Android Set-Top Box Application Complete design and development of an Android based set-top box ui. Body Media

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Android Mobile Applications

Complete design and development of various Android based Applications for Mobile devices ranging from picture viewer to financial applications and time & weather.

Android Set-Top Box Application

Complete design and development of an Android based set-top box UI.

Body Media

The BodyMedia application for Panasonic Viera television brings the BodyMedia FIT body monitoring technology to the television. The app links upto four armbands via Bluetooth , and the real time calorie count and activity details are displayed in the app. The graphical representations for data like activity , calorie count, steps and the color coded icons makes the UI easier and intuitive to use even while working out. The app was for television, and the interaction was designed for use with a remote control. The UI is meant for large displays and graphic elements are designed to be legible even at a TV viewing distance.

Enterprise Phone

Interface design for an Enterprise Phone for a Leading CE Company. The interface was touch screen based and intended for advance Phone connectivity, Web browsing and Multimedia usage. This Phone enables users to multi-task and offers them a completely new experience. Its interface allows users to prioritize communication and manage the various active features. The Navigation, sharing of information and management of data is convenient and has been designed in a user friendly way.

Vehicle Cluster Concept

Concept for a digital cluster was developed for a leading Japanese automotive player which would provide the users with a simplified but effective interface. Subtle animations with sounds have been used to provide the users with a very pleasing experience. The visual design lays emphasis on providing the vital driver information such as oil level, engine temperature, warning alerts etc. in a simple way avoid any kind of visual clutter. The contextual information provided at any point has been optimized to reduce the mental load for the driver as much as possible.

Renesas2D Instrument Cluster

Creation of a 2D digital car cluster breaking away from the orthodox analog ones. It provides the vital driver information such as driving mode information, error messages and information related to speedometer, tachometer etc in a simple manner. The center stage has been utilized to show contextual information such as active navigation, battery status etc which adds a significant value to the interface.

Renesas3D Instrument Cluster

Conceptualization and design for an instrument cluster demonstrating the 3D handling capacity of a Chip manufactured for automotive dashboards. We created a demo reel which used various 3D objects right from Cluster models, Car models to Cityscapes, expanding more on the 3D handling aspect.

Today’s Tomorrow - Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) User Experience Contest Winning Concept

‘Today’s Tomorrow’ concept convinces through its clean and consistent design that presents the driver with the most important information and controls without being distracting. It explores how complex capabilities can be displayed in a very simplified way through appropriate use of typography colour and other design elements to create a clean, beautiful yet comfortable and functional design.

The USP of the UI is ‘Time and Colour’ feature where the backgrounds change their color hues dynamically depending on the time of the day. This adds character to the design as well as provides a solution duto the issue of glare ring the day.

Portable Media Player UI

The project brief was to design a portable media player along with the corresponding GUI to complement the Overall User Experience.

The activities involved styling and Industrial Design. Designing the end user experience, Identifying the appropriate hardware to implement to support the same.

Enterprise Phone

To develop user interface design for a communication device for residential use.

Basic functions of this device are telephony (make and receive calls), multimedia functions (listen to audio and video files), internet browsing, radio and widgets (calendar, weather, clock etc.)

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