Erwartungshorizont Mediation great your friend short introduction

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Erwartungshorizont - Mediation

  • great your friend

  • short introduction – state topic and purpose

    • general statement: globalization

    • football for Champions League final between Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund made in Pakistan in the city of Sialkot, world capital of football production

    • globalization causes rapid change in a developing country

    • working conditions in a football stitching factory in Sialkot

  • main part – mediation

    • production process: company Forward Sports in Sialkot on Pakistan´s border to India produce Champion´s league football

    • veiled women produce high-tech product for German sports company Adidas

    • checking each single ball, weighing, measuring whether the product is perfectly round

    • Forward Sports: founded in 1990 by owner Khawaja Masood Akhtar, one of the biggest manufacturer of footballs in the world; 20.000 footballs made daily, 90% for German sports company Adidas

    • Production sites: Footballs for Nike, Adidas, Puma produced in low-wage countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan > either exploitation of the poor or creating new jobs

    • Child labour is a sensitive issue: in 1997 Pakistani suppliers, representatives of Unicef and the International Labour Organization signed the Atlanta Agreement in which the industry agreed to stop the use of child labour

    • Case of Saga Sports: Nike cancelled its contract with the company in 2006 because children were caught stitching footballs. Saga, once one of the city´s biggest employer is bankrupt today

    • Forward Sports has developed a monitoring system and sports goods companies send their own people into stitching factories to make sure there are no children there

    • Globalization and Sialkot: different stages:

    • At first Sialkot profited from globalization: Football production contributed to the city´s prosperity one of the richest in Pakistan, 750.000 million people live here, low unemployment rate, per capita income twice the national average, paved streets, decent residential areas

    • Then falling demand for hand-stitched footballs, most of the stitching factories had to close; new demand for cheaper balls glued or stitched by machines; China is now the biggest manufacturer of glued footballs; Pakistan only in second place with footballs glued by machines, many people lost their jobs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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