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Dance Team Audition Packet Due March 31, 2014

The Lion’s Mane Attraction is the extra curricular dance and performance program at Westlake High School. We are a competition dance team that competes on the state level each year. Our purpose is to provide the members of the Lion’s Mane Attraction with a pre-professional dance experience that includes: accelerated instruction, increased performance opportunities, and development of proper placement, technique, discipline, strength, and performance skills; that will prepare them professional performance opportunities and college team admission. The Mane Attraction is made up of Westlake’s “Die Hard Dancers”—those young ladies who love and live for dance and performance!
The Lion’s Mane Attraction Auxiliary Team performs with the band at all football games and jamborees, as well as for school/ community events and competitions. Our choreography is based in Jazz and Hip-Hop Techniques. The team also performs Color Guard techniques (flag twirling and hand drills); these skills are taught at band camp. Those team members who possess twirling skills are showcased during the football season during the band field performances as majorettes. The Lion’s Mane Attraction Basketball Dance Team performs for all basketball games, as well as for school/ community events and competitions. Our choreography is based in Jazz, Pom, and Hip-Hop Dance Techniques. Alternates are chosen for each team.
All members of the MANE Attraction are proficient in Jazz and Hip-Hop dance techniques BEFORE making the team. Members of both teams are required to compete during state competition. Members of the dance team are held to a high standard with the walls of Westlake, in and around the Westlake community, and on social media.
In Addition to Westlake’s very own professional dance teacher, Rae Ransom Coleman, who has performed with The Atlanta Hawks, New Jersey Nets, Atlanta Ballet, Kanye West, Nelly, MC Hammer, Outkast, and Janelle Monae; the Mane Attraction has had the honor and pleasure to work with world famous dancers and choreographers such as: Kiki Ely (Christina Aguilera, Stomp The Yard, Drumline, Southern University); Kendre Nichole (Beyonce’); Gordie Holt () Cici Kelly (Beyonce, L.L. Cool J, J-Lo, The Dirty Awards); Terrence Green (Swagger Crew ABDC); Cassandra Dilworth (Ga Lottery, Gary Harrison); Tierra Brown (Usher, Ciara, Drake, The Dream). We always look forward to the dance professionals who come each season!
We encourage all interested dancers to attend the non-mandatory clinics. Wednesday March 5 and Wednesday March 26, 4:00 – 6:30pm, where the coaching staff and graduating team members will review team requirements as well as offer helpful tips about the audition process. The cost for each clinic $10.00.
We thank you for your interest in joining the legacy that is the Westlake Lion’s Mane Attraction. Please read this entire packet so that you will be well informed about the try-out process and next steps if you are chosen for the team.

Mane Attraction Dance Team Auditions
March 31- 3 April 2014 in

Room 101 at 3:55pm

Please wear a leotard or dance top with tights, jazz pants, or hot pants with appropriate makeup. Dancers wearing baggy pants or t-shirts will be allowed to audition.

In order to audition for the dance team the student must have all of the following:

  • Current Semester GPA of 80% or higher

  • No major discipline infractions within the current school year.

  • Attend Each Day of Auditions

  • Completed Application Packet that contains:

      • WHS Dance Team Application

      • Parent/ Student Commitment Form (signed)

      • Emergency Contact Form

      • An updated physical or a copy of a valid insurance card

      • Teacher Evaluation

      • 150 word, typed essay

Your Completed and Signed Application Packet is due on March 31, 2014

(the first day of auditions)
Application Packets may be picked up from Room 101 or the main office Or downloaded at on the “Auditions” page
Mane Attraction Dance Clinic (not mandatory)

4:00 – 6:30

Room 101

Cost = $10


  • Numbers will be given out starting at 3:45pm the day of auditions. The warm-up will start promptly at 4:00pm, please DO NOT BE LATE!

  • Ladies are expected to be in proper dance attire (leotard or dance top, with tights, leggings, or hot pants)-- no baggy pants or shirts. Young ladies should wear performance make-up, with hair off of the face. No jewelry is allowed (small stud earrings are fine).

  • No parents are allowed in auditions

  • In order to make the team, students must reach the minimum required score for each round. The auditions are held in three rounds.

  • On Day 1 of Auditions, the applicants will learn 4 stand routines, and 1 dance. Judges will be looking to see how fast dancers catch on, as well as how they interact with each other.

  • On Day 2, the dancers will have their first round of cuts. Each applicant will perform the learned stand routines and dance for the judges. All dancers are asked to stay until the entire audition process is completed in order to hear the first round results. Those dancers chosen will return for Day 3

  • Skills are scored as follows: Extension 10pts - front, side, and back on the right and left legs; Turns 10pts. – pirouettes, turns in 2nd, and chaine turns on the right and left sides; Leaps 10pts. – right, left, 2nd position. Dancers who perform additional technical or tumbling skills will receive 1 extra point per skill executed properly

  • Dance is scored follows: Appearance – 10 pts, Memory of Routine – 10pts, Technique – 10pts, Energy - 10pts, Personality – 10pts.

  • On Day 3, the applicants who made it through the first cuts will learn a drill routine and they will also add on to the previous routine. The dancers will be photographed and asked to sign up for interview times for Day 4.

  • On Day 4, the dancers will have their final dance, stand, and drill audition. They will also be interviewed by our panel of judges. This will be a late evening. We do not expect to keep them past 8pm.

  • Interviews are scored as follows: Organization of thoughts – 5pts, Articulation – 5pts, Professionalism – 5pts, Poise – 5pts. Dancers are expected to be completely open and honest when answering the question from the judges.

The final team and alternates will be announced/posted by April 18, 2014: There is no set number of dancers to be chosen for the final team. The final team will not exceed 25 members. Each person auditioning is eligible for full team membership OR an alternate position. A full team member is a dancer’s who achieves an overall score that is among the top 10% of the total group. Full membership means that they will be automatically placed on the game roster each game they are eligible. An alternate team member is a dancer who’s overall score falls behind the top 10% but within the top15%. These team members will rehearse with the team to improve their skills, and take the place of any full team member who becomes ineligible, ill, or injured during a single game or event.

Come and ask why! We want you to get better and try again! Score sheets and helpful tips will be available for your review until April 18, 2014.

A $375.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is Due May 16, 2014

in order to hold your spot on the team.

Money Orders should be made out to WHS Mane Attraction. No Checks Please.
A Mandatory Parent Meeting is scheduled for Monday April 14 at 6:45pm – 8:30pm to discuss financial and time obligations. All parents and dancers must be in attendance to sign contracts, and elect M.A.P.A. officers.
Time Commitment -. The dance team is LARGE commitment of a student’s time. The football season begins in May and goes through December. The Basketball season begins in October and goes through February. Again, team membership is a LARGE time commitment and must be considered a priority by all members. Dancers and parents are asked to give great consideration to their pre-existing commitments and schedules before joining the team.

Summer Dance/Marching Camp

Team members must attend a mandatory dance camp prior to the start of the school year. Those who can not participate in camp will be removed from the team and any deposits will be forfeited. Dates of camp will be given at the first team meeting on Monday April 14, 2014 at 6:45pm in room 287. This meeting is mandatory for all new members and parents. The meeting will last until 8:30pm Those who do not come to the first team meeting will be removed from the team roster.


The Lion’s Mane Attraction rehearses every Tuesday - Thursday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. There is no bus that leaves WHS at 6:00pm. Dancers are responsible for their own after school transportation from practice. Carpooling is suggested. Practice times are extended if needed.

Football Season

Games are every Friday night. Immediately after school your child will be fed a pre-game meal. Games start at 7:30pm. Home games are usually over around 10:30pm but can last up until 11pm. Away games can last as long as midnight or later.

Basketball Season

Games are on Fridays and Saturdays. Immediately after school your child will be fed a pre-game snack. We do not perform at away games. Games are normally over by 10pm.

Competition/ Parade Season

We participate in 2 – 4 competitions/parades per year. Additional rehearsals will be called two weeks prior to the competition date and will last from 4 – 8pm. Most competitions start around 7am and last until about 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


Breakdown of Fees
2014 – 2015 Team Participation Costs

MA Camp Fee - $150.00

Technique Camp - $125.00

Camp Wear- $100.00

UDA Competition Fee - $40.00

Band Booster Fee - $175.00

Basketball Season Fee $100.00

Uniform Rental - $100.00
Returning Members Total - $830

Additional “New Member” Costs
Warm-Up Jacket - $75.00

Warm Up Pants - $25.00

Accessory Kit $175.00

(Make-up, sequins, earrings, socks, bag, team leotard, poms)
New Member’s Total - $1105
Shoes & Other Mandatory Personal Items – the team does not purchase these for you.

Black Tank Leotard

Black Jazz Pants

Flesh Toned Tights (Suntan/Cocoa/Mocha)

Flesh Toned Body Suit

Flesh Toned Dance Paws

Flesh Toned Slip-On Jazz Shoes

Blue Cheer Shorts

Black Bike Shorts

Black Sparkle Combat Boots

Character Shoes

Dance Sneakers

Blue Sparkle Sneakers

Application Packet Cover Sheet

Completed Application packet is due to on the FIRST day of try-outs – MARCH 31, 2014
Student Name ___________________________
The attached packet must contain the following items

  • Parent/Student Commitment Form (signed)

  • Completed Application

  • Typed Essay

  • Emergency Contact Form

  • Proof of Insurance/ Updated Physical

  • Teacher Evaluation Form

  • Current Unofficial Transcript

(Get from your counselor by March 24! Counselors require three days for transcript requests)

Dear Parent(s):
Your child has expressed an interest in becoming a member of 2014 – 2015 WHS Dance Team. After you have read the attached materials which govern the dance team auditions and membership, and after your child has a complete understanding of the responsibilities of auditioning and team membership, please sign, and have your child sign, and return this form and all attached documentation to Mrs. Coleman by March 31, 2014 (the audition date).

If your child is selected for the team, there will be a mandatory parent meeting on Monday April 14 at 6:45pm. All parents and members are expected to attend to gather the required information for the upcoming season(s) and meet the coaches. The children of those parents who do not attend (or make alternate arrangements) will be removed from the roster and their spot will be relinquished.
Please consider all factors before giving your child permission to audition for the dance team.
To be completed by the student:
I_______________________________________, have met all of the qualifications to audition for the WHS dance team. I am aware that I must participate in auditions and submit a completed application packet in order to be considered for team membership. I am also aware of the dress requirements for auditions. I am serious about becoming a member of the dance team and if I am chosen I will be held to the rules and regulations that govern the dance team.
__________________________________ _____________________________________ _______________

Print Name Student Signature Date

To be completed by a parent/guardian:
I _________________________ give permission for the above named student to participate in the WHS dance team auditions. I confirm that they are covered by current medical insurance AND, I do hereby release and forever discharge WHS and employees thereof, from all manner of, actions and causes of action, suits, debts, dues, accounts, agreements, judgments, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity in the United States of America, arising from the WHS Dance Team Auditions.
In the event that my child makes the team I will pay the non-refundable deposit by May 16, 2014 to hold my child’s spot on the team. I will meet all financial and transportation obligations associated with team membership as explained in the audition packet. I will be in attendance at the mandatory parent meeting on April 14 at 6:45pm. I understand that my child will be held to the rules and regulations that govern the dance team.

__________________________________ _____________________________________ _______________

Print Name Parent Signature Date

For Official Use Only

Audition # ________ GPA Verified: ___________ Discipline Verified:____________


Name ________________________________________ D.O.B. ____/_____/19____Grade _______
Email Address _____________________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________City ___________________

Zip________________Student Cell _____________________ Home # ______________________
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Name(s)__________________________________________________
Parent Name ________________________________________Parent Cell #___________________
Parent Email Address ______________________________________________________________
Please list any and all other extra curricular activities, clubs, organizations, or teams that you are involved with. Will any activities interfere with the dance team? If so, please explain.




Do you have a job? Yes No If so, Where?_________________________________
Please check the season(s) that you would like to be considered for:
_________ Band Auxiliary (Football) ___________ Dance Team (Basketball)

On a separate piece of paper, please submit a 150- 200 word typed essay response to:

New Members - “What I Can bring to the team if chosen as a Member of The Lion’s MANE Attraction”

Veterans - “What I have learned While being on the MANE Attraction dance team”

Veterans interested in being chosen for captain – (200-250 words)

“What Makes an effective Leader and Why I should be chosen as Captain of the MANE Attraction”

Name of Dancer ____________________________

Name of Primary Guardian ____________________________

Relationship to Dancer ____________________________

Guardian Home Phone ____________________________

Guardian Cell Phone ____________________________

Guardian Work Phone ____________________________
Name of Secondary Guardian ____________________________

Relationship to Dancer ____________________________

Guardian Home Phone ____________________________

Guardian Cell Phone ____________________________

Guardian Work Phone ____________________________

Family Doctor: ___________________________Phone Number_______________

Is your child currently taking any medication?_______ If so, please list:
Is your child allergic to any medication? _______ If so, please list:


Does your child have any food allergies? If so, please list:


Please comment on your child’s current health condition. If confidentiality is requested due to major health issue please contact Mrs. Coleman.


Westlake Lion’s Mane Attraction Dance Team - TEACHER EVALUATION
STUDENTS: Please have each current teacher complete this form. Include this completed form with your application packet. Submit on the first day of auditions.
Student Name ______________________________________Grade____________ School ____________________________
TEACHERS: Thank you for taking your time to fill out this form! Please rate the student 1 – 5 by using the following scale: PLEASE BE HONEST!!!!!!!

If you want to provide extra commentary please email

1 – Never, 2 – Rarely, 3 – Sometimes, 4 – Most Times, 5 – Always


Rank 1 - 5

Respectful & Considerate
Rank 1 - 5

Prepared for Class
Rank 1 - 5

Completes assignments on time

Rank 1 - 5

Communicates & works well with others

Rank 1 - 5

Numerical Grade in your class?

Do you recommend this student for the Dance team?

Teacher Name/ Subject Taught


  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes

  • No


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