Application for Summer Undergraduate Research Program nsf research Experiences for Undergraduates (reu) – 2016 Please Print Clearly or Type

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Application for Summer Undergraduate Research Program

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) – 2016

Please Print Clearly or Type

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Last First Middle

Current Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: _______________________

Phone: ________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________

Personal*/Academic Information:

 U.S. Citizen  Permanent Resident

Ethnicity/Race:  Hispanic or Latino  Not Hispanic or Latino

Race (Select one or more):  American Indian or Alaska Native  Asian  Black or African American

 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander  White

Gender:  Male Female Other Prefer not to disclose

*I hereby grant the NSF-REU program permission to use the above information for statistical analysis purposes only, with the provision that no personal information will be released to anyone besides those few, qualified researchers doing the statistical analysis and that these researchers will only report/publish aggregate statistics. Your willingness to participate in this statistical survey may help ensure the continued growth and vitality of this federally sponsored program.

College or University: _______________________________ Major: __________________________________

Current year in school: ________________________________ Present GPA: ___________________________

Expected Graduation Date: ________________ Academic Honors or Awards: ___________________________

Which project is of most interest (see our web site for a description of REU projects)

First choice: _______________________________________________________________________________

Second choice: _____________________________________________________________________________

Third choice: ______________________________________________________________________________

List at least one professional reference whom we can call for recommendation on your behalf

  1. Name:__________________________________ (2) Name: ________________________________________

Phone: (_______) ____________________________ Phone: (_______) ________________________________

Email: ______________________________________ Email: _________________________________________

How did you learn about the REU site?

NSF REU search site

 Suggestions of my advisor/instructor

Meeting UND faculty

At the conference

 Other (Please provide details):_______________________________________________________________

To apply to this program you must submit this application, a transcript of your academic record, and a brief narrative that discusses your interest in this program, and your long-term career goals. Please provide a feel for your background and your interest in research: what projects you have been involved with in the past if any; and if you prefer experimental or theoretical work.

I certify that all information (including transcripts) is valid and true to the best of my knowledge

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Send application materials to:

Dr. Yun Ji


Applications due by March 31, 2015.

Late applications will be considered if we have space remaining in the program.

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