Ari Tinnen sag height: 5’6 Eye: Brown Size: 6 Hair: Blonde Shoe: 7 Commercial

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Ari Tinnen


Height: 5’6 Eye: Brown

Size: 6 Hair: Blonde

Shoe: 7


Dell PC



Bell Atlantic


Dark as Day Supporting Attrition Films

Time Capsule Lead Attrition Films

Asylum Lead Mainline Artists

Raising Helen Featured Garry Marshall Dir.

All Good Things Lead Attrition Films

The Mailman Lead Benchmark Pro.

Whatever It Takes Featured Phoenix Pictures

Television Hostess Ken Feldman Dir.

Roomates (pilot) Lead Act 2 Pro.

Arrest & Trial Lead Dick Wolf Pro.

Behind the Scene Lead Stryker Ent.

Garage Sale (pilot) Hostess Fisher Ent.

Boy Meets World Featured Disney Ent.

Friars Club Roast Hostess Up Front Ent.


Night of Jan. 16th Lead Paradise Theatre Co.

Grease Supporting Paradise Theatre Co.

MASH Lead Valley West Theatre Gallagher Live Supporting Orpheum Theatre


The Groundlings Basic I Ted Michaels

The Groundlings Improv II Sean Hogan

The Groundlings Improv I Jeremy Rowley

The Workout Stan Davis

Expressions Unlimited Bobbi Shaw Chance

Private Training

Jay Bernstien

Dr. Mason Scandridge

Special Skills

Valid passport, available for travel, medium to advanced Spanish skills.

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