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Communications Update

April 2006

Image of the Day went live this month, featuring the best of our ever-growing photography and illustration collection. It rotates every 24 hours, 365 days a year on internal and external. Since launching on April 5 there have been +1,250 visits to Image of the Day page - We also invite submissions from WHOI staff.

Soft launch of the WHOI image management system, called WHOI ImageSource internally and to the media. Melissa Lamont, who leaves WHOI end of May, is transitioning project mgmt to Jayne Doucette. They are jointly making the rounds to science departments to introduce ImageSource and collect feedback.

Stranded walrus pups (Ashjian) and red tide studies (Anderson) drew major media attention this month: Washington Post, MSNBC, and other stories in the LA Times and IHT. Also a rotation of film crews from the History Channel, Korea and France.

Submitted wide-ranging NSF proposal with Chris Linder for informal education during International Polar Year, covering outreach support for expeditions by R. Reves-Sohn, B. Gast, S. Das, and J Toole. Alliances with Museum of Science, Boston, Smithsonian, NPR-Science Friday, Washington Post and Scholastic.

Life Beyond Ink: We continue to benefit from Terry Joyce’s 2002 NY Times op-ed, “The Heat Before the Cold.” It made the Brookings Institute’s Joint Center's "Top Policy Matters List" for the month of March (76 downloads). Since posting, the piece has been downloaded 1,841 times. To view the abstract and Policy Matters:

Oceanus marketing

  • Sent promotions to ~600 chairs of marine science, oceanography, and environmental sciences programs at US universities (from Julia Westwater’s list).

  • Email promos to Stephanie Murphy’s +800 teachers. Most contacts in the US; 25 from 13 other countries. Also marketed the Oceanus collection CD-ROM.

  • Dave Gallo demo’d Oceanus site at National Science Teachers Association meeting to 200 educators, and handed out 50 print copies.

  • Julie Allen set up a separate URL for SEA to use in promoting Oceanus online subscriptions, so we can track how may are coming from SEA promotions. SEA launches a promo to 4,100 SEA alums May 15th.

  • UNOLS Oceanus promo going out in May to1,900 UNOLS newsletter readers.

  • Marine Technology Reporter plans to repurpose three Oceanus articles in the May issue: Nootka boy (Detrick) HROV (Bowen) and Sentry (Bradley, Yoerger)

Launched updated Graphics Web site: and continue to meet growing demand for PodCasts (T. Shank, W. Sellers).

Annual report and donor report ready to go to printer 1st week of May, for delivery in time for the May trustee meeting. Annual is 12 pages shorter than last year, cutting printing costs by 35%.
Media Relations (Manager: Shelley Dawicki)

MR Office Visitors: 20 (excluding Communications Department staff)

Press clippings: 122 Broadcast stories: 7 News release initiated clips: 40

Phone calls: 333 Emails: 2,107 Licensing Revenue: $ 6,727.93 Web visits: 17,677

Visual Requests (non-WHOI): 60 WHOI: 15 Cameras (still and video loaned to staff): 4

  • Prepared news releases with Carin Ashjian on abandoned walrus pups in the Arctic and with Don Anderson on the 2005 New England red tide outbreak and hints for 2006. Articles appeared in The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, The Washington Post, Portland Press Herald (ME), The Standard Times (New Bedford, MA), Cohasset Mariner (MA), radio stations WCAI, WQRC and WBUR,, (India), and MSNBC, among many others.

  • Prepared March/April issues of the tip sheets Ocean Pulses and Eyes on the Ocean. News items and photos featured the work of Scott Gallager, Michael Moore and Darlene Ketten, John Toole and Terry Joyce, Breck Owens, Bill Jenkins, and Adam Soule.

  • A crew from MBC television in Korea interviewed Lauren Mullineaux, Susan Humphris and Dave Gallo for a program on deep sea exploration and hydrothermal vents scheduled to air in late May. A crew from “Thalassa: The Magazine of the Sea on France3, that nation’s public broadcasting channel, interviewed John Toole, Terry Joyce and Breck Owens for a program on the Gulf Stream to air later this year.

  • Hosted visits/tours of the Institution for the new reporter from the Cape Cod Times assigned to cover WHOI, Aaron Gouveia, and a visit/tour of Alvin and Atlantis for a writer from WGBH writing a book on Alvin for Random House.

  • Articles/stories about other WHOI research projects appeared in such print and electronic publications and broadcast programs as The Los Angeles Times, The Post & Courier (Charleston, SC),, Science News, Christian Science Monitor, Boston TV stations WHDH, WCVB and WBZ,, The Independent (Bangladesh), UPI, International Herald Tribune, Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL), Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Boston Business Journal. Cape Cod Life magazine featured Chris Reddy, Amy Bower and Don Anderson in its annual people issue of the Cape’s finest 400 individuals.

  • Images and information were provided for a number of individuals and groups around the Institution, including Chris Linder, Brendan Foley, Nobu Shimizu, Andrew Daly and John Toole.

Coming in May: A History Channel film crew will visit WHOI May 4 to interview Lloyd Keigwin, Ray Schmitt, Konrad Hughen and John Toole for a program on abrupt climate change, part of a 12-part series called “Mega Disasters”.

Web Group (Manager: Danielle Fino)

  1. Image of the Day

    1. Launch on external site, internal homepage media page, and as an RSS feed in MyWHOI

    2. Since launching on April 5 there have been over 1,250 visits to Image of the Day page -

  1. Launch of new external staff directory

  2. Launch of PO and MC&G department people pages. Plan to launch AOPE, Biology, and G&G in May.

  3. Launch of new OCCI topic pages

  4. Development and launch of a new “What is an Ocean Observatory?” site which includes general information about ocean observatories and why they are needed

  5. Developed new system for flag on internal page so that it automatically is lowered for four days when Media Relations publishes a new obituary.

  6. MyWHOI

    1. Continued work with Human Resources and MIS to develop and application to store and create employee IDs

  7. New pages/sites/content highlighted on this month include:

    1. Two Oceanus Magazine articles

    2. Two press releases

    3. Image of the Day

    4. “What are Ocean Observatories” website

  8. Work on 2005 Annual Report website. To be released in May.

  9. Site Builder Lite help for Jim Broda, Jim Price, and Ellen Baily and updates made to Buoy workshop site and NENIMF site

  10. Conference call and preparation for on-site visit to Harvard Business School’s technology and development department

  11. Visit to Smithsonian to discuss their upcoming ocean web portal and WHOI’s role in providing content for the portal

  12. redesign/site builder full/content management system (cms)

    1. Preparing site builder administrator for user testing

    2. Work on programming for dynamic navigation

    3. Continued template development and definition of roles and groups

  13. WebTrends – new reports and maintenance

Graphics (Manager: Fritz Heide)

Publishing and Illustration

  1. Launched revised Graphics web site

  2. Printed and mounted maps for D. Gallo presentation for D. Merlicourtois

  3. Posted 6 articles and updated global research map for Oceanus

  4. Produced illustrations for A. Pleuddemann, H. Caswell, G. Terray and Oceanus

  5. Nearly finished the Annual Report and Report to Donors

  6. Produced posters for F. Bahr, A. Pleuddemann, and J. Stegeman

  7. Updated DOEI and Geodynamics websites

  8. Produced postcards for L. Reilly and K. Patterson

  9. Produced 2 maps for a K Hughen proposal for A. Rogerson

  10. Printed and laminated posters for MBL clients

  11. Produced a Buoy Rider t-shirt design for T. White

  12. Produced a 3D centerspread illustration for Oceansites brochure for B. Weller

  13. Created a vehicle family tree history for Exhibit Center for K. Patterson

  14. Prepared two Technical Reports

  15. Prepared 1 business card order

Video, Animation, and Conference Support

  1. Videotaped oral histories of Wylie Pogue, Joe Botda, and Tom Brian at USGS

  2. Videotaped Oceans Alive lecture series for Sea Grant, and Alvin transfer to Atlantis and the beaked whale strandings for Media Relations

  3. Produced podcasts (W. Sellars,T. Shank); videotaped others for future podcasts

  4. Provided various tape duplications and transfers for S. Dawicki

  5. Provided video conference support for committee meetings, JCPO conference (J. Pedloski,) a WHOI/Raytheon/Scripps conference (R. Detrick) and JP classes.

  6. Provided A/V support for Oceans Alive lecture series, W. Delahunt Community Meeting, Academic Programs Guest Lecture Series, and various thesis defenses

  7. Edited and compressed various video clips for T. White and A. Nevala

  8. Completed WHOI DVD project for the Chamber of Commerce


  1. Ongoing event, lab and people shots: Alvin tests, Oceanus upload, French film crew, L. Mullineaux and R. Campbell-Malone teaching classes, loaded in IMS

  2. Photographed Bay Paul Center lab and MBL Marine Resources

  3. Photographed the Center and various people for the MBL Ecosystems Center

  4. Prepared photos for Image of the Day

  5. Photographed equipment for the Ocean Instruments web site

  6. Scanned and printed 24 core sample photos

Reproduction Highlights for the month:

a. 6 proposals e. 1 envelope i. 1 forms m. 1 summary Report

b. 2 Theses f. 1 letterhead j. 1 postcard n. 7 Financial Statements

c. 2 memos g. 2 notepads k. 1 reprint

d. 3 Tech Reports h. 3 Brochures l. 1 meeting minutes

Coming in May

Updated HROV animation

Printed Annual Report and Report to Donors

April 2006: Information Office & Exhibit Center (Manager: Stephanie Murphy)


March 2006

April 2006

Visitors to Exhibit Center (Closed for season)



Group Visits to Exhibit Center



Gift Shop Sales



Exhibit Center Donations



Peanut Butter Club attendees



Peanut Butter Club donations



  • Public Information

    • Produced & distributed four issues weekly calendar

    • Arranged tours for the Mass. Marine Educators conference.

    • Information Requests – received 507 email requests for info.

    • Conducted training session for 30 volunteers in prep for heavy visitor season. Recruited 8 new volunteers to help as Exhibit Center greeters, gift shop help, and Information Office assistants.

    • Forty-seven requests from educators for “Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents” CD

    • Thirty-three requests from educators for “Oceanus” CD

    • Sent Oceanus magazine promo email to 828 teacher contacts

    • Seven requests for teacher packets

    • W/T. Silva to create WHOI video for Falmouth Chamber of Commerce

    • Installed an “About WHOI” kiosk in Information Office

  • Internal Communication

    • Headlines - produced & distributed four issues

    • Presentation to IEG: recommendation to make the meeting quarterly; provide group updates; presented changes to “all hands” email tools and procedures.

    • Met with GMPC for input on internal communication

    • Conducted two “focus groups” on institutional core values

    • Presentation to the AP Forum on internal communications

  • Exhibit Center

    • As a result of 2006 budget cuts, the EC was open only to school groups & employees in April, with Kathy serving as staff. Because of the reduced schedule, April sales were ~$1300 lower than last April. Donations were also down from last year.

    • Installed sperm whale “cast” in marine mammal area

    • Display of student “dioramas” from Dive & Discover expedition

    • Women’s Committee coffee in EC

Coming in May

  • Exhibit Center open 6 days/week

  • Support for Corp./Trustee meeting (Gift Shop)

  • Busy month for school group visits to EC

  • WHOI Buoy newsletter

Editorial (Managing Editor: Lonny Lippsett)
Oceanus: Vol. 45, No. 1 published in print

• Published 6 articles on involving 21 WHOI scientists, students, or staff: (Joyce, Fratantoni, Lund, Weller, Toole, Gallager, Girard, Lerner, Miller, McGillicuddy, Buesseler, Jenkins, Davis, Ledwell, Yoerger, Bradley, Fornari, German, Walden, Tivey, Tarantino.)

Reporting, writing, and graphic development for stories: (Karchner/Hahn, Ashjian, Gallager, Kite-Powell, Tarantino/Alvin, Hammerschmidt, Sims, Cenedese, Foley/Singh.Camilli, Polz/Gast, Polz/Lerzcak, Gast, Anderson/Keafer/McGillicuddy/Erdner, Buesseler, Valdes, Stanton, Singh, Michel, Jakuba).

• Oceanus marketing:

-Researching new subscription/mailing/database/marketing operations to lower cost and increase effectiveness

-Sent to ~600 college/university science chairs to send promotional complimentary copy

-Sent e-mail promo to send to Murphy’s list of ~800 science educators
Freelancers: Interviewed and set up two freelancers to do editorial work, to cover for Carlowicz now half time editing for the Web.
Annual Report: final 2 Dept. features completed (Singh, Peucker-Ehrenbrink
News releases: Anderson/HABs (Carlowicz, Dawicki); Ashjian/Walrus pups (Madin, Dawicki)
• Editorial help developing climate panel for May Trustees meeting
• Editorial help with Fornari Congressional testimony on Ocean Exploration bill
• Preliminary work on OCCI Oceanus

Coming in May

• Work on Vo. 45, No.2 and OCCI Oceanus

• Oceanus marketing poster for EC

• Editorial help with poster for WHOI Arctic research







Visits Average/day*

Visited more than once

32,467 (-10%)
2,299 (-15%)

28,969 (-11%)

2,517 (+10%)

24,623 (-15%)
2,093 (-17%)


26,512 (-4.3%)
2,559 (+13%)

Total Online subscribers**

654 (+23)

713 (+59)

769 (+56)

801 (+32)

864 (+63)

*Visits include visitors and search engine robots
** (54% from .com/.net; 20% .edu; 15% international; .06% .org; .02% .gov, .01% .mil)
Of interest: United Nations, NOAA, ONR, Boeing, EPA,, IEEE, EOA Scientific Systems, NASW, Scholastic, Petrobras, Exxon, and various aquariums subscribe


Top 4 referred sites: 56% direct (know us or emailed from friend), 18% Google, 9%, .9% Whyville

Sample referrers: NOAA’s NMFS, Wikipedia, Google’s Scholar search,

Top 5 Pages: One of the Greatest Volcanic Shows on Earth, Photo Gallery, What Brings the Food That Brings the Whales?, Dust Busters for the Oceans

Top 5 keyword phrases: Nafanua, big sharks, fish farming, squirts, arctic ocean food web

We dipped in traffic this month, which might be related to tune up of Webtrends, trying to reduce artifacts that may have inflated the stats, or to further integration of Oceanus content across Or audience saturation.

We booked a record increase in online subscribers (up 63 this month). We also made our way into Google's Scholar engine, which is favored in academic communities. Danielle's effort with Wikipedia is also paying off.

Another trend that is interesting is that the top articles went up in March. It seems that the viewership is a month behind, but still fairly current.

Image Management (IMS) (Melissa Lamont)

ImageSource holds over 108,000 images.

Jayne Doucette has been training to take over the administration of the database, following my departure from WHOI at the end of May.

Metadata assistance this month from Brad Butman and Nancy Soderberg of USGS, Rob Evans, Jed Goldstone, Amy Billings, Patrick Harrington, Julia Westwater and Marsha Gomes, as wall as Kathy Elder and Mike Brennan.

Jayne and I have introduced ImageSource at the Geology & Geophysics Department meeting, and the Woods Hole Information Technology group meeting.

Coming in May

Demonstrate the system for the PO Buoy Lunch and the AOP&E department.

Soft launch of beta internally, and then to the media list of editors and reporters.
Other (Jim Kent)

Met with Smithsonian Ocean Portal team and managers to further refine WHOI involvement in the project, and collaborations with Scripps and MBARI.

Discovery Channel nondisclosure agreement on HROV documentary passed legal review and is with Andy Bowen for signature. Filming expected to start in May.

Presented communications plans to accreditation examiner (Bruce Carmichael).

Met with Washington Post editorial page editor to pitch various op-ed ideas and other story leads. Special interest in polar science angle.

Collaborating with Chris Linder and Paul Fontaine (Museum of Science, Boston) submitted NSF- IPY proposal for outreach in 2007-2009 promoting science on polar expeditions by John Toole, Becky Gast, Sarah Das, Rob Reves-Sohn & Susan Humphris (with Dive & Discover), called “Live from the Poles: A Multimedia Educational Experience.” Collaborative plans with National Museum of Natural History, with Mary-Louise Timmermans and Peter Winsor, and media outreach plans with Scholastic, Washington Post and NPR Talk of the Nation-Science Friday.

Coming in May

Possible op-ed for observatory support, in collaboration with Google.

Further discussions on Smithsonian collaborations & means of sponsoring WHOI PI time.

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