Copa de las naciones

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Due to rain the Copa de las Naciones at Palermo was delayed and commenced a week later than scheduled with England playing Argentina on Saturday 23rd. April and Chile on the Sunday. England started well in both games but ended up losing to Argentina 11 -9 and Chile 9 – 10. After more rain the final game was finally played on the Wednesday with Chile winning and thereby claiming the trophy.

England (23): Charlie Hanbury (4), Mark Tomlinson (6), James Beim (7) James Harper (6)

Argentina (24): Bartolome Castagnola Jnr (3), Juan Zubia (5), Eduardo Novillo Astrada (9) & Joaquin Pittaluga (7)

Chile (23): Max Silva (5), Felipe Vercellino (5), Jaime García Huidobro (7) & Matías Vial (6)

Prior to the International game on 23rd April, a young line-up of Luke Wiles, Ned Hine, Will Harper and Jimbo Fewster (substituted in for Milly Hine who could not play due to a back injury) represented England in Palermo. Played as a round robin our young team did well to hold Argentina to 5 – 2 and had their chances against ROW, but lost by one goal, 5 – 6. Argentina were once again the winners although the performance of the England team was much improved on last year.


The Polo Awards are taking place on May 31st at Guards Polo Club where Claire Tomlinson will be presented with an HPA Lifetime Achievement Award.


International at Beaufort. Saturday 18th June 2016

England will play Ireland on Saturday 18th June on International Day at Beaufort for the ‘Golden Jubilee Trophy’. Entry is free for cars displaying an HPA car sticker.

Royal Salute Coronation Cup at Guards. Saturday 23rd July 2016

International Day at Guards Polo Club for the Coronation Cup will be on Saturday 23rd July where England will play the Commonwealth. HPA members will be entitled to buy £70 Club and South Grandstand tickets, including a car pass, at a reduced price of £40. To purchase tickets go to OR call the ticket office on 01784 437 797.


  • Umpire and Rules Sunningdale Park Hotel Thur 2nd June

  • Coaching Seminar (HPA coaches and instructors) Berkshire area - TBC Wed 8th June

  • Mid-Season Handicap Meeting Sunningdale Park Hotel Mon 13th June

  • HPA Stewards Meeting Cavalry & Guards Mon 20th June

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