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Bengbu, located in the northern of Anhui Province is the first urban established in Anhui Province, and has jurisdiction over three counties (Huaiyuan, Wuhe, Guzhen) and four districts (Longzi Lake, Bengshan, Yuhui, Huaishang), totaling 5952 square kilometers area and 3.65 million population. It is located in China's north-south dividing line, Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and Jianghuai Hilly junction, near Huaihe River, being linked mountains and rivers, featuring four distinct seasons, pleasant climate, convenient transportation and prosperous business. After decade’s development, Bengbu has become an important transport hub in East China and an important manufacturing industry base in Anhui province, which is the central city for processing, trade and science and education in Northern Anhui. And it is also the national double-support model city, the central region awarding favorable policies in the light of the old industrial base of the Northeast pilot city, national intellectual property pilot city, the national export base by science and technology and innovation, Hefei- Wuhu-Bengbu comprehensive reform pilot area of Anhui independent innovation and the first civilized city in Anhui province.
Bengbu is a place of long cultural history and profound cultural background. She is one of the birthplaces of Huaihe River culture. 7300 years ago the unearthed carved symbols on the culture relics in Shuangdun was recognized as one of the important origin of Chinese characters. 4000 years ago, in this place, the flood conquering hero Da Yu split mountains to guide Huaihe River, and once called all the sovereigns here leaving the legend of "refuse visiting his families when passed by his home three times". The Han Dynasty was founded through the battle of Gaixia 2200 years ago, which deduced the historic poetic masterpiece such as "be besieged on all sides", "ambush on all sides", "farewell to my concubine". Huagudeng, the most representative folk dance of Han nationality is known as "Oriental ballet" named by Premier Zhou Enlai and listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.
Bengbu has a unique geographical and superior traffic location. Bengbu, located in the middle reaches of Huaihe River, the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to the Central and Western China is one of the national highway transport hub cities with broad economic hinterland. Bengbu has a first-class railroad passenger station of north-south traffic artery Beijing-Shanghai railway, First-class large freight marshalling station in East China and the largest container yard. Taking the train from Bengbu, we can reach the vast majority of domestic provinces and cities. Bengbu high-speed rail station is the interchange station of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail and Beijing-Fuzhou high-speed rail (Beijing and Taiwan high-speed rail). At present, you can take 2 hours to Shanghai, 3 hours and 20 minutes to Beijing, 40 minutes to Nanjing. Hefei-Bengbu intercity passenger dedicated line connecting the provincial capital Hefei has been built and you need only 30 minutes travel from Bengbu to Hefei. Here is an intersection of two highways from Beijing to Fuzhou and from Nanjing to Luoyang. Bengbu Port is the largest port along Huaihe River. Not only can Huaihe River connect the Yangtze during four seasons, but also can reach the sea. Bengbu is merely 130 kilometers to Hefei Luogang Airport, 170 kilometers to Nanjing Lukou International Airport. A new 4C class airport has been completed in the city. The superior geographic advantages will promote the development of Bengbu as "relay station",which can integrate and merge the economy and technology in the southeast coastal area with the energy and raw materials in central and western regions.
Bengbu has rich resources and a great potential for development. Bengbu, an important national agricultural and sideline products and commodity grain production base is rich in agricultural resources, wherein, Huaiyuan pomegranate, Guzhen peanut, Wuhe crabs, renowned at home and abroad. Mineral resources are abundant around Bengbu. In addition to adjacent to Huainan, Huaibei coal bases, non-metallic mineral resources of Huaiyuan, Guzhen, Wuhe under the jurisdiction of Bengbu and in neighboring Fengyang County, Suzhou is also very rich. For adequate land reserve resources, the industrial land prices are lower than the similar regions. Bengbu is an important channel of "Anhui power transmitted to East" for its adequate power supply. Guodian Bengbu Power Plant 2 * 600000 kW power generation project has been completed and the power is connected to the grid. The main pipeline of transferring natural gas gas from west to the east has been supplied to our city to reach the daily supply capacity of 620000 cubic meters. Bengbu is ample in science and education resources, there are 40th Research Institute and 41st Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, China Ordnance Industry Corporation 214th Research Institute, Glass Industry Design Institute, the First Design Institute of Machinery Industry, 4 National Engineering (Technology) research centers, 24 provincial engineering (Technology) research centers, 39 provincial enterprise technology centers, 2 academician workstations and 4 post-doctoral research workstations. And it also owns the Anhui Finance and Economics University and other 9 colleges, 34 diversified vocational education institutions, training more than 20000 graduates and 23000 skilled workers each year. In addition, as an old industrial city, Bengbu has a large number of professionals and diligent skilled technical workers of various industries, boasting the high labor quality, low labor cost and convenient employment.
Bengbu has a solid industrial base, and shows the unique economic advantages. Here is an important comprehensive industrial base in Anhui province. After many years development, it has laid a solid foundation in IT, equipment manufacture, auto parts, photovoltaic, biomass, fine chemicals, new materials and new energy, textile and garment, modern agriculture and modern service industry. We are further integrating the resources, optimizing the industrial layout, speeding up the formation of industrial clusters. The new material base of national glass high-tech industry has passed the re-examination by Ministry of Science And Technology. Fine chemical industry is officially identified as characteristic national torch program high-tech industrial base. On the other hand, it has 5 listed corporations, 100 high-tech enterprises, enagaged in citric acid, lactic acid, ethanol, automobile air conditioner, electromagnetic clutch, filter, gas compressor, fire trucks, cranes, solar cells and devices, conductive film glass and more than 30 leading products have the technical and scale competition advantages both home and abroad. At the same time, Bengbu is also a national Class-A open city with full administrative organs such as customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies. It has approved more than 400 foreign investment enterprises, and is doing business with 111 countries and regions.
Extensive investment fields provide great space for cooperation. In the field of industrial production, Bengbu has the IT projects -- mobile phone products, tablet computer products, LED products, electronic devices and terminal products; the machinery and equipment manufacturing projects -- compressors, fire trucks, cranes, ships, environmental protection equipment and CNC machine toosl; glass deep processing projects -- energy-saving glass, display glass, photovoltaic glass, glass fiber etc; The fine chemical projects -- citric acid, biological ethylene, biological medicine and others; the new materials and new energy projects -- carbon fiber, photovoltaic industry, solar power; light industrial projects -- tobacco, food, brewing, textile. In the field of modern agricultural development, Bengbu has a number of cooperation projects such as large commodity grain production base, agricultural products deep processing, agricultural s/t park, standardized livestock and poultry breeding farms. In modern service industry, Bengbu has tourist projects such as Dayu, Shuangdun, Chu cultures, focusing on the development of ecological tourism, ancient culture tour seeking and rural tourism; there are also the projects such as motor city, International Trade City, trade logistics park, antique jade market and others; projects of urban general services such as finance, insurance and other services.
A good investment environment provides the sound guarantee of development. The first is the good policy environment. In addition, Bengbu can enjoy the strategic policy of “central rise”, it also gains the national policy of “to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China”, Huaiyuan County under Bengbu jurisdiction enjoys the national policy in the light of “great western development”. To promote the construction of Hefei-Wuhu-Beng overall reform pilot area policy of independent innovation, Anhui provincial Party committee, and government provide 500 million Yuan funds to support the projects and 1 billion Yuan venture investment guide fund yearly, at the same time, the pilot policy were given to the new pledge loan, guarantee and small loan companies to encourage their undertakings. The State Council has approved the comprehensive experimental zone of Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu independent innovation in the light of Zhongguancun Independent Innovative Demonstration Zone to carry out corporate equity and dividend incentive pilot, and offer the related policies. Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu pilot area is able to be awarded the policies of Beijing Zhongguancun, Wuhan East Lake and Shanghai Zhangjiang demonstration area, treated as the "3+1" test demonstration region sequences, and listed in the national "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan of science and technology, as well as national independent innovation ability construction planning, regarding them as preferential cities to be constructed. In order to encourage strengthening city with technology, our city has also formulated a series of supporting and encouraging policies in particular to offer support funds for investment projects, funding for high-tech project, cash incentives for scale investment, subsidies for leading industry investment so as to strive to create the policy to match comprehensively those in coastal developed area. The second is the sound load bearing environment. Bengbu now has 1 state-level high-tech Industrial Development Zone, 6 provincial-level development zones, 10 industrial parks, 1 Taiwan Industrial Park, in which the Taiwanese enterprises have settled more than a dozen at present. Among them, the high-tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the three National High-tech development Zones in Anhui has formed a high-tech industry cluster. The Economic Development Zone focusing mainly on the advanced manufactures such as high-tech industry, electronic information, and trade, financial services has been initially formed the central business district, administrative office area, industrial park, university campus, high-speed rail area etc. The other 5 development zones based on their respective advantages has formed a unique industrial park economy with industry cluster and production scale. Around the industrial foundation and characteristics, focusing on the development of new display industrial park, the equipment manufacturing industry park, LED semiconductor industry park, special glass industrial park, software animation industrial park, environmental protection equipment industrial park, solar cell industry park, biological medicine industrial park, tourism service industry park, grain processing industrial park are set up to provide supports for enterprise and industry clusters. The city construction for three years is being implemented with nearly 100 billion Yuan input to promote the city infrastructure construction and create a modern metropolis with distinct features conducive to entrepreneurship, convenient for living and suitable for tour. Today, Bengbu is vitalizing the investment corporations with its new image and solid foundational support. Third is the satisfied administrative environment. In recent years, Bengbu has further promoted the administrative efficiency, optimized the soft environment for investment. It has established the administrative service center and foreign complaints center, improved the "one-stop" solution service for foreign investment approval and implemented the "easy access" service for major external investment projects. We are trying to build Bengbu into one of the areas with the advantages of less examination and approval formalities, the strongest sense of service and the highest efficiency. Moreover, we have established a project liaison mechanism between the parks, enterprises and projects to implement the service commitment for enterprises and provide a good service for foreign investors.

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