Etchells Fleet 4 Perpetual Trophies

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Etchells Fleet 4 Perpetual Trophies
Robert A. Hastings Perpetual Trophy - Fleet 4 Season Championship

Donated by Fleet 4 to the Corinthian Yacht Club on September 9, 1973 in recognition of Bob Hastings’ efforts in starting Fleet 4 in Marblehead. The trophy is awarded to the winner of the Overall Fleet 4 Season Championship consisting of the EYC Spring Series, First and Second MRA Series, Raceweek, Labor Day Regatta, CYC Fall Series. This year there were 46 races scheduled with a maximum of 6 byes. The scoring is based on 75% of all races sailed and scored. The trophy remains in the custody of the Corinthian Yacht Club for proper display.
2001 – Robert Hitchcock and Greg Hefler

2000, 1999 - Dave Gundy and Bill Critch 1998 - Dave Gundy

1997 - Charlie Quigley / Bill Douglass 1996 - Bill Critch

J. Robert Shaughnessy Memorial Trophy

Donated in 1981 by the Shaughnessy family in Memory of J. Robert Shaughnessy who was a charter member of Fleet 4 (number 64). The trophy is awarded to the member for Outstanding Contribution(s) to Etchells Fleet 4.
2001 – Bev Douglass & Tiffany Murray

2000 – Jud Smith 1999 – Bev Douglass & Kim Barrows

1998 - Frank & Pat Hart 1997 - David Graham

Ben Smith Race Week Trophy

Donated in 1997 by Corinthian Yacht Club:

In Memory of US Senator Benjamin A. Smith II

A long-time participant in Marblehead Raceweek,

A charter member of Fleet 4 and a member of Corinthian Yacht Club

This trophy commemorates his love of the sport and promotion of the Etchells Class
Awarded for “Above and Beyond” Contribution (not necessarily racing) to Raceweek by an Etchells Fleet 4 member.
2001 – Mark Luckes & Cheryl Dessert

2000 – Bev Douglass & Kim Barrows 1999 – Don Miller

1998 - Twig Burke & Cindy Smith 1997 - John & Nancy Nystedt

Teaser IX Championship Trophy - New England Traveling Circuit

Given in 1988 by Fleet 4 to Commemorate Ben Smith for his Many Years of Active Participation in the Promotion of the Etchells Class in General and in Marblehead in Particular. Based on the Best Scores from 3 of the 4-5 New England events held during the racing season. Starting in 2001, the number of regattas was fixed at 4: New England Championship, Long Island Sound Championship, Atlantic Coast Championship, and the Northeast Regional Championship. Participation in at least 3 of the events is required to qualify. (Not restricted to Fleet 4 members.) The trophy is entrusted to Corinthian Yacht Club for proper display, but remains the property of Fleet 4.
2001 – Ched Proctor, Fleet 9

2000 – Dick Hodgson / Robert Bell, Fleet 8 1999 - Gary Gilbert, Fleet 21

1998 - Jonathan Nye, Fleet 9 1997 - Henry Spingler, Fleet 8

1996 - Sandy Weil / Don Dowd, Fleet 1

Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy

Donated by Jody Howard as a donation from her uncle, Gerrit van Schaick. The trophy was first presented to him in 1925 as the skipper of “Little Hope”, a Stamford One Design. This trophy is awarded each year to the winner of the Etchells Atlantic Coast Championship. The trophy is entrusted to Eastern Yacht Club for proper display, but remains the property of Fleet 4. (Not restricted to Fleet 4 members.)
2001 – Steve Girling, Fleet 9

2000 – Robbie Doyle & Ben Richardson, Fleet 4 1999 - Peter Duncan, Fleet 1

1998 - Jud Smith, Fleet 4 1997 - George Francisco, Fleet 15

1996 - Warren Hathaway, Fleet 19

Northeast Regional Championships

A new Regatta for 2001 - no perpetual trophy. Hosted by Fleet 4 in Marblehead in 2001.
2001 – Tim Lynch, Fleet 13
Special Awards for 2001 Northeast Regional Championships

Masters – Don Miller, Fleet 4

Grand Masters – Pat Stadel, Fleet 4

Visitor Award – John Heinnemann, Fleet 21

Road Trip Award – Tim Lynch, Fleet 13

New England Championship Trophy

Donated by the Eastern Yacht Club and awarded to the overall winner of the New England Championships. The trophy remains in the custody of Eastern Yacht Club for proper display.
2001 – Tony Rey

2000 – Ched Proctor, Fleet 9 1999 - Jud Smith, Fleet 4

1998 - Ante Razmilovic, UK Cowes 1997 - Jud Smith / Tom McManus, Fleet 4

1996 - Dave Curtis / Bill Lynn, Fleet 4

Robert W. Sides Seniors’ Trophy - World Championships

Donated in 1998 by Fleet 4 to the Etchells Class in honor of Robert W. Sides for his many years of Etchells racing. The Seniors’ Trophy will be awarded to the skipper/helmsperson, who has achieved his or her 60th birthday on or before the first race, who achieves the best point total among those present at the World Championships. Should fewer than two skippers qualify, the age limit for that year’s award shall be reduced to 55 for that year only. This last sentence was removed at the 1999 Worlds by the IGC to allow for the establishment of a the C. Stanley Ogilvy Masters Trophy (ages 50-59). (Not restricted to Fleet 4 members.)
2001 – Not yet Awarded

2000 – Tony Hirst, AUS 403 1999 – Scott Piper, Fleet 20

1998 - Bill Widnall, Fleet 4

Thursday Night Series

Donated by Pat Stadel for Overall Performance in the CYC Thursday Night Series to encourage participation in the Series.
2001 – Pat Stadel

2000 - Pat Stadel 1999 - Pat Stadel

1998 - Pat Stadel / Dave Nelson / Ted Keenan 1997 - Pat Stadel

Etchells Fleet 4 Perpetual Trophies

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