Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish Round 8 Simply Awful Questions by Mike Bentley, Casey Reterrer, Brittany Clark and Jonathan Magin This packet features the absolute worst of every genre

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Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish - Round 8

Simply Awful
Questions by Mike Bentley, Casey Reterrer, Brittany Clark and Jonathan Magin
This packet features the absolute worst of every genre.

1) One critic of them called them “wankish and juvenile” while another critic compared them to a widely disparaged reference to Kellenberg Memorial High School. One of the better received ones began by describing an object also known as “I Zwicky 24”, and was more amusing than a later one that discussed the winners of a 1996 event at the University of Tennessee. Both the first and last ones asked for the name of a former player for Athens State, Lee Henry, while players at the UMD mirror of the Gottfried Keller tournament became visibly angry at ones requiring answers like “Georgia Tech” or “the TRASH survey”. FTP, this tossup is an example of what type of question requiring knowledge of the personalities of and events in quizbowl?

ANSWER: meta-tossups (accept equivalents that include the word “meta”)
Moderator, please read the following statement after the question is answered:
“The tournament director apologizes for that irresponsible slip into the realm of meta. Those responsible for that travesty have been sacked.”

2) The first team to win this game defeated Winthrop, while the second team to win it defeated Alcorn State. Played at the University of Dayton Arena, it was created to account for the newly created Mountain West conference, and has been criticized as discriminatory by the Black Coaches Association, since at least one HBCU has played in it five of the six years since its inception. Last year, that HBCU was Hampton, who lost 71 to 49 to Monmouth, causing Monmouth to play Villanova in the next round, as its winner advances to play the top-ranked first seed. FTP, name this game played between the 64th and 65th seeds of the NCAA Tournament.

ANSWER: The Play-In Game to the NCAA Tournament or (officially) the Opening Round

3) He had a cameo in the film ‘’Pauly Shore is Dead’’ and appeared as the groom in 98 Degree’s video “I Do (Cherish You)”. A parody site set up by YTMND’s creator Max Goldberg lists him as a “famous superstar and sex symbol”, and he declared bankruptcy in 2000 after the last version of the series that made him famous was canceled. His standup mainly consists of him talking about his penis, an appendage that is notably absent from most of his probably staged 2006 sex tape. FTP, identify this actor most famous for playing Samuel Powers on Saved By The Bell, a character better known as Screech.

ANSWER: Dustin Diamond

4) The phrase most associated with it becomes “turn me on, dead man” when played backwards, and other clues in it briefly gave credence to a rumored cover-up. It claims to be an attempt to capture the tumultuousness of the title event, and its repeated refrain, coming in five eighths time, was sampled from a take on a previously recorded song. The B Sharps put out a parody of this song, with Barney belching in between a Japanese woman saying the title number, one less than the original. FTP, identify this bizarre avant garde musical collage that appears on the second disc of The Beatle’s White Album.

ANSWER: Revolution 9

5) It shares its name with a worldwide 1966 Sonny and Cher song, and only time will help us forget it too. This movie obtained the dubious record of being the fastest film to date to reach the Bottom 100 movies list at IMDB. It featured a wealth of jokes involving getting hit in the crotch, and Linden Porco, the actor used to play the title character, had his skin painted to match the skin tone of the actor whose face was superimposed on him. FTP, identify this 2006 movie where Calvin Sims learns the meaning of family after a jewel robbery goes bad, a Wayans Brothers movie about the world’s smallest criminal.

ANSWER: Little Man

6) It originated as a service for downloading Atari 2600 games called Gameline, under the company name Control Video Corporation. More recently, it has purchased a multitude of companies, including Mirabilis and Nullsoft, to add features to its brand, but perhaps its biggest acquisition was buying Netscape in 1999. Undergoing a disastrous merger in 2001 is, FTP, this company, formerly headed by Steve Case that despite aggressive retention policies and a recent shift to an advertisement based revenue model, has seen its subscriber base reduce dramatically in the wake of Cable and DSL.

ANSWER: AOL or America Online

7) Even though the vocals in question on it were credited as being arranged by Ken Pruett, The Walt Disney Company still felt the need to make a statement asserting that Clarence Nash was not involved. The song appeared in the movie Saturday Night Fever, but it was not included on its sound track. A dance craze that results in Elvis thanking him for getting down happens after the singer steps onto the dance floor and starts makes noises and flapping, becoming this creature. FTP, identify this 1976 hit by Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots, a funky song about a dancing waterfowl.

ANSWER: “Disco Duck

8) At the beginning of this season, this man attempted to quell fan discontent by saying, "We are coming back strong next year. I know you have heard that tune before, but this time it will literally come true." In 1996, he fired announcer Jon Miller for not being enough of an "advocate" for the team he owns, which has not made the playoffs since Davey Johnson resigned in 1997. Also responsible for hiring General Manager Syd Thrift, this owner began his franchise's descent into mediocrity when he lowballed Rafael Palmeiro and Mike Mussina, causing them to sign elsewhere. A longtime opponent of baseball in DC, FTP, identify this owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

ANSWER: Peter Angelos

9) This person appeared on the very first episode of the Chris Rock show, and also appeared as himself on the George Lopez show, Reno 911, and Scrubs. He got into comedy after performing at a talent show at Florida Atlantic University, and he also starred as Edison, a surfing inventor, in the huge box office bomb, Chairman of the Board. He has gained significant muscle mass after beginning a body building program in 2001, yet he still retains his trademark hair style. FTP, identify this comic who formerly starred in aggravating ads for Call AT&T, a person who is most famous for his use of props in his standup routine.

ANSWER: Carrot Top or Scott Thompson

10) A remix of the song this artist is most known for appeared on the Nutty Professor 2 soundtrack. The artist would piggyback his debut album’s success with a brief acting career including a role in Snow Dogs, an advertising campaign with Pepsi, and his own namesake Shakedown show on MTV. Other songs on that first album included “Is Love Enough” which featured LovHer and “Dru World Order”, dedicated to the artist’s former group, Dru Hill. FTP, identify this artist most famous for his 1999 ‘’Unleash the Dragon’’ album which contained the hits “Go To Get It”, “Incomplete”, and “The Thong Song”.

ANSWER: Sisqo (also accept Mark Althavan Andrews)

11) It has been described as more fun than the real thing, when the real thing is defined as getting shot in the chest by an arrow. Later versions attempted to be less controversial by extending the woman’s arm a few pixels to indicate a “come here” gesture. Many stores refused to sell the original version after protests from Women Against Pornography, but the controversy resulted in an impressive 80,000 copies of it being sold. FTP, identify this Atari 2600 rape simulator where players guided a namesake doomed American general to get his vengeance on a tied up, naked Indian woman.

ANSWER: Custer’s Revenge

12) Plot developments in it include a pop star becoming pregnant by a man who wears a paper bag on his head named Ugly Bob. That pop star, Celine Deon, is later kidnapped by the nemesis of the title characters, but that nemesis is thwarted by the collective farting of the gas mask wearing crowd at a Roughriders vs. Rough Riders Canadian Football game. FTP, identify this made for TV movie that aired on Comedy Central on April 1, 1998, instead of the conclusion to Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut, detailing Terrence and Phillip’s first dealings with Saddam Hussein.

ANSWER: Terrence and Phillip in Not Without My Anus (prompt on ‘Terrence and Phillip’ before mentioned but DO NOT accept ‘Asses on Fire’, which is a different Terrence and Phillip movie)

13) Its seven million dollar budget was ninety three million dollars less than the original, retaining no characters from that original movie, although Brenda Strong returns for a different role. It stars Bill Brown as Private Otis Brick who must stop a new enemy that proliferates through infecting the brain, while Kelly Carlson fills in the nudity gap of the original’s co-ed shower scene during basic training. FTP, identify this direct to video sequel to a 1997 movie based on a Robert A. Heinlein book, subtitled Hero of the Federation, that once again sees Federation Soldiers fighting Arachnid bugs on distant planets.

ANSWER: Starship Troopers 2 Hero of the Federation

14) Lance Leggett scored two touchdowns to bookend a 35 to zero victory for the home team in the game this incident occurred in. Running back A'Mod Ned tried to join this event on crutches, and Lamar Thomas was fired for his comments during it. After James Bryant was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, it began when Chris Smith punched Matt Pirelli during the ensuing extra point try. That let to Brandon Meriweather stomping on opposing players with his cleats and Anthony Reddick slamming his helmet into an opposing player, highlights of this five-minute melee. Occurring on October 14, 2006 in the third quarter of a game played at the Orange Bowl, FTP, name this extended conflict which took place between two college football teams from South Florida.

ANSWER: the brawl between Miami and Florida International (accept FIU for Florida International)

15) Despite featuring an all-star cast, it managed to get a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. John DiMaggio and George Carlin will hopefully forget they lent their voices to it, and it joins the list of crap that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have starred in together. Its taglines included “The Future Looks Grimm” and “Fairytale endings aren’t what they used to be.” FTP, identify this 2007 computer-animated film about the misadventures of Ella and Rick the Dishwasher, who work to defeat her evil stepmother to restore Fairy Tale Land to its proper ending.

ANSWER: Happily N’Ever After

16) Much of the show was scripted, and various non-star roles were assigned after a casting call. Episodes ranged from the title character trying out for a sports team to him finding a roommate. A disclaimer at the end of each show reveals that the high school dropout title character did not in fact enroll at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln despite participating in the drum line for marching band for a home football game. FTP, identify this summer of 2005 NBC show that saw the semi-matriculation of the drummer of Mötley Crüe.

ANSWER: Tommy Lee Goes To College

17) His early stage name was “Rus Le Roq” and while performing with the New Zealand production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show he was billed thusly, although his billing changed when he toured with Grease in Australia. His former band’s releases have included Gaslight, Bastard Life or Clarity and Other Ways of Speaking, but none of them have been met with much critical or popular success and he has admitted to intentionally keeping the initials of his two bands the same. FTP, name this actor whose bands include his new one, The Ordinary Fear of God, and his old one, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

ANSWER: Russell Crowe

18) The author states in its introduction that “these are my words, straight from me to you”, blaming the media for the negative publicity he had received. Its last section describes the author’s new employer as also knowing what it feels like to be treated like Darth Vader. The author controversially describes his quick recovery from injury in it as “nothing short of heroic”, later claiming in a book signing that he was misquoted. FTP, identify this work of literary genius by the author of Catch This, originally to be called Ineligible Receiver, which was co-authored by Jason Rosenhaus, that details its namesake’s struggles with the Philadelphia Eagles franchise in 2005.


19) Set in Newbury, New York, it began with the title character’s brother, Jason, stealing money and abandoning the family that creator Jack Kenny based on that of his lover’s. Other ‘memorable’ plot points involved a threesome to spruce up the main character’s marriage, and daughter Grace getting busted for selling pot. Catholic groups protested Father Frankie’s connections to the mafia, while Focus on the Family took offense to the main character’s pain killer addiction. FTP, name this Bizaro-world Seventh Heaven, that was pulled last January by NBC after only four episodes, mainly due to its portrayal of a liberal Jesus that talks to the head of the Webster family.

ANSWER: The Book of Daniel

20) Clarice Starling owned a blue one in Silence of the Lambs, and it was offered as a prize on a MAD TV sketch of The Price is Right. The AVE Mizar attached a Cessna Skymaster to one of these, but it was ultimately too heavy and Henry Smolinksi was killed during a test flight. A Mother Jones exposé alleged that it was rushed on to the market due to foreign competition, and that its eleven dollar fix was ignored because its creator viewed litigation as a cheaper alternative. FTP, identify this vehicle that had a silver fuel tank very near its bumper, nicknamed “the barbecue that seats four”, infamous for its recall because of its tendency to explode in rear end collisions.

ANSWER: Ford Pinto

21) It happened in Episode 91, which was during Season 5, and originally aired September 20, 1977. Producer Garry Marshall admitted that he realized what was happening when the crew was preparing for it. Despite the well-known ill effects of salt water on leather, the person performing it for some reason was still wearing his trademark leather jacket. FTP, identify this iconic moment of television history when Happy Days’ Henry Winkler performs a stunt on water skis over a caged fish with a cartilaginous skeleton.

ANSWER: Fonzie jumping the shark (or obvious equivalents)

22) Because its main competitor was only printed eight times a year, this magazine had a measure of success in the late '80s thanks to its monthly publications and acquisition of Don Martin. But dwindling profits has led to magazine to recently shift its format to more resemble that of men's magazines like Maxim. A running gag was that its cover always misspelled the word “magazine”, and its blonde haired mascot usually also graced each issue's cover. FTP, identify this long time rip off of Mad Magazine, whose Alfred E. Neuman like mascot is a janitor named Sylvester P. Smythe.

ANSWER: Cracked

23) Translation issues between the English and Japanese versions resulted in controversy over whether or not it was a member of the series, although the subtitle “The Final Fight” added by Capcom USA was the only real change. The main character has had bionic implants since it has been 25 years since he was king of the circuit, and the cyboplasm he helped developed has turned people into mindless, violent mutants. It is possible that the entire game has been retconned out of the official canon, as no others reference it and it was Ryu rather than Ken who won Street Fighter II. FTP, identify this NES action platform in which Ken searches the frontier to avenge the death of his lab partner Troy.

ANSWER: Street Fighter 2010

1) At least he was voted sexiest Asian singer alive in 2006. FTPE, identify these songs that were covered by William Hung over his illustrious career.

[10] Hung sang this appropriate Elton John classic at halftime for an April 2006 Houston basketball game, stating that Yao Ming was his favorite player.
ANSWER: Rocket Man
[10] On Hung’s last album to date, the “artist” sang this song whose seldom heard verses tell the tale of either Katie Casey or Nelly Kelly depending on the version.
ANSWER: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
[10] Finally, this was the Ricky Martin song that made Hung famous after the airing of his audition in 2004.
ANSWER: She Bangs

2) Even Stephen King has off days, and coke’s not to blame for all of them. Identify some of these less than stellar Stephen King novels, FTPE.

[10] Clearly King had run out of ideas by the time he wrote this second book about a killer car in 2002. Its title is a variation on a song from a 1965 Bob Dylan album.
ANSWER: From a Buick 8
[10] King penned this novel longhand while he was recovering from getting hit by a van. In it, four friends face an alien invasion years after helping Duddits, a kid with down syndrome, from being bullied.
ANSWER: Dreamcatcher
[10] King received an intervention from his family after the publication of this book (and I guess for all the drinking and drug use). In the book, liberal protagonist Gard becomes, gasp, an alcoholic as King takes the anti-nuclear proliferation metaphor far too far.
ANSWER: The Tommyknockers

3) Why is this next bonus on the NHL in this packet? You'd already know the answer if you were paying attention to its ratings. FTPE, name these teams from that struggling league from a description.

[10] This year, this team won ten consecutives home games thanks to the performance of players like Dion Phaneuf and goalie Miikka Kiprusoff. They also lost the 2004 Stanley Cup to the Lightning despite strong play from Martin Gelinas and Jerome Iginla.
ANSWER: Calgary Flames (accept either)
[10] Formerly the Hartford Whalers, this Eric Staal-led team defeated the Oilers in seven games to win the 2006 Stanley Cup.
ANSWER: Carolina Hurricanes (accept either)
[10] Although they signed Adam Foote and traded for Sergei Fedorov in 2005, this expansion team led by Rick Nash still failed to make the playoffs.
ANSWER: Columbus Blue Jackets (accept either)

4) As a month of avatars informed those brave enough to frequent hsquizbowl, Mark Foley wasn’t the only Congressman involved in a scandal. Identify some of these other screw ups, FTPE.

[10] This Republican from Oregon was disgraced and forced to leave office in 1996 after it was revealed that he lied about his service in the Korean War.
ANSWER: Wes Cooley
[10] The New York Times was able to obtain recorded conversations of Newt Gingrich conspiring to misrepresent his ethics violations thanks to a couple who used one of these devices that was also used in The Fast and the Furious.
ANSWER: Police Scanner
[10] This Louisiana Congressman was recently caught storing frozen meals stuffed with $10,000 increments in them in one of his freezers. They were allegedly going to Nigeria.
ANSWER: William Jennings Jefferson

5) Identify these pathetically bad videogames, FTPE.

[10].This 1982 port to the Atari 2600 was widely criticized for its flickering ghosts, shift to a blue background and its blocky graphics.
[10] By not sending copies to reviewers under the pretense of not spoiling the film release it was coinciding with, this awful 2003 game starring Ghost and Niobe managed to sell over five million copies.
ANSWER: Enter The Matrix
[10] This Nokia system was widely lampooned for having to remove the battery to change games and for its infamous “side talking” feature.

6) Coming in the exciting colors of white, black, and brown, it seems like this device was doomed from the start. FTPE,

[10] First, identify this Microsoft MP3 player hampered by its aggressive DRM technology.
[10] Mysteriously, the Zune is not compatible with this other Microsoft DRM technology found in other MP3 players like those by Creative Labs and iRiver.
ANSWER: PlaysForSure
[10] For each Zune Microsoft sells the company pays a ransom to this music conglomerate that owns the Interscpe and Def Jam labels.
ANSWER: Universal Music Group

7) Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone asked of him, “where are the fucking jokes?”. FTPE:

[10] First, name this stand up comic known for his long, drawn out routines and successful use of his 1.3 million MySpace friends to promote material like his Vicious Circle DVD.
ANSWER: Dane Jeffrey Cook
[10] Dane Cook allegedly stole jokes from this comedian’s Live In Houston album, including Dane’s joke about giving his children strange names and seeing a car crash.
ANSWER: Louis C.K. or Louis Szekely
[10] While Louis C.K. has been reserved with his criticism of Cook, this former Man Show and Fear Factor host called Cook out for stealing his jokes on a December episode of Opie and Anthony.
ANSWER: Joe Rogan

8) We built this bonus. We built this bonus on rock and roll. Well, we actually used Dave Barry’s 1993 article about the worst songs ever. FTPE:

[10] The overall “winner” was this Jimmy Webb song sung by Richard Harris, whose lines include “Someone left the cake out in the rain/I don't think that I can take it/'Cause it took so long to bake it.”
ANSWER: “MacArthur Park
[10] The runner-up was “Yummy Yummy Yummy (I Got Love in My Tummy)”, originally by this studio concoction headed by Joey Levine and later covered by Julie London.
ANSWER: Ohio Express
[10] Bringing up third place was this Paul Anka/Odia Coates duet which, hitting #1 in 1974, was his first hit in over a decade.
ANSWER: "(You’re) Having My Baby"

9) At least its ratings weren’t as low as the NHL’s last year. Identify these things relating to the XFL, FTPE.

[10] This awful Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, depicting the XFL as the football league of the future, opened with a quarterback being replaced by a cloned version of himself after being seriously injured.
ANSWER: The 6th Day
[10] There wasn’t enough room for the word “they” on the back of his jersey, so this current Carolina Panthers player settled for “He Hate Me”.
ANSWER: Rod Smart (also accept Torrold D. Smart)
[10] One of the rare XFL players to go on to success in the NFL, he won the MVP award for the XFL’s only season, and would later go on to play quarterback for the Steelers.
ANSWER: Tommy Alfred Maddox

10) Given items from a Fast Food Restaurant, identify the item with the most calories, on a five, ten, twenty, thirty point basis from information provided by

[A] McDonalds – The Breakfast Ham, Egg, and Cheese Bagel. Supersized French Fries. The McChicken Sandwich.
ANSWER: Supersized French Fries (610 calories)
[B] Burger King – The Angus Steak Burger. The Hershey’s Sundae Pie. The Whopper.
ANSWER: The Whopper (700 calories)
[C] Wendy’s – Large Original Frostee. Large Chili. Taco Supreme Salad, including Chips, Sour Cream, and Salsa.
ANSWER: Taco Supreme Salad (670 calories)
[D] KFC – 6 Boneless Honey BBQ Wings. 6 Boneless Sweet & Spicy Wings. Double Chocolate Chip Cake.
ANSWER: Sweet & Spicy Wings (540 calories)

11) Answer some questions about these entirely-CG substandard characters from the Star Wars prequels, FTPE.

[10] This Toydarian owner of the shop where young, annoying Anakin Skywalker worked as a slave drew criticism for his stereotypical Jewish features.
[10] Watto lost all of his money when he bet that this former slave and expert podracer would beat Anakin in the Boonta Eve Classic.
ANSWER: Sebulba
[10] This adversary in Episode 3 was originally going to be voiced by Gary Oldman before he realized that the movie would not use S.A.G. members. John DiMaggio voiced him in the Clone Wars animated series.
ANSWER: General Grievous

12) Identify the following about a 2005 Golden Raspberry award winner, FTPE.

[10] This Jenny McCarthy film, whose tagline was “Got Dumped?”, beat out gems like ‘’Son of the Mask’’ to take home Worst Picture of 2005.
ANSWER: Dirty Love
[10] This annoying comedian and host of the reality show My Life on the D-List made a cameo in Dirty Love.
ANSWER: Kathy Griffin or Kathleen Griffin
[10] Also appearing in the film was this alternative band who had a hit with “Fat Lip” off of their 2001 album, ‘’All Killer No Filler’’.
ANSWER: Sum 41

13) Identify some of these spectacular box office failures, FTPE.

[10] Although this 1980 Michael Cimino western did not actually financially ruin United Artists, it did result in Transamerica selling the studio to MGM.
ANSWER: Heaven’s Gate
[10] Although this 1970 Sergei Bondarchuk film impressively recreated Napoleonic War battles with some 17,000 extras, it made only 1.4 million dollars at the U.S. box office.
ANSWER: Waterloo
[10] Criticized for its use of “Disney sidekicks” like Morph and B.E.N., this film lost over one hundred million dollars and is credited with destroying Disney’s 2D animation studio.
ANSWER: Treasure Planet

14) Three years after American Idol debuted, networks are still piggybacking off of the idea and coming up with their own awful summer talent shows. Identify these shows, FTPE.

[10] The three judges on this show have the ability to X out lousy contestants, although this rule is not enforced very strictly as, say, Piers Morgan will hit Brandy’s button for her.
ANSWER: America’s Got Talent
[10] Simon “Not Cowell” Fuller essentially took his Idol format, changed the talent he was looking for, and added partnerships to this FOX summer show.
ANSWER: So You Think You Can Dance
[10] Probably the only redeeming quality of this ABC show is the round where teams try to build Rube Goldberg machines. It’s hosted by Lisa Dergan and Chris Leary.
ANSWER: Master of Champions

15) Identify the following about songs whose Asian influences don’t really help with overall quality, FTPE.

[10] Manfred Mann’s cover of this Bruce Springsteen song decided to include “Chopsticks” in the musical interlude. Why?
ANSWER: “Blinded by the Light
[10] He recorded “Kung Fu Fighting” in his last ten minutes of studio time, and it overshadowed the rest of his career.
ANSWER: Carl Douglas
[10] While it neither contains “Chopsticks” nor the “Asian Riff,” this Dennis DeYoung song from the concept album Kilroy Was Here taught a generation how to say thank you in another language.
ANSWER: “Mr. Roboto

16) Despite his rather appealing voice, Christopher Lambert has been in some movies that make us question his character. FTPE:

[10] This 1999 action movie was based loosely on an epic Anglo-Saxon poem. It’s a little too sci-fi for the story, and it looks like the entire budget was spent on back-flips.
ANSWER: Beowulf
[10] Lambert also starred in this 1992 flick, which sounds like a Bob Seger song, about a chess grandmaster accused of several murders.
ANSWER: Knight Moves
[10] Lambert has claimed that the already written script of this next Mortal Kombat movie will be scrapped and recreated to better reflect Armageddon.
ANSWER: Mortal Kombat: Devastation

17) Identify the nineties alternative album from its not so great filler tracks, FTPE. If you need more popular tracks, you’ll receive five points.

[10] “Galapogos” on the first CD and “By Starlight” on the second disc.
[5] “Tonight, Tonight” and “1979”.
ANSWER: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
[10] The hidden track “Endless, Nameless, and Stay Away”, ends with the same phrase the singer used to spray paint on buildings, “God is gay”.
[5] “Come as You Are” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.
ANSWER: Nevermind
[10] “Jinx” and “Haushinka”, two tracks that seamlessly blend in with each other.
[5] Good Riddance, a track also known as Time of Your Life.
ANSWER: Nimrod

18) Answer the following about a colossally one-sided trade FTPE.

[10] During the offseason, Mariners GM Bill Bavasi traded top prospect Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto for this 32-year old Nationals second baseman.
ANSWER: Jose Vidro
[10] Despite Vidro's declining offensive skills, the Mariners plan to make him their DH because they already have this 23-year old All-Star second baseman.
ANSWER: Jose Lopez
[10] However, Bill Bavasi made an even worse trade when he sent Rafael Soriano to this other NL East team for mediocre starter Horacio Ramirez.
ANSWER: the Atlanta Braves (accept either)

19) Identify some of these shows that for various reasons were canceled before they even aired an episode, FTPE.

[10] This Topp’s spoof on The Cabbage Patch Kids was supposed to make the leap from trading cards to Saturday morning cartoon, but the episodes produced wouldn’t see the light of day until they were released on DVD in 2006.
ANSWER: Garbage Pale Kids
[10] An episode of this Star Trek series was produced for a proposed precursor to UPN for the 1978 season, but when the network fell through it was adapter into the first movie.
ANSWER: Star Trek Phase II or Star Trek II
[10] The WB failed to pick up more episodes of this Bill Lawrence show about two friends from Ohio who are given a chance to produce a sitcom on that same network. The pilot and further webisodes have since gained popularity on YouTube.
ANSWER: Nobody’s Watching

20) Identify these Apprentice ripoffs, FTPE.

[10] This Fox show saw contestants traveling around the world to perform stunts in an attempt to replace host Richard Branson as president of Virgin Worldwide.
ANSWER: The Rebel Billionaire Branson’s Quest For The Best
[10] This ABC version of ‘’The Apprentice’’ was their lowest ranked show for the week that it premiered, resulting in the quick cancellation of this attempt for Mark Cuban to give away one million dollars.
ANSWER: The Benefactor
[10] More of a spoof than a ripoff, this MTV show featured a group of contestants working on tasks such as breaking up with host Andy Dick’s girlfriend.
ANSWER: The Assistant

21) Identify these D-Listers who have tried to resurrect their career with stints on VH1’s The Surreal Life, FTPE.

[10] This Danish actress introduced herself in season 3 by saying, “I became famous when I married Sylvester Stallone, and I became more famous when I got divorced.”
ANSWER: Brigitte Nielson
[10] Brigitte Nielson would go on to costar in this Surreal Life spin off, which Chuck D claimed was “Flavsploitation”.
ANSWER: Strange Love
[10] Another Surreal Life spin off, My Fair Brady, saw ex-Brady Christopher Knight costarring with this first winner of America’s Next Top Model.
ANSWER: Adrianne Marie Curry

22) Identify some of these athletes and teams who have received notoriety for their actions on and off the field, FTPE.

[10] After the news broke that players on the Southern Methodist University football team were receiving payment for playing on the team, the NCAA issued this sentence that effectively ruined the school’s powerhouse program.
ANSWER: Death Penalty
[10] This Broncos cornerback was shot dead the night after his team failed to make the playoffs during a conflict at a party celebrating Kenyon Martin’s birthday.
ANSWER: Darrent Williams
[10] This Dominican born Little League phenom of the Bronx team caused an uproar when it was revealed that his parents had lied about his April 7, 1987 birth date.
ANSWER: Danny Almonte

23) Powerful vocals can be a key component to a hit song, as evidenced by the answers to this bonus. Unfortunately, overplay and failed attempts at karaoke can ruin them, FTPE:

[10] Part of her performance on “Lovin You” hits the appropriately named whistle register, as any time your question writer hears it he starts whimpering like a dog.
ANSWER: Minnie Riperton
[10] To paraphrase a reader submission to CNN’s list of bad songs, this Dolly Parton song is a tender expression of quiet resignation in the face of romantic loss. Whitney Houston's version is hideous, due to its thinly disguised agenda: 'Whitney Uber Alles.'
ANSWER: “I Will Always Love You
[10] The song is great, and the video is better, but “Take On Me” suffers from this singer’s urge to break glass. Admittedly, he does a good job with it, but enough people have butchered the chorus to put the song in this packet.
ANSWER: Morten Harket

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