Bethesda Academy Farm & Garden

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Forsyth Farmers Market (Savannah) - Teri Schell,
Adam’s Farm

Adam’s Farm is a small scale garden and greenhouse offering a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits that are grown year round using sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Every fruit and vegetable is hand picked at its perfect ripeness and delivered to the buyer on the same day providing our members with the freshest produce possible.

Bethesda Academy Farm & Garden

Bethesda Farm & Gardens features a five-acre garden, which offers opportunities to enhance the educational strategies and workforce attributes of the young men attending Bethesda Academy. The organic farming facility offers two acres of garden beds, a 1,500-square-foot greenhouse, a half-acre blueberry field and dozens of hens providing fresh eggs.
B&G Honey

We offer local wildflower honey, which is collected in a 50 mile range from the Ogeechee River to the Altamaha River. We have delicious tupelo honey from the tupelo trees along the banks of the Ogeechee River. We also have honey sticks which are naturally flavored, small wedding and party favors as well as other honey related items.

Bosky Wood Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms gown from Bosky Wood

Castra Rota

Old world breads, pastas and cheeses: We proudly produce 1st class authentic ancient Roman &

contemporary European gourmet product.
Charis Farm

Eggs: For our poultry we currently have White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and New Hampshire Reds laying our eggs. We will soon have some Buff Orhpingtons and Dorkings coming up to fill in as new layers and broilers. We hope to make enough brown eggs to sell them exclusively.

Clark & Sons Organics

Clark & Sons is a 5th generation farm in Portal, GA near Statesboro that has been certified organic since 2007 growing 100 acres of grains and five acres of vegetables.  The grains are primarily corn and soy for the animal feed market, and vegetables are marketed at the Statesboro Farmers Market and wholesale accounts.  Al Clark is a graduate of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton Georgia, and was responsible for transitioning the farm to organic production prompted by family health concerns.  The Clark Family was recipients of the 2009 Farm Family of the year for Bulloch County.

Frali Gourmet

Frali Gourmet uses only all natural ingredients and includes dried pastas, sauces, and gourmet vegetables. Our Roasted Pepper Salsa is so versatile that it can be used as a spread on bread; it can be used as a sauce for pasta, it can also be added to a soup stock or used as a baking seasoning for a chicken or fish. Our vegetables are jarred under oil not brine. This brings out the natural full flavor of our eggplant, mixed peppers, olives and Giardiniera. These vegetables make for great antipastos and salad toppers. Also, the oil can be used as a dressing to any salad after you are finished enjoying the product. Our vegetables are not boiled or roasted; all the nutrients are locked in leaving the consumer with all the great benefits of these vegetables.

Flatland Farm

Flat Land Farm strives to do things the way they were done a century ago to produce all natural eggs from pastured hens.

Gateaux de la Toya

Cakes, crepes and pastries: Gateaux de la Toya uses all natural, whole, and farm fresh ingredients in our desserts. We even make our own extracts. Our sweet potato pie is the best you will ever have. We also make a variety of fruit pies, crepes, layer cakes, and a summer favorite, the “Savannah Trifle”.

George Wilson

Salad mix and other greens grown locally in Savannah.

Harvest Lake Farm

Harvest Lake Farm is located within Hampton Island Preserve just inside the coast of Georgia. The preserve is home to a unique and endangered ecosystem and a community of individuals dedicated to its preservation. The Farm feeds the community members, sells at the Savannah Farmers Market, and to localvore Savannah restaurants. The ambitions of the farmers at Harvest Lake Farm follow that of the community; we hope to grow clean, healthy food the natural way, with the deepest respect to the surrounding landscapes.
Honeydew Farms

Tucked down in a hollow, situated in the Northeast corner of Bulloch County, GA is where you will find 2 acres of highly fertile and productive farm land, where the morning dew is sweet, clean and the air is fresh. It is in this ideal environment that we grow and bring to you the safest, freshest, and sweetest tasting locally grown seasonal produce possible. In addition, we grow a wide variety of fresh cut flowers and potted flowering plants that can beautify and enhance any living space.

Hunter Cattle

Hunter Cattle Company believes in the healthy benefits of Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Free-Range Chickens, and Free-Range Eggs. Our family owned and managed farm is committed to providing the healthiest, best tasting beef, pork, poultry, and eggs for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plate. We raise and finish our cattle on grass, free to roam and graze. Our pigs are pastured, free to roam and root the way the were intended to. Our chickens get their nutrients from the fields making their meat tasty and the eggs richer than those bought at the grocery store. Our animals receive no added growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, and are not subject to feedlots or cages. Hunter Cattle is committed to the humane treatment of all the animals on our farm, ensuring their health and happiness at all times.
Joseph Fields Farm

Joseph Fields Farm is located off of River Road. The farm also sells some of its fresh produce at the intersection of Maybank Highway and River Road in front of the CVS Drug Store. Fields Farm provides melons, peaches, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and many other fresh vegetables indiginous to the Lowcountry. Pick up some okra or green tomatoes if you want to experience a few Lowcountry favorites!

Kachina Farm

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