Accessible Collaborative Learning Using Mobile DevicesAccessible Collaborative Learning Using Mobile Devices
Themes in Science & Technology Education Special Issue on Information & Communication Technologies (ict) in Special Needs Education, 2014
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Gui prototype under the folder /Masala/gui prototype/. Please run the index htm to view the start page
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Drag and Drop Programming with the PicoBoardDrag and Drop Programming with the PicoBoard
PicoBoard. Whether it’s controlling the direction their character runs, the speed of the bad guys or even the outfit their character wears, kids will have fun learning how to use sensors to interface with their programming projects
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Introduction to javascriptIntroduction to javascript
Html is the Web browser. When the document contains embedded JavaScript code, that code is interpreted by the browser and converted to machine language one line at a time that occurs automatically at run time
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Final project 1 ReportFinal project 1 Report
Java Web Application container (server). Architecturally, jsp may be viewed as a high-level abstraction of Java servlets. Jsp pages are loaded in the server and operated from a structured special installed Java server packet called a J2ee web Application often
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Version 0 Revision HistoryVersion 0 Revision History
The purpose of this document is to determine if the requirements specification is met by the developed product, through a set of test cases described in the next sections
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Coventry universityCoventry university
Accident and Emergency Patient Management System” which has been present as part of completion for the award of. The report and website project have been written and implemented by myself
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Smart Phone Class Security and SafetySmart Phone Class Security and Safety
If you are interested in security and safety whether it is yours personally or the nations I’ve listed below some excerpts I’ve come across
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Design Description Version 0 Revision HistoryDesign Description Version 0 Revision History
The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the BuySafe design, including software architecture, external interfaces and detailed software design
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Android – Part 5 – Tabbed LayoutAndroid – Part 5 – Tabbed Layout
TabbedPane class in Java's Swing: at the top of the screen are a couple or several labeled “tabs”. Clicking on one or the other will cause the area below the tabs to fill with one of two (or several)
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Functional Specifications Document Version 4Functional Specifications Document Version 4
ToLinkUs Messaging application. The objective of this document is to elaborate the high level functionality described in the High level requirements document. The reader of this document is expected to have read and understood the high level
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Read me File for AntConc 1 (Windows, Macintosh osx, and Linux)Read me File for AntConc 1 (Windows, Macintosh osx, and Linux)
Laurence Anthony Laboratory web site. The program can run under any windows environment including Win 98/Me/2000/nt and xp, and also Macintosh osx and Linux computers. If a user finds any problem launching the program under a particular os
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Introduction to App Inventor Trevor BraggIntroduction to App Inventor Trevor Bragg
The tutorials within this resource are based on material by Jeremy Scott Project Officer (Computing Science Education), The Royal Society of Edinburgh, the author thanks Jeremy for permission to use and adapt his material
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Pygame tutorial #1: getting startedPygame tutorial #1: getting started
I will proceed very slowly. I am not going to go into too much detail. I will explain just about as much as is necessary to get you started. You will need to have the pygame documentation available. Always keep it open while you are going through
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Introducing Delphi 0 for Windows 95 and Windows nt 2 Leveraging Windows 95 and nt 2 ocx support 2 ole automation Server and controller support 3Introducing Delphi 0 for Windows 95 and Windows nt 2 Leveraging Windows 95 and nt 2 ocx support 2 ole automation Server and controller support 3
Windows 95 and Windows nt. Architected to leverage the advantages of 32-bit Windows, Delphi 0 introduces performance, reuse, rapid application development and scalability enhancements
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