Elizabeth Paige Younkin, bsn ms

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Elizabeth Paige Younkin, BSN MS

Elizabeth Paige Younkin served as Assistant Vice President of Clinical Integration at AtlantiCare. She was responsible for developing and implementing the accountable care initiative including the Medicare Shared Savings Program and clinical integration strategies throughout the healthcare system, which is comprised of Regional Health Services located in over 70 locations including AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s two campuses, ambulatory services and AtlantiCare Physician Group, and AtlantiCare Health Solutions, an accountable care organization.

Since joining AtlantiCare in 2001 Younkin has held a number of leadership positions, including project director, Accountable Care; director, Clinical Development; and clinical manager, Open Heart Surgery.
Prior to joining AtlantiCare, Younkin served in multiple clinical roles in community-based hospitals and academic medical centers throughout the country.
Younkin, who has served in the United States Army Reserves, is an active member of the Federal Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps and the New Jersey Medical Reserve Corps. 
A registered nurse, Younkin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Pomona, New Jersey and her Master of Science degree in Innovation and Creativity at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Younkin has recently moved to western North Carolina and still works for AtlantiCare. She is assisting the leadership team in operationalizing their Medicare Shared Saving Program that went into effect January 1st 2013.

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