5th Annual meeting of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology

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5th Annual meeting of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology

Sala de Grados, School of Business, University of Cartagena

5-7 July 2010

Monday, 5 July
0930 Welcome: John Ioannidis, President, and

Julio Sánchez Meca, Local Arrangements Chair

0945 Presidential Address

John Ioannidis: Meta-research and the art of getting it wrong
1045 Coffee
1115 Introductions by delegates
1200 Cross-disciplinary challenges

Gavin Stewart
1230 Lunch
Special Session: Bias adjustment in synthesis
1330 Bias adjustment in evidence synthesis

Becky Turner
1400 Models for potentially biased evidence in meta-analysis using empirically based priors

Nicky J Welton
1430 ‘Cross-disciplinary’ discussion, led by Mike Brannick and Larry Hedges
1510 Tea
1540 Adjusting for biases in a multi-parameter epidemiological synthesis model

Tony Ades
1610 A case study in sensitivity to bias adjustments in a meta-analysis incorporated into a cost-effectiveness model

Hayley Jones, Sylwia Bujkiewicz, Rebecca Turner, Monica Lai, Nicola Cooper, Neil Hawkins, Hazel Pilgrim, Keith Abrams, David Spiegelhalter, Alex Sutton
1630 Mapping bias issues in 30 years of biomedical research

David Chavalarias & John Ioannidis
1650 General discussion of bias adjustment issues

1715 End of session
{1715-1915 Trustees meeting (for Trustees only)}

Tuesday, 6 July

Session 2: General methodological issues

0900 Issues in the planning of systematic reviews in food and feed safety

Julian Higgins
0920 Comparing the performance of alternative statistical tests for moderators in mixed-effects meta-regression models

José A López-López, Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Julio Sánchez-Meca & Fulgencio Marín-Martínez
0950 The Reliability Generalization Meta-analytic Approach: Do different Statistical Methods 

Julio Sánchez Meca, José A. López-López, José A López-Pina & Fulgencio Marín-Martínez
1010 Sample Heterogeneity and Reliability Generalization

Juan Botella
1030 Conducting Meta-Analyses in R with the metafor Package

Wolfgang Viechtbauer

1050 Coffee

Session 3: Correlated estimates

1120 Structural Equation Models in Meta-Analysis: Can Control Stochastic Dependence Due to Multiple Treatment Groups

Paul R. Hernadez, Tania B. Huedo-Medina, H. Jane Rogers & Blair T. Johnson
1140 Synthesis of a Partial Effect Size for the r Family

Ariel Aloe
1200 Further Results on Robust Variance Estimates for Meta-analysis Involving Correlated Effect Size Estimates

Elizabeth Tipton & Nathan Jones
1220 Representing multiple treatment effects using synthesized regression models

Betsy Becker
1240 Synthesizing evidence on multiple measures with measurement errors

Guobing Lu & Tony Ades
1300 Lunch

Tuesday, 6 July (ctd)
Session 4: Special designs
1400 Meta-analysis of Growth Curves from Sample Means

Jack L. Vevea & Martyna Citkowicz
1430 Diagnostic reviews: should we focus summary points or summary curves?

Petra Macaskill
1450 Characteristics of Single-Case Designs Relevant to Their Synthesis.

Will R Shadish & Kristynn Sullivan.

1510 The Visual and Narrative Interpretation of Research Syntheses

Geoffrey D. Borman & Jeffrey A. Grigg
1530 Tea
1545 Business Meeting

including presentation of the Olkin Award,

and a report from the Journal editors.
1715 End of Session

1800 Harbour boat trip, followed by bus to dinner in Cabo de Palos
2400 Return to NH Hotel
Wednesday, 7 July
Session 5: Networks and Multilevel analyses

0900 Structural- vs. Study-Level Characteristics in Meta-Analysis: Application to HIV Prevention Interventions
Tania B. Huedo-Medina & Blair T. Johnson

0920 Using multilevel models for dependent effect sizes

Wim Van den Noortgate
0940 Second Order Meta-Analysis

Frank L. Schmidt & In-Sue Oh

1000 Combining Pre-Post and Group Comparison Effect Sizes to Conduct a Multiple-Treatments Meta-Analysis of Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents

Mark W. Lipsey, Emily Tanner-Smith & Sandra J. Wilson

Wednesday, 7 July (ctd)
1020 Multiple Treatments Meta-Analysis for Categorical Outcomes

Christopher H Schmid, Thomas A Trikalinos & Ingram Olkin
1040 Coffee

Session 6: Publication bias and missing data (etc)
1110 Quantifying Selective Reporting and the Proteus Phenomenon for Multiple Datasets with Similar Bias

Thomas Pfeiffer, Lars Bertram & John P.A. Ioannidis
1130 Empirical investigation of bias in the reporting, publication, and dissemination of randomized controlled trials in the behavioral and social sciences: A proposal

Julia H. Littell
1150 The need for principles for meta-analysis utilizing non–peer-reviewed data in the public domain

Jesse A. Berlin

1220 A New Approach to Meta-analysis Using Joint Partial Identification Regions

Christopher Rhoads

1240 Using Bibliometric Temporal Trends to Predict Numbers of Studies Available for Research Synthesis

Blair T. Johnson &Tania B. Huedo-Medina

1300 Lunch

1400 The Olkin Award Lecture

Joseph Lau: Towards a Data Repository for Systematic Reviews in Healthcare
1500 End of presentation sessions

1600 Bus from NH Hotel to Murcia, for tour followed by Conference Dinner at Siete Coronas Hotel
2400 Return to NH Hotel Cartagena by bus for those not staying at Siete Coronas Hotel, Murcia

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