Apple Accessibility Assistive Technology for Kansans expo

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Apple Accessibility

Assistive Technology for Kansans EXPO

September 2013

Roger Frischenmeyer and Cindy Jones

Voice Book VO: is a Facebook app designed specifically for those who use the Apple iOS Voice Over accessibility features. Basic Facebook functionality is finally available for the blind, low-vision, dyslexic, or other print-disabled people.

Cost: Free 30-day trial, then $1.99

Flexy:The biggest innovation to come to touch-typing. Experience eyes-free typing and never look back! Tap once lightly approximately where you think each letter is, then swipe right for space. To change a word or punctuation, swipe down.
You can add punctuation by swiping right again after a space.

Cost: free to try $4.99 to purchase

Prizmo: A universal photo-based scanner app that lets you scan and recognize text documents, business cards, and images, and then export them as PDF/Text, vCard, or JPEG/PNG. Prizmo relies on state-of-the-art technologies, like a highly accurate OCR, real-time page detection, and image cleanup. Prizmo is fully compatible with VoiceOver. It provides voice guidance to help position your iPhone when taking document pictures, and will find the text orientation automatically if it's turned left, right or upside down. Prizmo's quick capture mode provides a fast path from picture to speech synthesis for an improved workflow, and it provides a high-quality voice reader (individual voices available as in-app purchases).

Cost: $9.99

Text Grabber + Translator: Turns your mobile device into a multifunctional mobile scanner with translation capability. It can extract text from a variety of printed sources by using the device’s camera. With TextGrabber’s quick text capturing and translation features, you can digitize printed information and translate it into your native language anywhere anytime. Just take a picture of the text, and you can immediately edit, voice it aloud or translate, share via e-mail and SMS, or post directly to your Facebook, Twitter or Evernote account.

Cost: $5.99

Digit-Eyes: Audio scanner and reader reads barcode labels. Scan UPC / EAN codes and hear the names of over 34 million products. Make your own QR code labels on the Digit-Eyes website and print them on inexpensive address labels. These barcoded labels may contain text that VoiceOver reads aloud or they can be used to record audio on your iPhone or iPad that is played back whenever the bar code is scanned. Buy pre-printed washable labels. Sew them into your clothing and record whatever you want to about the garment: color, fabric care or what it should be worn with. Even when the labels have been washed, bleached, sent through the dryer or dry-cleaned, you’ll still be able to scan them with the Digit-Eyes app on your iPhone or iPad and hear what you recorded about the garment. Use of the free Digit-Eyes website comes with the product. The website contains extensive tutorial material designed for users of the iPhone and iPad who are not sighted. The product purchase also includes free online support and tutoring.

Cost: $19.99

Tap Tap See: Designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives. Double tap the screen to take a photo of anything and hear the app speak the identification back to you. (Note: Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on)
Cost: Free

iRead: Magnification level adjusted via slider bar at bottom of screen, can turn light on/off, auto focus smooth as slider bar is adjusted. Info at top of screen takes up some screen space.

Cost: Free (no advertising)

MagniGlass: Full screen image, light on/off, use pinch & stretch to adjust. Simple, no settings or controls to set.

Cost: $.99

Menu Reader: Provides magnification & light, nearly full screen image, adjust via pinch/stretch, front and rear view camera available, tip calculator. (Color contrast on tip calculator is bright blue on black).

Cost: $.99

MagLightPro: Horizontal slider bar to adjust magnification (zero to 5X). Vertical slider bar to adjust light intensity. Front and rear camera access. Can freeze image (hold “camera” symbol to open images). Reverse video setting. Controls are translucent so there is minimal interference with the full screen image. This app is the closest one to having the features of a hand-held video magnifier.

Cost: $1.99

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