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For this month’s issue we have an ongoing contest. In order to celebrate the very first St. Elizabeth’s yearbook we are having a drawing contest for the yearbook cover!

Entries are due on Friday February 10th, so that on the following Monday our yearbook staff can vote on which picture to put on the cover. We have received some great entries so far! Keep sending them.

Good luck artists!

Today, my answer is clear: supporting this school, this mission, and these kids is one way to make sure that SES continues to thrive, that we continue to have wonderful and dedicated teachers, and that we move forward on our path to raising accomplished, empathic, and “can do” children who will make a difference in the world. This help can come in the form of service to the school, or it can be, of course, in terms of sharing one’s treasure. And, if it is not SES that pulls at your heart strings the most in these unsettled times, figure out what does, and be sure do something about it! We teach our children that they can make a difference; of course, we can, too!

From the Head

of School

As I sit down to write this, it is Super Bowl weekend, and even though the Broncos are playing golf, there is always a great deal of hum going around about the big game. It is also the weekend when we invite our young kindergarten applicants in on a Saturday morning so that we can make informed admissions decisions for the coming year. Those football players will be working hard, and so will our committed teachers.

When we work, we usually get paid. If my math is close to correct, Tom Brady, had he actually played in all 23 pre-season, regular season, and post-season games this season (which, of course, he did not), he was paid about $1.25 million per game. That is a whole lot of cash. While there is no doubt that he possesses extraordinary talents, brings a great deal of value to his team and “Patriots’ Nation,” and is a critical part of this bigger-than-life event, I am presently having a tougher than normal time making sense of this level of compensation. The thing is, the entire faculty and staff at St. Elizabeth’s School make a bit less than that- all together- for an entire year! I know that there has been plenty of conversation about this imbalance for a long time, but at this juncture of the year when we are signing contracts, finding great people to fill openings caused by relocation or retirement, and adding some support services to our program, this just stings a bit more than usual.

Our mission at St. Elizabeth’s School is to enroll an intentionally inclusive group of families and children to create a true balance with regard to socio-economic status. This makes us a wonderful and successful community, but as many of you know, this is also a challenging financial model. This is a time in our nation when many people are asking, “So just what can I do to make a difference?”

Issue # 3


A Hawk’s Life

By Cain McGary

Meet the Board: Polly Donald

I am a life long educator who has served in both private and public educational arenas as a teacher, a mentor and an administrator. I have served on and chaired Parent Teacher Associations, Boards and committees and led accreditation teams, strategic planning efforts, board retreats and workshops as well as developed curricula.

I moved to Colorado for a job teaching elementary students at Colorado Academy. After seven years there, I married and moved to Boulder, where I raised my children and was involved in their preschool. As they entered school age, I went back to the classroom and taught in the Boulder valley public schools. From there I went to Friends’ School where I served as Head of School for seventeen years. I retired from that job in 2011.

I met Ramsay and Walt when I was Head at Friends’ and have always been impressed with the mission of St. Elizabeth’s. When I finally visited, I was even more impressed with the teachers, the student body, and the incredible community. I am excited to see the school establish funding that will ensure its ability to provide education to a diverse population, and for it to find a facility that meets its growing needs. The board has done a remarkable job of building a foundation for St. Elizabeth’s to grow on. I am honored to be part of such a remarkable group and look forward to getting to know the community better.

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Anglerfishmacintosh hd:private:var:folders:lt:2m_j33s528987d1hskrz26500000gn:t:temporaryitems:angler-fish_222_600x450.jpg

By Adrian McClair, 7h Grade

There are 200 species of anglerfish some live in the shallows and some live in the deep sea a mile or more under the surface.

The anglerfish tends to be black or dark brown in color. They can grow up to 3.3 ft long. Anglerfish have this lure with a little thing at the end that creates light. It does this using bacteria. This is called bioluminescence and only female anglerfish have this. The anglerfish males are small and actually grow smaller through their life.

They mate when the male bites at a certain part of the female’s stomach then providing fertilization for the female while the female gives him nutrition for the rest of his life. The male shrinks until he’s just a remnant of a fish. When prey gets close enough the angler will bite extremely fast until it has its prey. They have also appeared in the popular Pixar film Finding Nemo.macintosh hd:private:var:folders:lt:2m_j33s528987d1hskrz26500000gn:t:temporaryitems:finding_nemo_dory_marlin_angler_fish.jpg

Featured Class

By Quinn Pack, 6th Grade

The featured class for this month is second grade. In second grade the class they are learning about Abraham Lincoln. They are also learning how to take notes in class. As you know Valentines Day is coming and they are getting ready for it. If you are ever walking down the hall check out the books that they finished. In conclusion that is what second grade is doing.
The Women’s March- Colorado and Washington

By Mary Sullivan, 8th grade

On Saturday January 21 people across America gathered to march on their capital buildings.

I went to the march in Colorado and 100,000 people went to not only to protest the election, but to kill the hate and the injustice that has been happening.  In Washington 470,000 marched, 277,000 more people than at Trump’s inauguration.

Here in Colorado, we shouted things like, “tell me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like!” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go!” and “Women's rights are neato, he looks like a cheeto!” and “The people united will never be divided!” and “Say it loud and say it clear, immigrants are accepted here!” and “Her body her choice, my body my choice!” and finally, “hands too small can’t build a wall!”

All very valid points even if they are in rhymes, you have to admit it is easier to remember. I think everyone needs to speak up about opinions because most likely other people have the same one.

Superbowl LI

by Liam Grove, 8th Grade

Super Bowl 51 will be a show down between the league's best offense, and best defense. In the regular season, the Patriots defense have only allowed 27 touchdowns, 1,417 rush yards, 4,033 pass yards, and had a turnover differential of +12. The Falcons offense however, scored 58 touchdowns, passed for 4,960, rushed for 1,928, and only lost 9 turnovers. The Patriots will make their ninth super bowl appearance on Sunday, and have a chance to win their fifth. The Falcons have won as many playoff games as the Patriots have super bowl appearances (9). The Atlanta Falcons have been to one Super Bowl in the Super Bowl era, and they lost it to the Broncos (yay). My predictions for this Super Bowl will look something like this.


Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4














Just like all the Patriots Super Bowls in the Brady era, this game will still be a one possession game when the clock hits all zeros. I predict Matt Ryan to throw for over 300 yards, Julio Jones receiving around 75 of those, along with at least 50 yards each from Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Tom Brady I think will throw for over 300 yards as well, complimented with LeGarrette Blount’s 75 yards. Both offenses do fine, but there are still less points on the scoreboard than you’d expect. This is because of New England’s two recovered fumbles, and Atlanta’s fumble recovery and interception. In the end of the day I expect Atlanta’s defence to step it up, and both teams to have amazing games. The Falcons get the ultimate last blow however, with a last second strike from Matt Ryan to Mohamed Sanu. It should be a fun game to watch as the NFL’s best go at it, so grab your gear, salsa, and friends, cause it’s the Super Bowl.

** Liam’s article was written pre- Super Bowl LI but due to some hangups elsewhere, we were not able to publish before the Super Bowl. But he was almost right!!

What books should you read next?

By: Ella Link 8th grade

Finding books to read is hard, that’s why I’m here to help you!
Elementary school- Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Sal’s mom is missing, so Sal and her grandparents go on an adventure trying to find her. This book is full of great happiness and horrible sadness. While it’s sad it takes many times to really fully understand it’s amazing meaning and the hardships we all face. The characters are funny, deep, and all contribute something great to the book. There are crazy turns and you’ll never want to put it down! This is a must read!

Middle School- Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent is a futuristic dystopian novel about a society in which people are dived based on their talents. Tris is an abnegation. She wants to be dauntless. Suddenly her whole world changes when she becomes a dauntless. In this dystopian society full of adventure and mystery, Tris must learn how to live in her new life. But when the Erudite starts brainwashing everyone that Divergent are bad and risky people, then she and Four must save the Divergent from torture or worse death. I recommend this book for more mature readers for there can be some hard topics.

The Dinosaur

Student of the Month:

Max Paolucci

By Joey Paolucci, 7th Grade

The Student of the Month for January is… Max Paolucci! He has been chosen because as his teacher, Mrs. Wittmer says- “ He works hard and is a good collaborator.” Max also incorporates feedback into his work, especially with concepts that he does not understand.

He is also in the Challenge Math Group, working with 6th Grade math, and is in 5th Grade! Keep up the good work, Max! And, I promise, I’m not biased as his brother!

Movies to Go See!

By Millie Hewitt-Link, 8th grade

It is always super hard to chose the best PG and PG-13 movies because there are so many good ones. For PG I chose Enchanted, because I adore the soundtrack, and also because I love the lead actress Amy Adams. It’s about a princess from an enchanted land that gets dropped into modern day New York, and finds her true love. For PG-13 movies I chose the classic Forrest Gump. I chose this movie because it’s funny, sweet, and very coming-of-age. I also of course chose it because Tom Hanks is the lead male and he’s an extraordinary actor. Go check out these movies!

Featured Teacher:

Mr. McClure

By Naod Besrat, 6th Grade

The featured teacher is a person who’s been teaching here for six years Mr. McClure. He wanted to be three things and one of them is a teacher and he’s done the two jobs and became a teacher. His favorite two colors are green and blue. He was born in Arkansas but moved to Colorado when he was twenty-five. His favorite toy was a Koosh ball because his brother and he made up different games with ball. He had a cocker spaniel when he was a kid. His influence is his grandfather. Mr McClure is an outstanding wonderful teacher who teaches the third grade. He teaches here because he wants to teach at a place that give any race or religion a chance to learn. This is why I chose Mr McClure to be the featured teacher.

Comic by: Naod Besrat

By Christian Musso

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