Connylacrosse 15 may 2012 meeting of the conny board of directors

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The CONNY Board of Directors (BoD) met on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 in the Board Room of Stratford-Sterling House in Stratford, Connecticut. A quorum being present, President Mac McDermott called the meeting to order at 8:13 p.m.


Program/Position Name

President Mac McDermott

VP-Competition Paul Farren

VP-Girls League Play Trish Weber

VP-Boys League Play Rich Greenwood

VP Training Steve Orban

Treasurer Betty Kelley

Secretary Jack Couch

Amity Betty Kelley

Bridgeport Rich Greenwood

Darien Jim Book

Doc’s NYC Lacrosse Matt Levine

Fairfield-Wakeman Drew Carothers

Guilford Paul Farren

Madison Dave Newton

Monroe Trip Emerson

Program Name

New Milford Sam Morris

Newtown Jeff Tousignani

Norwalk Jack Couch

Pomperaug Matt Funk

Shelton Bob Clarke

Simsbury Lou George

Stamford Pete Hansen

Stratford Drew Viner

Trumbull Greg Bowen

Adena Fetzer

Watertown Matt Sainsbury

Westport Susan Shuldman

Wilton Brian Colburn

Wolcott Mike Whitney

Tim Whitney


  1. Minutes of February 7, 2012 Meeting of the Board
    Approval of these minutes as presented was moved, seconded, and carried (msc) unanimously.

  2. President’s and Executive Committee Report
    At its December 2011 Fall Meeting, the BoD decided that, due to CONNY’s growth and increasingly dispersed geography, the full CONNY BoD should meet less frequently and authorized the Executive Committee to conduct CONNY business on its behalf between full BoD meetings. Accordingly, President McDermott reported on the state of CONNY and actions taken on the BoD’s behalf since the February 7 meeting. He also described several pending issues:

  • Stamford: President McDermott reported that he and Secretary Jack Couch had met with the leadership of the Stamford Youth Foundation, which is the designated CONNY member for Stamford, to resolve its disagreement with the breakaway Stamford Lacrosse Association. In the hope that this conflict could be resolved, both SYF and the SLA were allowed to list teams on However, because SYF did not field teams and only SLA reported scores, the SYF delegated to the SLA the authority to enter teams representing Stamford in the CONNY Tournaments, for 2012 only. All games played by SLA teams will count for CONNY Tournaments qualification and All Star eligibility. SLA will pay all fees and dues necessary to enter these teams. In delegating this authority, SYF did not surrender its membership rights to represent Stamford in CONNY play in future years. President McDermott made clear that CONNY expects SYF and SLA to work together to resolve their differences in the interests of the lacrosse-playing youth of Stamford, and stands ready to help mediate this process, if asked. Such a cooperative resolution must be achieved by September 15, 2012. In the event such resolution cannot be reached, the CONNY BoD of Directors will decide at its Fall Meeting which organization, SYF or SLA, can best promote the game of lacrosse among the youth of Stamford in a safe and sportsmanlike environment, and meet the conditions of membership as enumerated in the CONNY Bylaws.

  • Residency Petitions: At the February 7 meeting, the BoD delegated to the Executive Committee authority to decide several residency petitions. President McDermott reported that the Exec. Comm. had rejected one and approved two, one of which was essentially a grandfathered 8th grader and the other was of an extremely sensitive nature involving bullying and included a letter from a mental health professional (in the event, this child’s issue was resolved and he returned to his original program).

President McDermott had nothing else to report not covered elsewhere in these minutes.

  1. Treasurer’s Report—Treasurer Betty Kelley reported that only Bethel, Brewster, and Guilford had not yet paid dues. These member programs were reminded that dues must be paid to participate in CONNY postseason activities.

  1. Secretary's Report—Mr. Couch reported that as part of CONNY’s reincorporation process in Connecticut, we must implement a Conflict of Interest Policy, to be signed by each principal officer, director, or member of a committee with Board-delegated powers who has or may have a direct or indirect financial interest in CONNY activities. A draft of the policy was presented, and adoption was msc unanimously. The policy will be distributed to all CONNY Representatives (directors) and officers, and will be posted under Documents on

Mr. Couch also reported that Pat Coleman of Greenwich and Paul Ahrens of New Canaan had agreed to head a group to investigate the applicability to the rest of CONNY of an initiative taken by several member programs this spring focused on under-squads and on house league level players who want a more competitive experience. The idea is for several contiguous or near contiguous member programs to form local “conferences” for these teams. These conferences are most adamantly not for Tier 1 or 2 caliber teams. The concept was piloted this spring in lower Fairfield and bordering Westchester counties. Messrs. Coleman and Ahrens will report to the BoD in the fall.

Mr. Couch had nothing else to report not covered elsewhere in these minutes.

  1. Vendor Relations Committee Report—This committee reported that ComLax is current on scheduled payments during this last year of our agreement, and that their presence at the CONNY Tournaments will be as extensive as last year, or more so. Negotiations on the future relationship will begin over the summer.

  2. Competition Committee Report—On behalf of AVP-Competition Pat Corcoran, VP-Boys League Play Rich Greenwood urged member programs to have their teams’ coaches attend the Seeding Meetings, which will be at the Horseshoe in Southport on May 29 (U13 and U11 Boys) and June 4 (U13 and U15 Girls and U15 Boys). Except for those caused when last minute cancelations force ad hoc matchups, most tournament mismatches occur for teams that are not represented at the Horseshoe and whose records are ambiguous or don’t reveal the true relative strength of the team. Also, many teams have missing scores on These must be provided if the pre-seeding and seeding process is to work. For 2013, Jim Book and Rich Greenwood will lead a committee to explore simplifying … perhaps automating … the team age/grade profile and tier estimate process.

VP-Competition Paul Farren reported that negotiations with Yale have been particularly difficult this year. Of particular importance this year will be adherence to parking regulations. Member programs are urged to clearly communicate to their coaches and parents that improperly parked cars will be ticketed and towed this year. We will have a new, more flexible dry erase scoreboard system at the Tournaments Administration Tent this year, organized by Steve Orban.

  1. Training Committee Report—VP-Training Steve Orban reported that current plans call for a men’s and women’s US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program Level 2 clinic in the fall and a Level 1 clinic in the spring, both tentatively at the United Athletic Center in Stratford, CT.

  2. Boys Officials Committee Report—Lew Socci of WCLOA asked that programs not schedule boys games May 21 and 29 due to WCLOA activities and training.

  3. Girls Rules Committee Report—VP-Girls League Play Trish Weber and Pete Hansen will review the US Lacrosse Girls Youth Rules when they are published and recommend to the Girls Division what changes, if any, are warranted for CONNY play. Members with suggested rules/rules changes should send them to Ms. Weber.

  4. Boys Rules Committee Report—Boys Rules Committee chairman Jack Couch reminded coaches that in formal CONNY games, neither coaches nor officials have authority to arbitrarily change the rules of play. The CONNY exceptions to the NFHS and US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules have been carefully thought out and approved by the Board. The few areas of coach/official latitude are clearly stated in the rules; any other departures from the standard rules will invalidate the game for CONNY postseason qualification. For 2013, Jeff Tousignani of Newtown will chair the Boys Rules Committee, with Bob Clarke of Shelton and Mr. Couch as Executive Committee representative. When the US Lacrosse 2013 Boys Youth Rules are published, the committee will recommend to the Boys Division what changes, if any, are warranted for CONNY play. Members with suggested rules/rules changes should send them to Mr. Couch.

    The next meeting of the CONNY Board will be in early fall, at a site to be determined.

    The meeting adjourned at 9:46 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Couch, Secretary


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