Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in the Woodstock area

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June 8, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in the Woodstock area,
This letter is to advise that, in September, 2015, there will be changes made to the bus routes for some of the students who currently travel on our school buses. Upon review of the routes and in consultation with school administration, it is our plan to eliminate bus routes 116, 120 and 130. We recognize with this proposed change some students will be picked up and dropped off at different times…some a little later, some a little earlier.  Having said this, most students will be picked up and dropped off close to the same time as they do now.  There will also be financial efficiencies found with this model, contributing to our overall goal of providing the best education program possible with the resources provided.
We would also like to remind parents and guardians that transportation to afterschool care will only be provided if a bus travels by the requested location and if there is space available on the bus. Please do not assume that space is available on every bus. It is best to check with our school district transportation department, prior to sending students on the bus to an afterschool care provider.
If you have any questions regarding the busing changes, please contact our school district transportation department at 1-506-325-4498 or 1-888-388-4455.

Thank you,

Daniel Wishart

Acting Transportation Manager

Anglophone West School District

cc: David McTimoney, Superintendent of Schools

Jay Colpitts, Director of Schools – Woodstock Education Centre

Shawn Tracey, Director of Finance and Administration

Carol Lunn, Acting Assistant Transportation Manager

Bill Hogan, Principal – Woodstock High School

Pat Thorne, Principal – Townsview School

Tammy Dunbar, Principal – Meduxnekeag Consolidated School

Steven Jones, Principal – Woodstock Middle School

Below are the buses in the Woodstock area and what roads they service in the morning, along with approximate times. Most of these buses service the same roads in the afternoon.

  • Bus #112 – will service Sharkey Rd. (7:05am), Route 560 Hwy (7:10am. – 7:45am), Broadway St. (8:05am)

  • Bus #113 – will service Wasson Rd. (7:00am), Weston Rd. (7:05am), Route 550 Hwy (7:10am – 7:45am), Route 540 Hwy (7:20am), Union St. (8:05am), Houlton St. (8:10am)

  • Bus #114 – will service Woodlawn Rd. (7:15), Route 540 Hwy (7:20am), Weston Rd. (7:22am), London Rd. (7:25am), Bell Settlement Rd. (7:33am), Red Bridge Rd. (7:35am), Lockhart Mill Rd. (7:42am), Heller Rd. (8:05am), Phillips Dr. (8:08am), Houlton St. (8:11am)

  • Bus #115 – will service Route 540 Hwy (7:05am), McLellan Rd. (7:23am), Watson Settlement Rd. (7:30am), Keenan Subdivision (7:45am), Bull Rd. subdivision (8:00am)

  • Bus #117 – will service Union Corner Rd. (7:19am), Green Rd. (7:24am), East Irish Settlement Rd. (7:30am), Old Houlton Rd. (7:36am), Route 555 Hwy (7:41am), Plymouth Rd. (7:51am)

  • Bus #118 – will service Route 540 Hwy (7:04am – 7:33am), Route 555 Hwy (7:34am – 7:46am)

  • Bus #119 – will service Porten Rd. (7:10am), Maxine Avenue (7:16am), Benton Rd. (7:22am), Caldwell Rd. (7:24am), Oak Mountain Rd. (7:31am), Speerville Rd. (7:39am), Dugan Rd. (7:44am)

  • Bus #121 – will service Route 165 Hwy (7:10am – 7:45am), Main St. (7:47am – 8:00am), Grant St. (8:10am)

  • Bus #122 will service Route 105 Hwy (7:10am – 7:53am), Parker Rd. (7:45am), Saunders St. (7:54am)

  • Bus #123 will service Route 585 Hwy (7:15am. – 7:43am), Grafton Heights Subdivision (7:45am. – 8:00am)

  • Bus #124 will service Cape Rd. (7:10am), McKenna Rd. (7:20am), Newburg Rd. (7:26am), Sharp’s Mountain Rd. (7:36am), Route 105 Hwy (7:47am)

  • Bus #125 will service McKenna Rd. (7:18am), Route 105 Hwy (7:20am. – 7:32am), Grafton Heights Subdivision (7:38am. – 7:55am)

  • Bus #126 will service Route 590 Hwy (7:32am), Route 560 Hwy (7:43am), Kinney Rd. (7:50am), Sewell Rd. (7:55am), Townsview Estates Subdivision (8:03am)

  • Bus #127 will service Route 103 Hwy (7:32am), Route 560 Hwy (7:36am), Eastwood Subdivision (7:45am)

  • Bus #128 will service Hodgdon Rd. (7:18am), Teed Rd. (7:20am), Beardsley Rd. (7:28am), Grant St (8:00am), Houlton St. (8:05am)

  • Bus #129 will service Debec Rd. (7:20am), Kent Hill Rd. (7:26am), Hodgdon Rd. (7:38am), Sherwood Rd. (7:45am), Bedell Settlement Rd. (7:51am)

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