Automatic control systems spring 2004 required reference material

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  1. Textbooks

“pic Microcontroller Project Book, Iovine, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-135479-4

“Easy PIC’n”, David Benson, Square 1, ISBN 0-9654162-0-8

“Easy Step’n”, David Benson, Square 1, ISBN ?

  1. Textbook, Laboratory Manual, class notes, Lab Notebook for:

    1. Digital Circuits

    2. Electronic Circuits

    3. Industrial Electronics

    4. Microprocessors

    5. Industrial Controls

    6. Introduction to Programming, Visual Basic Text

  1. Breadboard, Wire Kit, Tools, #22 AWG color coded jumper wire (old telephone cable, solid wire)

  1. Suggested Reference Material:

Nuts and Volts Magazine subscription

“PIC’n up the PACE”, David Benson, Square 1, ISBN 0-9654162-1-6

“Pic’n Techniques”, David Benson, Square 1, ISBN 0-9654162-3-2

“Serial Pic’n”, Roger L Stevens, Square 1, ISBN 0-9654162-2-4

“DESIGN with PIC MICROCONTROLLERS”, John B Peatman, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-759259-0

  1. Hardware and Software:

microEngineering Labs, Inc, LAB-X1 Experimenter/Lab Board (formerly PIC-X1)

EPIC™ Plus PICmicro MCU Programmer

EPIC Programmer software, comes with programmer board

MPLAB® IDE, PIC programming software, version 5 or higher

  1. Website References:, Square 1 text publisher, Nuts and Volts Magazine, Lab board and programmer, PIC Microcontroller manufacturer, Basic Stamp

Download 7.81 Kb.

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