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Social Environmental Characteristics

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3.2 Social Environmental Characteristics

(1) Administrative Districts

There are 10 Counties, 1 City and 4 Districts under the jurisdiction of Shangrao City, namely Shangrao County, Guangfeng County, Yushan County, Qianshan County, Hengfeng County, Geyang County, Wuyuan County, Poyang County, Yugan County, Wannian County, Dexing City, Xinzhou District,Sanjiang New District, Chengxi Economic and Development Zone, and Xinzheng New District.

Table3-1-1 Administrative District of Shangrao City


Area (km2)


Government Resident

Area under Jurisdiction

Xinzhou District



Sanjiang New District

6 Streets 2 Towns 1 Township

Dexing City

2082 km2


Yincheng Street

1Streets 5Towns 6 Townships

Shangrao County

2240 km2


Xuri Street

2 Streets 11 Towns 10 Townships

Guangfeng County

1378 km2


Yongfeng Street

3 Streets 16 Towns 4 Townships

Yushan County

1723 km2


Bingxi Town

11 Towns 6 Townships

Qianshan County

2178 km2


Hekou Town

7 Towns 10 Townships 2 Ethnic Townships

Hengfeng County

655 km2


Cenyang Town

2 Towns 6 Townships

Geyang County

1592 km2


Gejiang Town

9 Towns 5 Townships

Yugan County

2326 km2


Yuting Town

6 Towns 14 Townships

Poyang County

4215 km2


Poyang Town

14 Towns 15 Townships

Wannian County

1140 km2


Chenying Town

6 Towns 6 Townships

Wuyuan County

2947 km2


Ziyang Town

10 Towns 6 Townships

(2) Traffic Overview

Highway: The total mileage of the City’s highway is 15877.261km, of which, the State Roads account for 314.205km (2 State Roads), Provincial Highways account for 982.866km (17 provincial highways), County Roads account for 3247.322km (177 County Roads), Township roads account for 3407.888km (392 township roads), Village roads account for 7898.89km (14245 Village roads) and Accommodation highways account for 26.09km (6 Accommodation highways).

Waterway: The City has 9 existing ports (Poyang Port, Yugan Port, Wannian Port, Geyang Port, Qianshan Port, Shangrao Port, Xinzhou Port, Yushan Port and Hengfeng Port) currently. The cargo throughput via waterway is 3.542 million tons, passenger throughput is 82, 9000 people. The City has 168 wharves, including 20 passenger terminals and 148 freight terminals. The City has 330 ships, including 48 passenger ships with 1166 seats and 282 cargo ships with 16029 tonnages.

Railway: Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, Hengfeng-Fuzhou Railway and Anhui-Jiangxi Railway pass through Shangrao City. Jingfu High-speed Rail (Beijing-Fuzhou), Hukun High-speed Rail (Shanghai-Kuming), Hefu High-speed Rail (Hefei-Fuzhou), Hangchang High-speed Rail (Hangzhou-Nanchang-Changsha) currently under construction will cross and form a hub of high-speed rails in Shangrao City. It is planned that Jiujingqu Railway (Jiujiang-Jingdezhen-Quzhou), Jingtai High-speed rail (Beijing-Taipei), the second Anhui-Jiangxi railway pass through Shangrao in the future. Shangrao High-speed rail is under construction now in Shangrao City.

(2) Economic Status

Total output value of the City in 2009 reached 72.85 billion yuan, an increase of 13.6%; total revenue in fiscal reached 8.35 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8%, of which general budget revenue accounted for 4.81 million yuan, an increase of 31.2%; fixed asset investment reached 61.24 billion yuan, an increase of 42.9%; the total retail sales of social consumption products were 27.64 billion yuan, an increase of 19.4%; total volume of imports and exports reached $640 million, an increase of 16%, of which exports accounted for $580 million, an increase of 23%; the per-capita disposable income of urban residents reached 13, 989 yuan, an increase of 10.4%;net income of farmer per capita reached 4,701 yuan, an increase of 8%.

(4) Tourism Resources

Shangrao has the most beautiful village of China-Wuyuan Village, 2 World Natural Heritages-Sanqing Mountain and Guifeng; the Sleeping Beauty-Lingshan; Yun Bifeng National Forest Park in downtown area, whose Yunbi Pavilion is the highest point of the downtown area, where people can have a birdview of Xinjiang and Poyang Lake in the west, benign and smiling, striking and picturesque; China’s first natural reserve-“Poyang Lake Natural Reserve for Migratory Birds”. Currently, Shangrao City has 11 tourist attractions that are rated as Grade A National Tourist Resorts, of which Sanqing Mountain is rated as 5A scenic spot, Guifeng, Relic of Shangrao Concentration Camp, Wuyuan Jiangwan, Wuyuan Dazhangshan, Wuyuan Linyan Cave, Wuyuan Wengong Mountain, Wuyuan Yuanyang Lake are rated as Grade 4A scenic spots, Wuyuan Scenic Spot, Guangfeng Nine Fairy Lake, Wannian Shenlongyuan are rated as 3A tourist spots. Shangrao City has the most scenic spots in Jiangxi Province. Lingshan has been successfully nominated as the 7th national scenic spot.

3.2.2 Current status of society and economy of evaluation area Current status of tourism and public facilities

1) Current status of tourism

In 2010, the total tourism reception of Shangrao City reached 19868000 passengers with total tourism revenue of 14330000000 yuan. At present, the city has tourism 40 star hotels, among them 7 are 4-star, 24 are 3-star; 123 travel agencies, 2 professional tourism transport companies; 2 tourism group companies, total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan; tourism direct employees of 200000 and related employment of 500000.

2) Current status of external transport facilities

Shangrao City has two national roads-320 and 206 that are crossing through; railway includes Zhejiang-Jiangxi bifurcated, Anhui-Jiangxi line and Hengnan line, is center with 1-3 hours travel from Shangrao, 4 airports-Changbei, Jingdezhen, Quzhou and Wuyishan; in addition, a number of highways including Shanghai-Kunming, Hangrui, Jingying and Dewu.

3) Current status of city public traffic

Shangrao City has 111 existing public transport vehicles, 12operation routes and bus operating line length of 160 kilometers. The bus passenger volume is 11100000 person-time. There are 638 existing rental cars.

4) Current status of medical system

Shangrao City has 246 medical and health institutions at all levels and types, averaging every 1000 people for 7.5 beds, medical staff average per 5.3 people. Current status of water supply and drainage

Airport construction area relates to Shangrao Zaotou Town, Zunqiao Village, and Shangrao City District Maojialing Street Maojialing Village, current status of regional water supply and drainage is as follows:

1) water supply: current situation basically: popularization of tap water, by the township water supply plants . At the same time, the majority of farmers in the home installed pressure water machine (water), as the water supplement.

2) drainage: city sewage network also not covered by the airport construction area, therefore, the drainage method mainly includes, 1 natural leakage; 2 directly into irrigation canals; 3 part region has built a special drainage ditch, pool, reservoir and discharged into the river. Current status of refuse treatment

Local residents refuse point stacking, regular landfill; located on the highway along the dumping sites, by villages and towns sanitation by periodic loading transport Shangrao City life refuse landfill processing. Current status of power supply and air supply

Resident power supply uses local network, mainly from the 110KV Wangzao Line and 110KV Maozao Line. Local situation is without gas pipeline. The main fuel is coal, liquefied petroleum gas and a small amount of firewood. Current status of agricultural irrigation

Farmland irrigation mainly uses the surrounding reservoirs and part pools, and carries out irrigation through water conversancy supporting ditches. The surrounding reservoirs and pools include Sanba reservoir, Xiaojiareservoir, Shigureservoir, Qianshanreservoir, Huangwu reservoir (small type reservoir) and Irrigation Baimuling reservoir, etc.

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