April 23, 2016 Atlantic City, nj

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AMDA Business Meeting


April 23, 2016

Atlantic City, NJ

Meeting was started by Dr. David Millett, President at

Officers attending:

Dr. Matt Dumstorf, Treasuer

Dr. Petra Illig, Secretary

Attendees (Active Associate, and Emeritus)

  • Martin Hodson

  • Nomy Anmed

  • Steffen Lyduch

  • Alex Wolbrink

  • Ian Hosegood

  • Elizabeth Wilkinson

  • John Roberts

  • Simon May

  • Vincent Feuilie

  • Barbara Martin

  • Pat Baylis

  • Gordon Landsman

  • Daner Reider

  • William (Mike) Waring

  • Angela Ensslin

  • William Brath

  • Rui Pombal

  • Magnus Bodegard

  • Masanobu Kaji

  • Nigel Dowdall

  • John Barron

  • Thomas Bettes

  • Miguel Cima

  • Carlos Staff

  • Claude Thibeault

  • Patrick Rodriguez

  • Ichun Hsieh

  • Joseph Tordella

  • Bob Orford

  • Michale Berry

  • Ramon Dominguez-Mompell

  • Paulo Alves

  • Brinio Veldhuizen van Zanten

  • Tim Sprott

  • Chrstine de Vries

  • Kimmo Ketola

  • Michele Liew

  • Jim Chung

  • Roland Vermieren

  • Fanancy Anzalone

Quorum noted: 25 Active members present

2015 Minutes moved to accept by Dr Hudson, seconded by Dr. Wilkinson

approved unanimously

Secretary Report by Dr. Illig (see attached)

Dr. Waring moved to accept seconded by Dr. Wilkinson

approved unanimously
Treasure Report by Dr. Dumstorf (see attached)

Note - not necessary to approve by members, as it requires audit.

Audit Report Dr. Anzalone, who validates the Treasurer report

Motion to accept by Dr. Thibeault, seconded by Dr. Tordella

approved unanimously
Executive Council Report by Dr. Millett

17 members present plus one visitor

Most important discussion was the Ralph Finnell memorial stipend / scholarship / award

An Ad Hoc committee was formed, chaired by Dr Alves to study this concept. The consensus is to sponsor an individual to come to our meeting and possibly make a presentation to stimulate interest in airline medicine.

Dr. Alves moved to accept council report, Dr. Veldhuizen van Zanten seconded

approved unanimously

Program Report by Dr. Wilkinson Program Chair

Program went well, was well attended and well supported. The main focus was the German Wings accident and lessons learned. Dr. Roland Vermeiren ran the program and did a great job.

There were some problems understanding the audio portion especially the remote presentation

Dr. Hosegood moved to accept, and Dr Bedi seconded

approved unanimously
Award Committee Report deferred to tonight’s dinner
AsMA Liaison report: Dr. Landsman reported two main issues:

AsMA decided not to try to manage AMDA finances – therefore we are we are still financially independent

AsMA also wants to slim down its governance to 8 people for increased efficiency – counsel is being considered not to have any input into governance- if you have any concerns let executive committee know
Dr. Hudson also reported about CME status: now UK recognizes aerospace medicine as a medical specialty, and US CME is recognized by Royal College for aerospace medicine; therefore US CME is now transferrable to UK.
Membership Committee Report – Dr. de Vries

There were 9 applicants for membership

7 new:

  • Dr. Arthur John Roberts

  • Dr. Kwon Young Hwan

  • Dr. Yun Young Choi

  • Dr. I-Chun Hsieh

  • Dr. Angela Ensslin


  • Dr. Gregory Pinnell

  • Dr. Robert Gordon

  • Dr. Navjyot Bedi

  • Ms. Pat Baylis

and 2 Emeritus:

  • Michael Waring

  • David McKenas

Dr. Landsman moved to accept, and seconded by Dr. Thibeault to approve Emeritus status for Dr. Waring and Dr. McKenas

approved unanimously
Members in arrears were mentioned but not actually voted on for removal by Membership Committee. Dr. Dumstorf stated he does not get concerned until 3-4 years are in arrears, but are as follows:
Bernie Weiss: 5 years outstanding

Sarah Aldington: 4 years outsatding

Hugh O’Neil: 4 years outstanding

Aynalem Gebremariam: several years

Dajit Parmar: several years
Dr. Johnston was paid for by a colleague

Dr Fione Renni – indicated on email she is not intending to attend or pay her dues, and requests her membership be canceled –

Jan Stepanek requested to be removed form membership
These removal actions do not require a vote.
Dr. Staff moved, Dr. Veldhuizen van Zanten seconded to accept report from Membership Committee

approved unanimously

Certificates form past years and current year read by Secretary
Dr. Alves reported on Ralph Finnell Memorial stipend

Three things to consider

  1. Although Ralph worked for United Airlines, he supported all airlines – Paulo suggests that United be asked to support this stipend or award to attend

  2. Person receiving the award or stipend should contribute something – such as a presentation

  3. need to engage the other associations as well to help recruit potential recipients

Executive council will like to have members express ideas

Dr. Millett: entertained new topic:

Dr. Hudson – would like to report on the behalf of AsMA nominating committee; there was a face to face meeting in Orlando and 3 types of conferences leading to the meeting; he stated that phone calls into these meetings from the UK were were problematic – and that there are many names on the nomination slate that are unknown to him so he cannot express his opinion – is it easier for a US based person to make the representation rather than someone form UK? It was commented that there really should be a European representative.
Dr. Millett supported the idea that we in AMDA should become more active in the nominating process of AsMA – he will volunteer in this regard
Dr. Millett’s farewell remarks – it has been a pleasure to have served; he did not expect this honor but enjoyed serving.
Dr. Bob Orford took over as new President of AsMA. He stated that the Program Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary did an excellent job. He has spoken with the Secretary about the work load to support administrative tasks, such as improving the website and supporting other specific administrative work. He also committed himself to review our Bylaws this year.
Dr. Orford also mentioned we willhave a splendid dinner this evening, andis looking forward to dinner venues for next year’s meeting in Denver. Dr. Millett suggested Western Museum of Aviation and to have dinner under the airplanes.
Nominating Committee Report:

Dr. Wolbrink thanked Dr. Alves and Dr. Dominguez-Mompell for helping him with the Nominating Committee, with the list as follows

Past President: David Millett

President: Robert Orford

President Elect: David Powell

Incoming VP’s:

  • Fanancy Anzalone

  • Tim Sprott

  • Elizabeth Wilkinson

Secretary: Petra Illig

Treasurer: Matthew Dumstorf
Members at Large:

  • Nomy Anmed

  • Vincent Feuilie

  • Ian osegood

  • Martin Hudson

  • Rui Pombal

Program Committee 2017

Chair: Ian Hosegood

Quay Snyder

Alex Wokbrink

Tom Bettes

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Dr. Thiebeault moved, Dr. Hosegood seconded to accept

Approved unanimously
Meeting adjourned

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