Forestry PartnershipForestry Partnership
Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana have joined in partnership to build a watershed-wide approach to forestry efforts in the Upper Mississippi Basin
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Hunter College Exercise: Paragraph UnityHunter College Exercise: Paragraph Unity
In the interest of paragraph unity, such sentences must be omitted. First, underline the topic sentence and see what the subject of the paragraph is. Then, put the numbers of the irrelevant sentences
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John James Audubon: a look at the ArtistJohn James Audubon: a look at the Artist
National Audubon Society was formed. They sought the conservation of birds, other wildlife, and healthy ecosystems. The society still remains an active part of the wild-life movement. However
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San Elijo Lagoon Docent Guide InformationSan Elijo Lagoon Docent Guide Information
Barbara is a director of the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy and teaches Adult Education classes on birding and nature study. She regularly conducts nature walks throughout the county, and co-authored the book, Walking San Diego
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Protecting watersheds in Latin America Upstream conservation paid by downstream actorsProtecting watersheds in Latin America Upstream conservation paid by downstream actors
Through the development of innovative financing mechanisms for upstream conservation and watershed management, iucn nl partner Fundación Natura Bolivia has successfully stimulated sustainable downstream agricultural production and climate change mitigation in the
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Part Accipitriformes to CharadriiformesPart Accipitriformes to Charadriiformes
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Importance of Ethiopian shade coffee farms for forest bird conservationImportance of Ethiopian shade coffee farms for forest bird conservation
Evan R. Buechley1, 2, Çağan H. Şekercioğlu2,3, Anagaw Atickem4, Gelaye Gebremichael5, James Kuria Ndungu6, Bruktawit Abdu Mahamued7, Tifases Beyene8, Tariku Mekonnen9, Luc Lens10
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