Igu international Geographical UnionIgu international Geographical Union
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Child abuse-neglect policies/protocols and acknowledgement i--introductionChild abuse-neglect policies/protocols and acknowledgement i--introduction
Boys Hope Girls Hope may terminate any employee or volunteer services of anyone who has abused/neglected a child. Boys Hope Girls Hope may also discharge any scholar found to be abusing another person
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People with Disabilities Experiencing the WorldPeople with Disabilities Experiencing the World
Are you a person with a disability that has thought about studying in the United States, but had some doubts about how it could happen? Yes? Reading this issue of a world Awaits You (away) is a great place to start!
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Information sheet for student exchangesInformation sheet for student exchanges
Institutional InformationUniversityHogeschool van Amsterdam / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
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Northumbria university undergraduate programme specificationNorthumbria university undergraduate programme specification
Educational Aims of the Programme Specified in terms of the general intentions of the programme and its distinctive characteristics; these should be consistent with any relevant benchmark and with the Mission of the University
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A transatlantic Dialogue: reflections across the pond – a joint aiea/eaie seminarA transatlantic Dialogue: reflections across the pond – a joint aiea/eaie seminar
Ects credits vs. Us academic credits; transfer of credits between the two systems
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