22 Resolution Honoring Ritual Teams

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Resolution Honoring Ritual Teams

A team of talented undergraduates led the 55th Grand Chapter Conclave in celebrating the contemporary Ritual of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and

A team of dedicated alumni led the 55th Grand Chapter Conclave in celebrating the original 1907 Ritual of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and


The performance of these simultaneous rituals required a great deal of preparation and knowledge of the most sacred dimension of our Fraternity, be it

That the undergraduate brothers,
Nicholas Castellano
 University of South Carolina, SC Alpha

Ruck Scholar

Patrick ClarkeWest Virginia University, WV Beta

Tragos Scholar

Garrett Dickinson Grand Valley State University, MI Kappa

Ruck Scholar

Jason LittmanThe Ohio State University, OH Gamma RLC

Ruck Scholar

Austin McCraw
 University of North Carolina—Greensboro, NC Omicron

Tragos Scholar

Liam Naughton University of Washington, WA Beta RLC

Ruck Scholar

Mark Saavedra
 Florida International University, FL Nu

Ruck Scholar

Philip Sanad
 University of California-Riverside, CA Beta Gamma

Ruck Scholar

Andrew Vasile
 California State University—Northridge, CA Sigma

Tragos Scholar

Timothy Waymire
 University of Cincinnati, Ohio Theta RLC

Ruck Scholar

and alumni brothers,

Edward Bishop Jr. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, VA Kappa

Distinguished Alumnus, District Governor

John Dougherty
 Drexel University, PA Beta Beta RLC

Distinguished Alumnus

Matthew EngelhardtValparaiso University, IN Zeta RLC

Distinguished Alumnus, District Governor

Gary Griffith
 University of Texas—Austin, TX Alpha

Order of the Golden Heart, Foundation Trustee,

Past Grand President
Salvatore Moschelli
 Lawrence Technological University, MI Theta RLC

Distinguished Alumnus

Dr. Stephen Shanklin Murray State University, KY Epsilon

Order of the Golden Heart, Foundation Trustee,

Past Grand President
E. Scott Thompson II
 University of Southern Mississippi, MS Gamma

District Governor

The Honorable Archer Yeatts III University of Richmond, VA Alpha

Order of the Golden Heart, Past Grand President

Steven Young
 University of Kansas, KS Gamma RLC

Exemplary Service

who performed the celebration of the Ritual at this 55th Grand Chapter Conclave be recognized for their diligence and commitment to the Ritual of Sigma Phi Epsilon; and be it

This Conclave extend a special thank you to Distinguished Alumnus Marcus P. Robinson, University of Dayton - Ohio Rho, SigEp Fellow CPT R. Scott Dudis, The Ohio State University – Ohio Gamma RLC, Ruck Scholar Jared Riter, University of Northern Iowa, IA Theta RLC, and SigEp headquarters staff, especially Austin Chapman, Balanced Man Program Director for their dedication to making the celebration of our Ritual at this Conclave a highlight of the weekend.

Committee: Standards

Committee Recommends: Pass

Grand Chapter Action: Pass
Zachary Hale, Chairman, Standards Committee

55th Grand Chapter Conclave – Orlando, Florida – August 2nd– August 6th, 2017

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