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August 9, 2010



  1. Approval of Minutes

  2. President’s Remarks

  3. Provost Matters

  4. Plans for the Convocation  (Ben Corpus)

  5. Impacts on the College of the CUNY Allocation Decisions and Budget Implications of No Tuition Increase in the Fall Semester (Gabriel Eszterhas)

  6. Plans for “Move-In Day” at the Residence Hall  (Ben Corpus)

  7. City Capital Budget Request (Gabriel Eszterhas)

  8. January and Summer Session Plans, Including How to Incentivize Departments and Schools

  9. Other Old business

  10. New business


Mitchel B. Wallerstein, President

David Birdsell, Dean, School of Public Affairs

John Choonoo, Director of the Office of Institutional Research

Ben Corpus, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Arthur Downing, Chief Librarian and Chief Information Officer

John Elliott, Dean, Zicklin School of Business

Gabriel Eszterhas, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Mark Gibbel, Vice President for College Advancement

Mary Gorman, Chief of Staff

Lenore Kreitman, Acting Counsel to the President

Christina Latouf, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Terry Martell, Chair, Faculty Senate

James McCarthy, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jeffrey Peck, Dean, Weissman School of Arts & Sciences

President’s Remarks
President Wallerstein welcomed members of Cabinet. He reiterated the need to pursue a new coordinated approach to fundraising with more transparency, once organizational issues in the Office of College Advancement have been addressed.
Departure of Dr. Lenore Kreitman

President Wallerstein announced Dr. Lenore Kreitman, Acting Counsel to the President, will be leaving the College at the end of August to assume the position of General Counsel of the Anti-Defamation League. He expressed appreciation for Dr. Kreitman’s hard work and dedication to Baruch College over the course of the last several months. Dr. Kreitman expressed how much she enjoyed working at Baruch and with her colleagues.

Ms. Latouf will prepare an announcement on the departure of Dr. Kreitman.

Move of the Office of the President

President Wallerstein reported he has been presented with three options for the relocation of the Office of the President which included 17 Lex, 104 E. 25th Street (a building under consideration for leasing) and the Administration building (135 East 22nd Street). He reported he has determined the Office of the President will be moved back to its original location in the Administration Building within the next four weeks. The decision is the least costly and least distributive in comparison to the other two options.

The Office of the Counsel to the President and the Affirmative Action Office will remain in the Newman Vertical Campus building. The Office of the Provost will move across to the space currently inhabited by the Office of the Associate Provosts for Academic Administration and Faculty Development. The Office of the Associate Provosts for Academic Administration and Faculty Development will move to the space currently inhabited by the Office of the President in the Newman Vertical Campus building.
Once the Office of the President has been relocated to the Administration Building, Cabinet meetings will be moved the 7th floor conference room adjacent to the new office location.
President Wallerstein stressed he will remain engaged with students and on a regular basis interact with students informally and formally throughout the campus to assure a strong connection.
Approval of Minutes
A motion was made to approve the minutes of the August 3, 2010 meeting as amended and the minutes were approved.
Provost Matters
Cabinet Retreat

Provost McCarthy distributed a revised agenda for the August 20th Cabinet retreat, indicating the assigned session leaders. Members of Cabinet reviewed and discussed.

Undergraduate Bulletin

Provost McCarthy announced the 2010-2013 undergraduate bulletin is now available online. He noted this is the first time in fifteen years that the undergraduate bulletin is available before the beginning of the fall semester. He expressed appreciation for the hard work and efforts of Diane Harrigan, of the Office of Communications and Marketing, for spearheading this initiative along with members of the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Provost McCarthy noted the electronic version of the undergraduate bulletin facilitates updates. The updating of the Graduate Bulletin will follow. Vice President Corpus noted a limited amount of the undergraduate bulletins will be printed and made available for high school guidance counselors as part of recruitment efforts.
It was noted that all prior versions of the undergraduate bulletin are archived and made available online as each respective bulletin is considered the contract for students in accordance with their respective semester of enrollment. Dr. Corpus added any new curricular changes typically do not go into effect for two semesters in order for systems to be updated.
Middle States Self Study Institute

Provost McCarthy reported Baruch College has been invited to send a team of three to participate in an upcoming Middle States Self-Study Institute session. Provost McCarthy and Dr. Stanton Biddle will represent the College. Dr. Martell has been asked to be the third participant. Additionally, Provost McCarthy will give a talk on Baruch College’s recent self-study experience.

Graduate Fees

Provost McCarthy proposed that Cabinet resume the conversation on graduate fees. A discussion followed. Members of Cabinet agreed to analyze updated figures and resume the conversation.

Plans for the Convocation 
Vice President Corpus gave an overview of the 2010 Convocation proceedings scheduled for Wednesday, August 25th. He noted Dr. Katrin Hansing, of Black and Hispanic Studies will be the featured speaker focusing on a topic in relation to the freshman text The Bitter Sea by Charles N. Li. The platform party will march into Mason Hall at 9am. The day will end with a block party for all freshmen, an orientation for parents and possibly a reception for parents.
Vice President Corpus noted the Rubin Museum could not be fully integrated into the packed Convocation Program on the day of August 25th.
Dean Peck noted the memorandum of understanding should be referred to in order to ensure the College is meeting its obligation.
Impacts on the College of the CUNY Allocation Decisions and Budget Implications of No Tuition Increase in the Fall Semester
Vice President Eszterhas reported Albany did not approve a tuition increase. He gave a preliminary assessment of the grim budget outlook and noted his office is still analyzing the budget allocation. He added the College has not received any relief on the revenue target and the College is currently behind on revenue. A discussion followed.
President Wallerstein and Vice President Eszterhas reported the next series of divisional budget meetings will be scheduled within the upcoming weeks. President Wallerstein stressed very difficult budget decisions will need to be made and it will be important to identify ways to mitigate the effects.
Dean Peck noted it will be important that the President communicate the budget outlook to the College community in order to appropriately prepare them for the difficult financial situation that lies ahead.
Dr. Martell stressed the need to talk about the impact of the budget decisions and not just dollars in order to help the College community fully understand the very real implications of the situation.
The President concurred and stressed that a well-crafted message will be delivered to the faculty and staff in a way that College community morale is not decreased. The delivery of this message is a high priority.
Plans for “Move-In Day” at the Residence Hall
Vice President Corpus reported move in day for the student residents of 101 Ludlow Street will be on August 22nd from 7am to 5pm. He noted there will be a parents’ orientation with the theme of “letting go.” He asked Vice President Eszterhas to prepare security for parent and family tours of the library building and the Vertical Campus Building.
Vice President Corpus noted a presence of the College administration would be welcome.
Vice President Corpus reported the College is working on a meal plan for the student residents. He noted the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and New York University already have a meal plan card with Hidden City and this is a viable option for Baruch. President Wallerstein stressed the need to solidify the meal plan very soon.
Dr. Corpus reported there is a waiting list of 53 students for space in the residence hall and there is the possibility of directing these students to underutilized residence space of another local college if an agreement is made.
President Wallerstein inquired of the status of security in the Baruch College residence space. Vice President Corpus noted there is a Baruch College resident assistant on every floor and 24 hour building security is provided by SVA.
It was noted that SVA may be willing to make additional beds available to Baruch College next year. Vice President Eszterhas noted the contract and respective insurance agreement would need to be amended.
City Capital Budget Requests for FY12
Vice President Eszterhas distributed a document outlining capital budget request projects for the FY12. A discussion followed. He requested any additional suggested items should be submitted to him within the next ten days including three line project descriptions and estimated costs.
January and Summer Session Plans, Including How to Incentivize Departments and Schools
Provost McCarthy and Vice President Eszterhas reported they had a preliminary conversation on the subject of January and Summer session plans but would require the input of Vice President Corpus to determine: To what extent did the College fall short with enrollment due to fewer Baruch students?; To what extent did the College fall short with enrollment due to fewer non-matriculated students? ; In what courses were there too few class sections; and where the College fell short due to the marketing plan.
Dr. Corpus noted it would be necessary to analyze data to answer the questions. A discussion followed. Members of Cabinet agreed it would be necessary to act quickly as January session offerings must be ready within the next 1 ½ months.
Other Old Business
Conference Space

Dean Peck reminded members of Cabinet of the need to address who pays for conference space. A discussion followed. Vice President Eszterhas stated a sub-committee would be created to research and analyze the use of conference space on campus and revenue generating possibilities. Ms. Gorman was asked to spearhead the sub-committee.

Admissions Criteria

Members of Cabinet briefly discussed the need to define the College and then set admissions criteria in place that will attract the desired students.

Enrollment Data

The inquiry was made as to when the enrollment data for the Fall semester would be ready. Vice President Corpus stated he could have preliminary data ready by end of day on August 26th.

New Business
Strategic Plan

President Wallerstein noted there is a need to begin discussions on the next strategic plan.

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