Student handbookStudent handbook
The policies outlined in this handbook are valid for all mat students and are subject to change
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Computer and communications technology acceptable use policyComputer and communications technology acceptable use policy
Some minimal use for personal purposes is allowed, but only to the extent that its use does not violate this policy. All students, faculty, and staff are responsible for seeing that these computing facilities are used in an effective
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Child abuse-neglect policies/protocols and acknowledgement i--introductionChild abuse-neglect policies/protocols and acknowledgement i--introduction
Boys Hope Girls Hope may terminate any employee or volunteer services of anyone who has abused/neglected a child. Boys Hope Girls Hope may also discharge any scholar found to be abusing another person
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General informationGeneral information
Summer reservations are accepted beginning the first Monday in February for the upcoming summer semesters in the same calendar year. The “Request for Space” process will be defined by an established timeline
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Ip justificationIp justification
Arin (American Registry for Internet Numbers) Number Resource Policy Manual, rfc 2050, and rfc 3177. Ip address space is assigned based on utilization efficiency guidelines as defined by arin number Resource Policy Manual, rfc 2050
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A fun place to beA fun place to be
Aurora children’s centre & cardinal carter childcare centre
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