2017 Summer Library Program Build a Better World!

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Montmorency County Public Libraries announce…

2017 Summer Library Program

Build a Better World!
The program begins June 12th. It is a 6 week program and is for all children ages 3 – 16 years old. Participants will have 6 weeks to do fun reading, learning and civic activities to complete their “Build a Better World Log”. For each accomplishment a stamp is placed in your log. When the log is completed and turned back into the library no later than July 28th at 5pm, you are a winner. You are eligible to attend The Build a Better World Construction Party on August 3rd at 6pm at Briley Township Park, on the river in Atlanta. The Construction Party will feature: a build your own burger and hotdog bar dinner, face painting, build your own wooden garden toolbox, remote control construction cars that you can drive to the loot pile and scoop up a load of loot, photo spot with dress up clothes, incredible balloon art and few other great surprises.
Each week your library will have a different program themed craft, activity or science project for you to drop in and do, along with occasional special events and activities. There will also be a weekly prize for all participants. All you have to do is stop in and show us your progress each week on your “Build a Better World Log” and you will get the prize of the week. Be sure to participate!
The program starts June 12th. Be sure to stop in at your local Montmorency County Public Libraries branch, turn in your registration form and pick up your program packet.

If you have any questions call us.

Atlanta Public Library 785-3941, Hillman-Wright Public Library 742-4021,

Lewiston Public Library 786-2985

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