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-1999-2010, undated-Box 12

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-Basil Milovsoroff: 21st Century Artist, CPA venue

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Beauty and the Beast”

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Chinese Masters”

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Don Quixote”

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Peter Pan”

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-Rene: From Then Till Now

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Shoemaker and the Elves”

  • CPA Photos-1999-2000-“Wrestling Macbeth”

  • CPA Photos-2000-2001-An Asian Mosaic

  • CPA Photos-2000-Basil Milovsoroff: 21st Century Artist, Seattle venue

  • CPA Photos-2000-String Fling

  • CPA Photos-2001-“Play It Safe” Video Project: Vincent Anthony, Governor Barnes and Governor’s Staff

  • CPA Photos-2002-Rod Puppet Construction 101 Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-2002- Rod Puppet Construction 101 Folder 2 of 2

  • CPA Photos-2006-2007-“Charlotte’s Web”

  • CPA Photos-2009-2010-“Weather Rocks”

  • CPA Photos-Undated-“Aladdin”

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Vincent Anthony Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Vincent Anthony Folder 2 of 2

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Vincent Anthony: “Abby Awards”

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Vince Anthony’s Trip to France

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Atlanta Speech School Benefit at Neiman Marcus

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Board Meeting

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Center Function

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Center Photos Folder 1 of 2

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Center Photos Folder 2 of 2

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Center for Puppetry Arts Travelling Tours

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Education

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Education- Create-A-Puppet

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Education Outreach

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Education Outreach: Model Residency School Arts Program

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Exhibitions

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Experimental Puppet Theatre (XPT): “Hamdaani”

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Flowers, Wayland

Series: CPA Photos

CPA Photos-Undated-Box 13

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Museum Collection Photos

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Library Poster Photos

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Photos

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Puppet Festival

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Puppet Pursuit

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Puppet Shop

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Puppetry Arts Festival

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Spring Street School Former Students

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Staff Photos

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Stardust

  • CPA Photos-Undated-“Sumerel”

  • CPA Photos-Undated-Vagabond Marionettes

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