Create a pdf contact sheet in Adobe Bridge cs5

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Create a PDF contact sheet in Adobe Bridge CS5

Using the Adobe Output Module, you can create PDF contact sheets of one or more images. For contact sheets of multiple images, all images in the layout are a uniform size. By specifying playback options, you can also create a PDF to use as a full-screen or slide show presentation.

Note: To create print layouts that contain images in more than one size, use the optional Picture Package plug-in for Photoshop CS5. For more information, see Print photos in a picture package layout in Photoshop Community Help.

  1. Select the images you want to include in the PDF file and choose Window > Workspace > Output. Then, click the PDF button at the top of the Output panel. the Output space is not listed, open Adobe Bridge Preferences (Ctrl + K on Windows or Command + K on Mac OS), select the Startup Scripts panel, and select Adobe Output Module.

  1. Choose an option from the Template menu. Then, customize the PDF using the options in the following drawers:


Specify page size, orientation, output quality (in ppi); JPEG image compression quality; background color; and optional permissions.


Image-placement and image-spacing options.


Print the filename under each image and page numbers in a header or footer.

Header, Footer

Enable headers and footers and specify their positioning and type.


Options for how the PDF plays onscreen in Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Reader®.


Add a text or graphical watermark to each page or each image. Customize the text font, size, and color. Customize the text or graphic’s scale, opacity, offset, and rotation.

  1. Click Refresh Preview to preview the PDF in the Output Preview panel.

Important: The Output Preview panel displays only the first page of the PDF.

  1. (Optional) Save custom settings for reuse by clicking the Save Template button

  2. To automatically open the PDF in Acrobat or Reader after you save it, select View PDF After Save at the bottom of the Output panel. Otherwise, click Save.

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