Based on a true storyBased on a true story
Rush, a spectacular big-screen re-creation of the merciless and legendary 1970s Formula 1 rivalry between gifted English playboy James Hunt
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Basic Issues systems and modelsBasic Issues systems and models
We are not simply moving from the exploration of shorter toward longer language samples. We are also replacing an emphasis on abstract forms with an interest in the utilization processes of language
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Computer Aided DesignComputer Aided Design
Hamden, a Poole based company has a range of customers. It produces commissioned machines that go into the production line of other companies. These machines are used to coat meat or to put a glaze on products
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High Bandwidth daq r&D for atlas upgradeHigh Bandwidth daq r&D for atlas upgrade
Rainer Bartoldus, Ric Claus, Andy Haas, Gunther Haller, Ryan Herbst, Michael Huffer, Martin Kocian, Emanuel Strauss, Su Dong, Matthias Wittgen (slac)
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Financialization and the ‘Crisis of the Media’: The Rise and Fall of (Some) Media Conglomerates in CanadaFinancialization and the ‘Crisis of the Media’: The Rise and Fall of (Some) Media Conglomerates in Canada
Paper presented to the Political Economy Section of the International Association of Media and Communication Researchers, Braga, Portugal, July 18-22, 2010
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Celebrating the Life of Sergio ServettoCelebrating the Life of Sergio Servetto
Sergio Servetto. He was not with us very long but, as will be apparent from the speakers tonight and from the amazing tributes to Sergio that have been written on the condolence website
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