Chapter 18 The Atlantic System and Africa

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Chapter 18 The Atlantic System and Africa

  1. How was the high economic risk of colonial development dealt with?

  2. What was the drawback of charter or trading companies?

  3. Why were slaves preferred over other forms of labor?

  4. How did business and government work together during this period in world history?

  5. What supports the idea that slavery was not racially motivated?

  6. What is the drawback of developing only cash crops? In general what was the global impact of the growth of cash crops?

  7. What was a plantocracy?

  8. How did pre-Atlantic slavery differ from American slavery?

  9. What were the options for social mobility of a slave?

  10. What was the impact of the poor treatment? Why did it lead to a continual need to import more slaves?

  11. Where did African culture endure most?

  12. What was mercantilism?

  13. What were the Navigation Acts?

  14. What products traveled the Atlantic circuit?

  15. Why did the treatment of Africans improve over time?

  16. How could Europe maximize its profit in the Gold coast?

  17. For a female slave, what was advantage to having a child with the slave owner?

  18. How did slavery in Africa change over time? Variation from region to region

  19. How did Africa remain the same during 1400-1800 period?

  20. What was the primary threat Songhai faced?

  21. How did the Arab slave trade differ from African slavery? How did slavery change over time?

  22. What were some of the regional differences between North Africa, West Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa?

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