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(514) 448-4500

Mr Cyrille Thilloy

B. A. Sc. & M. Sc.

senior enterprise and solution architect

Mr. Thilloy possesses the qualities that makes an IT architect exceptional: a strong technical expertise recognized by his peers, but also the ability to understand the technology fundamentals and translate them into a business vision. Meaning, he is able to articulate a clear and unifying technological vision in which technologies become a strategic advantage and not an aim by itself, capable of defining the strategy of its elaboration and above all capable of creating support, endorsement and even the enthusiasm of the various stakeholders.

This expertise and credibility come from a career encompassing all the functions and roles in IT industry. In IT Architecture, his expertise covers system architecture, application architecture including cloud and mobile applications, enterprise architecture and business architecture and such for many industries including banking, information technology, telecommunications, media, e-commerce, health and government agencies.

Being TOGAF-9-certified, he has always favored an open, structured and global approach to enterprise architecture, as a strategic tool in support of organizations. He is also considered an expert in SOA architecture and governance. While having a very hands-on experience and a pragmatic mindset, he does not neglect understanding the fundamentals behind technologies, as testify his master’s degree in IA and his involvement in many industry standardization efforts over the years (OASIS, VON, Softswitch Consortium, JAIN, etc.). Since 2013, he also acts as technical expert for the patent agent Smart & Biggar/Fetherston-Haugh for intellectual property infringement lawsuits.

He has several times demonstrated his managerial skills by leading and sometimes restructuring technical teams to achieve or even surpass their objectives.

He is not only tech-savvy but also an outstanding communicator whenever it is time to present to the business stakeholders, to customers, or in a conference. He also regularly writes technical articles and white papers.

His competencies extend beyond technology, management and communication, since he has repeatedly held executive positions, including in a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: EGHT), he knows perfectly how to understand and address senior management concerns.

These qualities make Mr. Thilloy the ideal candidate to meet your organization IT needs.

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