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The Alcon Guest Lecturer Program encourages the sharing of faculty expertise in contact lenses, lens care and ocular surface conditions among ASCO member schools and colleges by developing opportunities for newer faculty to visit other schools.

For additional information contact Christine Armstrong at 301-231-5944 x 3018 or

Applications must be sent at least 60 days before anticipated date of lectureship.

Please print or type clearly.

Date of Application:

ASCO Member School/College Applying for Funding Information

Institution Applying for Funding Approximate Date of Guest Lectureship

Contact Position Title

Phone Email

Guest Lecturer Information

Guest Lecturer Name Position Title Degree (O.D., Ph.D., etc)

Years of Optometric Teaching Experience Institution

Phone Fax Email

Program Description

Briefly describe your expectations of the guest lecturer, i.e., classes to be taught, length of stay, etc.

6110 Executive Boulevard Suite 420 Rockville MD 20852 (301) 231-5944 Fax (301) 770-1828

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