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Georgia Fiscal Management Council

205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive

Suite 1652, East Tower

Atlanta, GA 30334

The Executive Board of the Georgia Fiscal Management Council met September 16th, 2015 at 11:15 a.m. in the Atlantic Hall at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. President Chad DaBella called the meeting to order.

Old Business:
Minutes: Minutes from the June, July and August Executive Board Meeting were distributed and approved as read.
Treasurer’s Report: No Report.
Membership Committee: No Report.
Program/Professional Development: Tracy Arner from CVIOG reported to the Council. At the October meeting, Maggie Clark from DOAS will make a presentation on Purchasing Card Compliance. The Department of Revenue will speak at the November meeting. Audits and SAO will make presentations during the upcoming year too. Tracy and President Chad DaBella would like to set up a Twitter account for FMC. The Council agreed.
Meetings and Events: President Chad DaBella will begin planning the 2016 conference.
Newsletter: Mike Jackson from Audits reported the Council. The scholarship recipient and a list of conference sponsors will be included in the next newsletter.
Scholarship: Donna Stapleton from TCSG reported to the Council. She will announce the scholarship recipient at the October meeting.
Website: Randy Trowell will consolidate all of the conference presentations next week. Chairperson Tanya Jackson will post them on the website.
Liaison: Donna Stapleton from TCSG suggested eliminating the Liaison Committee. Randy Trowell and Becky East from Revenue suggested that the officers review the by-laws, make some revisions and share the revisions with the Council for a vote.
General/New Business: Treasurer Rusk Roam will begin creating a FMC Email Master List.
2015 – 2016 Officers

President – Chad DaBella

President Elect – Travis Kennedy

Secretary – Alicia Hautala

Treasurer – Rusk Roam
There being no further business, the motion was made to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted,

Chad DaBella


Alicia Hautala


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