Banning Computer Games Chong Wai Ki (5A)

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Banning Computer Games

Chong Wai Ki (5A)
Dear Editor,
I am writing in reply to Chris Chan’s letter about banning computer games. I disagree that computer games should be banned. I myself play computer games, but I don’t have the problems that Chris Chan mentioned in his letter.
I think not all computer games are bad for children. Some computer games are of very high educational value, for example, card games, puzzle games and chess games. They can improve our English and train our problem solving skills. Some teachers let students play computer games in the lessons because it can arouse their interest in learning. If used properly, computer games are an effective tool in education.
It is also wrong to say that computer games are as addictive as smoking. Computer games are not addictive by nature. Those teenagers who are addicted to it lack self-discipline themselves. I think parents need to guide their children how to choose computer games and how to play in a sensible way.
It seems unfair to compare computer games with smoking. Smoking is harmful to our health, but computer games will not affect our health if we play it sensibly. Smoking only has bad effects on us.
Computer games should not be banned. Instead, parents should give their children proper guidance on how to enjoy computer games.
Chong Wai Ki (5A)

Chiu Chow Association Secondary School

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