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Unit 9: Cell Phones (p. 87)
A. Discuss

1-4. Answers will vary.

B. Read and Discuss (p. 88)

1-3. Answers will vary.

Interview Question:

  • How long do you talk on your cell phone every day?

  • Who do you talk to?

A. Listen for Information

Note: In many of these audio tracks, speakers mention that they talk to multiple people at

various times each day. If students cannot estimate the number of minutes for each day,

then they should identify the numbers they heard in the audio.

1. He talks about 20 minutes a day.

He talks to everyone in his family.

[Audio: He talks for 2-3 minutes to 7-8 family members a day.]

2. She talks about 0 minutes a day.

She talks to no one.

[Audio: She hardly uses her phone and only uses it for emergencies.]

3. She talks about 36 minutes a day.

She talks to her mother and her friends.

[Audio: She has about 1000 minutes a month and went over the limit by about 80 minutes.]

4. She talks about 120-180 minutes a day.

She talks to her boyfriend, her sister, and her friends.

[Audio: She talks for about 2-3 hours a day.]

A. Key Words

1. The teacher was annoyed when one student began to talk during the test.

2. There were no tickets left for the movie. The theater was full.

3. The baby is sleeping. Please talk quietly.

4. This bus is a pain in the neck. It never comes on time!

5. It bothers me when a cell phone rings in a restaurant.

6. The library in our town banned the use of cell phones in the building.

7. Steve, get off the phone now. It’s time for dinner.

B. Word Web

Answers will vary.

A. Listen for Places

1. The movie theater

2. On a train

3. In a restaurant

4. at the bank
B. Match

b 1. She answered her phone and started talking to a friend in the movie theater.

e 2. And someone called out, “Get off the phone.”

g 3. Pretty soon, everyone knew the color, the price…

d 4. All about her boyfriend. And she was talking loud.

a 5. Well, the waiter came over and asked her to talk outside.

f 6. But to sit and talk at a table in a restaurant…

c 7. There’s now a sign in my bank: No Cell Phones.
C. Continue the Conversation (p. 92)

1-10. Answers will vary.

A. Complete with Should

1. You should call me when you have the information.

2. People should speak softly when they use their cell phones.

3. Drivers should use hands-free cell phones.

4. You should use your cell phone before class.

5. The movie theater should ban all cell phone use.

6. In restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places, you should put your cell phone on vibrate.

7. My parents don’t have a cell phone. They should buy one in case of any emergency.

8. People should pay attention when they are using a cell phone when crossing the street.
B. Write

1-5. Answers will vary.

A. Word Stress

Stressed words or phrases are underlined below.

1. She answered the phone and started talking to a friend in the movie theater.

2. What’s wrong with people?

3. He called everyone he knew and told them the same story, the same information about his car.

4. Well, how about restaurants?

5. A person on a cell phone never talks quietly.

6. I know. They talk so loud.

7. Well, the waiter came over and asked her to talk outside.

8. I can understand if it’s an emergency.

9. There’s now a sign in my bank: No Cell Phones.
B. Partner Practice

Answers will vary.

A. Determine the Relationship

Conversation 1

Relationship: Husband and Wife

Location: Husband is at work, wife is at home

Conversation 2

Relationship: Friends

Location: Home

Conversation 3

Relationship: Life insurance agent and client

Location: Agent is in a car, client is at work

Conversation 4

Relationship: Friends

Location: Shopper’s World
B. Identify the Reason/Purpose

Conversation 1: Wife is asking husband to pick up a vegetable for dinner.

Conversation 2: Bill is inviting George over to watch the game with the guys tomorrow, asking him to bring soda.

Conversation 3: Tim Summers is letting Mrs. Bigsley know he is caught in traffic and needs to reschedule their 2:00 meeting

Conversation 4: Jen is asking Emma her opinion on a dress she is trying on
C. Write a Conversation

Answers will vary.

SPEAKING (p. 96-98)
A. Complete and Discuss

Answers will vary.

B. Complete the Chart

Answers will vary.

C. Discuss and Decide

Answers will vary.

D. Identify the Meaning (p. 98)

Part 1

g 1. HAND

c 2. SRY

e 3. MUSM

a 4. G2G

d 5. YBS

b 6. IC

f 7. AML
Part 2

1. RUOK Are you okay?

2. PLZ Please

3. OIC Oh, I see

4. THX Thanks

5. CUL8R See you later

6. B4N Bye for now

7. PCM Please call me

A. Search for Words

Answers will vary.

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