Atlanta, ga has never had a shortage of superstars. From Outkast to T. I., Atl has churned out several waves of artists that have taken their music from the pavement of their hometown to across the globe

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Atlanta, GA has never had a shortage of superstars. From Outkast to T.I., ATL has churned out several waves of artists that have taken their music from the pavement of their hometown to across the globe. Leading the new class of soon-to-be superstars from Atlanta is the co-CEO and franchise artist of Duct Tape Entertainment, Alley Boy. Whether it's in the clubs or in the streets, Alley has provided the soundtrack to chaos for his burgeoning fan base.

"My music has that uncompromised grit," explains Alley. "It's truthful, soulful, hood. I also bring that energy, so the ladies and the fellas are going to always move."
In 2010, Alley had a career turning point when he released his mixtape, “Definition of F--k Sh-t.” Featuring a host of heavy hitters from Young Jeezy to Wacka Flocka Flame, the tape showcased Alley's penchant for crafting original, resonating material and was heralded by media outlets such as MTV News. The streets deemed the tape an instant classic. This past summer, Alley released the equally acclaimed sequel, “Definition of F--k Sh-t 2.”
"People just love the series," Alley testifies of his popularity. "The title is so flagrant and raw; it automatically grabs your attention. Then the music meets your standards. It's weird, unfiltered and extremely hard."
Now the 27 year-old is poised to ascend from underground greatness and deliver his hood commentary to the masses with his very first official release, “Definition Of F--k Sh-t: The EP” in early 2012.
"It feels good," Alley says. "This is like a dream. When you work on something so long, like I have been on my career, you obviously have to have the drive to see it through. Sometimes when you're so diligent in your pursuit of your goal, you don't take the time to look up. Now that I'm looking up and seeing how my fan base has expanded and major corporations such as Atlantic records want to do business with me, it truly is amazing."
Duct Tape Entertainment and Alley Boy's movement began to take shape in 2005, while Alley was finishing up a two and half year prison sentence. While away, his brother Black started the label.
"I was in prison, but my brother came up with the idea to form a record company," the charismatic performer says. "He was like 'my little brother gonna get out and kill it.' It was a beginning stage. My brother had a crew of MCs under his wing, but he knew I was already doing my thing since I was little. He knew I was always a little more advanced, a little more passionate. We always knew the main goal should be ‘let's build on our brand. Even though Alley is at the forefront, let's keep emphasizing Duct Tape.' That way people know that whatever we put out is pure quality." Alley and his team's game plan has been working.
"Just to be heard by anybody who is paying attention, is a big blessing. But working with some of my peers that have been platinum selling acts is huge. Some of these people, I wasn't even aware that they heard of me and they've reached out for collaborations."
Alley's been rapping since he was eight years old. One of his early inspirations was LL Cool J. At ten, he started rapping and recording his songs. He became apart of duo called Sudden Death, but Alley's focus was more steered towards hustling than rocking the mic.
"There are definitely things in my past that I shouldn't have done. I've suffered, my family has suffered, but all the darkness is behind. Those were my wild, younger days. I'm never going back to prison."
It was while locked up that Alley came up with his moniker.
"My real name is Curt. So I used to call myself 'Lil Curt.' But that just didn't stand out enough," Alley explains. "I was real crazy, so some of the older cats in jail would say 'he's wild as hell. Little Alley ass n-gga.' I started writing, started rapping about it. Alley Boy stuck with me. "
Also while locked away, Alley gained inspiration watching his good friend Gucci Mane make major moves on the outside.
"When I went to prison, Gucci’s career went off," he says. "I knew before the music. We used to fuck around in the street. My whole time locked up, I was like 'I gotta get out and work.' Then when my brother started the label, the dream became more tangible. We had a deal with Atlantic a month after I got out."
With his name buzzing from a flawless string of underground releases, Alley plans to expand his following and catalog of official releases.
"The mixtapes are greats," he says. "People love me for them. I'll continue to put them out. But now I want to start showing the world what I can do with albums. You'll get the EP, then a LP and I'm going to keep going."


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