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Programs Report

Board Meeting | October 21, 2014

programs summary

The programs team is responsible for the delivery of all programmatic work of IGD. Strategic objectives of the program team are to:

  • Build a strong relationship with existing members through ongoing engagement to achieve high levels of retention of current members, increasing the % making annual contributions

  • Deliver funded innovative programs in each of the priority sectors of Agribusiness, ICT, Power and Financial Services and across our 2 cross cutting themes of impact measurement and Leadership, skills and employability.

Summary of sector specific programs


2014 highlights: IGD won a grant of $300k from the Rockefeller foundation to deliver a study on leveraging the private sector to address post harvest loss which was successfully completed in August 2014.

2015: IGD expects to be awarded a further $300k from the Rockefeller Foundation focused on expanding the scope of the Last Mile Alliance (led by IGD member SeedCo) and replicating the model across Africa to improve smallholder farmer access to inputs, finance and low cost storage solutions.

Other opportunities in initial discussions phase include project work funded by Gates Foundation and DFID and collaboration with Grow Africa.


2014 highlights: Significant progress was made towards the development of standardized documents to be implemented across Africa and engagement with relevant governments and IPPs.

2015: IGD aims to encourage adoption of the standardized documents through proactive engagement of governments and IPPs across selected countries in Africa. ($150k sought from Smith Richardson Foundation to implement the project, outcome end November)


2014 highlights: Ongoing engagement to develop an ICT program led by IGD members

2015: IGD aims to conduct impact projects which engage multiple companies including measuring the socio-economic impact of innovative models for low-cost broadband; or ICT as a mechanism to improve access to finance; or TV White spaces to inform policy and government regulators (funding from member companies would be required) ($50-100k). IGD is pursuing a partnership with UK DFID to share best practices on business model innovations underpinned by ICTs which achieve greater inclusion of poor people (either in value chain or as target market). In addition IGD aims to partner with Alliance for Affordable Internet ( to share knowledge in making the case for affordable mobile services in Africa.

Financial Services

2014 highlights: Strong (anticipated) attendance at the NY Forum Investor day with representatives of asset classes not previously involved with IGD.

2015: Build out revenue generating investor circle / council to capture the momentum of broader investor interest. IGD will collaborate with Global Impact Investing network (GIIN) to better connect the impact investors to IGD members.

Summary of cross cutting workstreams

Impact measurement

2014 highlights: successfully delivered Pearson impact measurement project ($50k) and engaged by Contour Global ($40k) to conduct impact study

2015: IGD will expand its impact measurement project delivery and has a pipeline of potential fee for service engagements (target of revenues of $250k in 2015) with engagement ongoing with Trimble and Equity Bank, Chevron, Microsoft and General Electric. IGD will build a network of African based consultants to support on delivery of impact measurement projects. In addition IGD will collaborate with GIIN to position IGD with impact investors and enhance thought leadership position.

Leadership, skills and employability

2014 highlights: Successful emerging leader Susan Mashibe concluded her term and 2014/5 emerging leader selected, and successful event held in Seattle in September summary report on skills gaps which identifies collaborative projects for IGD member companies to address skills gaps

2015: IGD will expand the scope of the program to encompass the following key elements

  • The Jennifer Potter emerging leaders program ($100k sought from Seattle funders)

  • Future leaders Mentoring program, in collaboration with NLI ($120k sought from Seattle donors)

  • Skills and workforce development initiative encompassing 3 project ideas each of which are being tested with member companies (funding sought from Templeton foundation and other potential revenue streams are being identified).

Other opportunities include a potential collaboration with PwC UK through DFID funded ‘Start Up’ initiative (IGD would act as a subcontractor to aggregate insights from IGD members on how large companies engage, develop, mentor entrepreneurs and future leaders) (initial discussion phase)

Media & Communications

2014 highlights: successfully delivered a digital media project ($50k grant won from the New Venture Fund) that led to the productions of high-quality videos, op-ed articles, and digital campaigns capturing insights on changing perceptions of investing in Africa. The materials were released to coincide with the history US-Africa Leaders Summit that led to high engagement online and offline. IGD’s website was upgraded using the grant and a new interactive website will be launched at the Frontier 100 Forum in New York showcasing the digital materials. Renowned journalists from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and AllAfrica will be in attendance at the Forum.

2015: IGD will seek more grants from the New Venture Fund to expand its digital media capacity and capture more important insights on investing in Africa through videos and digital storytelling.

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