Affiliate Program Information How it Works

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Affiliate Program Information

How it Works:

  1. Create Account at

  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Wordpress with login information, password, and a link to confirm your account

  3. Follow the link, enter the information, and submit

  4. Once your have reached the My Account Page, you are confirmed.

  5. Now refer back to

  6. Enter your Username and Password to login

  7. Scroll down and find your Affiliate URL & account history

  8. Embed the URL to an image, hyperlink, etc and begin driving clicks

Compensation Details:

  1. All Affiliate Referral Sales will be paid at a commission rate of 10%

  2. All commissions earned will be paid monthly

  3. Commission checks will be issued the second week of each month

Marketing Materials:

  1. Two website banners are available for use to embed your link

    1. 728x90 – thin horizontal banner

    2. 300x250 – smaller box banner

  2. Requests for custom banners can be made to for consideration

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