Atlantic county utilities authority april 21, 2011 3: 00 pm

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April 21, 2011
3:00 PM
6700 Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
1. Call to order and Sunshine Law announcement

2. Flag salute

3. Roll call

4. Approval of Minutes:

Meeting of March 17, 2011

5. Board committee reports:

Treasurer’s report - Mr. Sarkos
Personnel - Mr. Akers
Finance/Insurance/Audit - Mr. Sarkos
Building/Real Estate – Mr. Sarkos

Engineering/Maintenance - Mr. Berenato

Solid Waste/Recycling - Mr. Epps
Wastewater/Sludge - Mr. Leonetti
6. Public and Board comment

7. Proposed resolutions:

WASTEWATER (Mr. Leonetti, Chair):
Resolution 11-4-73: Authorizing award of alternate method agreement to Hall & Associates for special counsel services. Amount not to exceed $5,000.00.

Explanation: Special counsel services in NJPDES permitting matter.

Resolution 11-4-74: Authorizing ACUA’s participation in NACWA’s Sewage Sludge Incineration Advocacy Coalition.

Explanation: ACUA’s cost for two-year commitment is $5,000.00 a year. Second year is contingent upon 2012 budget.

SOLID WASTE (Mr. Epps, Chair):
Resolution 11-4-75: Authorizing award of alternate method agreement to SCS Engineers for Consulting Engineer Services. Total cost is $4,125.00.

Explanation: Surface Emissions Monitoring at ACUA Landfill.

Resolution 11-4-76: Authorizing award of alternate method agreement to Trinity Consultants for Consulting Engineer Services. Total cost is $6,400.00.

Explanation: Preparation of NSPS (New Source Performance Standards) and SSM (Start-up, Shutdown & Malfunction) required reporting.

Resolution 11-4-77: Authorizing amendment to agreement with Waste Management for recycling commodities marketing of single stream recycling.

Explanation: Extending agreement for a six-month period ending 12/30/11. Revenue to the Authority is $45.00 per ton effective May 2, 2011.

Resolution 11-4-78: Authorizing agreement between the ACUA and the County of Atlantic for Wasteflow enforcement.

Resolution 11-4-79: Authorizing a contract amendment to contract with P.J. Dooling Tires, Bid SW-22-2009 for New and Recapped Tires. Amount of decrease is $90,000.00.

Explanation: Due to reduced equipment usage.

Resolution 11-4- 80: Authorizing Utility Easement Agreement between the ACUA and Atlantic Medical Real Estate Associates, LLC.

Explanation: Modifying easement relating to property located at 497 S. Fir Ave. (Block 803, Lot 5) Galloway Township.

FINANCE/AUDIT (Mr. Sarkos, Chair):
Resolution 11-4-82: Authorizing rider to Shared Services Agreement with Galloway Township for Energy Consulting Services.

Explanation: Extension of agreement to April 30, 2012.

Resolution 11-4-83: Authorizing a shared services agreement with the Borough of Avalon for Renewable Energy Consulting Services. Revenue to the Authority.

Explanation: The ACUA will provide consultation and advisory services to facilitate the Borough’s renewable energy program, including but not limited to solar energy procurement. UNDER STAFF REVIEW.

Resolution 11-4-84: Resolution authorizing sale of solar renewable energy credits.
Resolution 11-4-85: A Resolution Declaring the Official Intent of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority to Reimburse Itself from the Proceeds of Debt for Capital Expenditures and Costs of Issuance Temporarily Funded From Revenues or Other Sources.

Explanation: Reimbursement resolution for solar and truck wash projects.

Resolution 11-4-86: Resolution of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Authorizing the Issuance of Up to Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000), Aggregate Principal Amount of its Wastewater Revenue Bonds Constituting a Series Resolution Under the Restated General Resolution Authorizing Wastewater Revenue Bonds of The Authority Adopted June 16, 1994, and Taking Related Actions.
Resolution 11-4-87: Authorizing payment of certain expenditures. $4,424,093.57

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