Experience: Superintendent, Health Services Management

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SMSgt Angela J. Woods

610 Granite Drive, O’Fallon, IL, 62269

Phone Number: 210-216-5600


Superintendent, Health Services Management Jan 2013-Present

932st Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Scott AFB, IL
Plan, organize, and manage the day-to-do activities of the medical unit. Serve as the subject matter expert for Health Services Administration/Tricare Benefits Manager. Manage all aspects of military and civilian personnel management, budget and management analysis supporting operational requirements impacting medical squadron programs. Develop goals and objectives and review and revise policies, procedures, and mission objectives. Direct medical case management of wing Line of Duty (LOD) determinations, medical eligibility for Compensatory Pay (C-pay), Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB) /Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) and World Wide Duty determination. Provide comprehensive management of the complex medical quality assurance credentialing program for health care providers. Facilitate development of action plans and oversight teams on corrective actions on non-compliance health issues and /or program deficiencies affecting mission capability. Develop, implement, and review health services pre and post deployment criteria for program review and quality control. Analyze training requirements to develop and establish training platforms. Provide input and feedback to AFRC functional Career Field managers for all medical specialties for development of Command training materials. Supervises military and civilian employees. Apply EEO principles and requirements to all personnel management actions and decisions, and ensure all personnel are treated in a manner free of discrimination. Counsel on career enhancement requirements. Evaluate applicants and make hiring decisions. Develop, modify and/or interpret performance standards and explain classification determinations to subordinate employees. Evaluate performance of subordinates and complete annual appraisals, approve leave, recommend awards, etc. Provide oversight and staffing to provide over 1K physical examinations per year. Approve/disaprpove travel orders. Primary resourse advisor for squadron funding (operation and maintance, civilan/military travel, supplie, demand reduction). Ensure preauthorization requests are processed through the Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) and coordinate with Tricare when members are erroneously billed for services covered by an LOD. Update and track readiness training, deployment required tier training, and Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) requirements for all assignment squadron AFSCs via Medical Readiness Decision Support System (MRDSS).

Superintendent, Health Services Management/Line of Duty (LOD) Manager Oct 2011-Jan 2013

931st Aerospace Medicine Squadron

McConnell AFB, KS
As Acting First Sergeant, responsible for morale and welfare of all enlisted personnel assigned. Assist members with military and personal issue, provide guidance and counseling on a variety of topics. Prepare and/or present a variety of counselings to include: Letters of Counseling, Letters of Reprimand, Intent to Demote Letters, etc. Review, update and maintain family care folders. Process and prepare documentation and records for medical review to determine if members have medical issues related to repeated fitness failures. Manage the Family Care program. Responsible for initiating LOD determinations using the Automated Line of Duty (ALOD) system. Conduct medical briefings with members prior to LOD initiation. Update immunizations and other information in ASIMS. Collect and process military and civilian documentation for LOD determinations. Track the status of Group LODs and report these at Commander’s Meetings. Assist providers and Commanders in ALOD usage. Inprocess and outprocess medical records and conduct records inventories. Knowledgeable in AHTLA and CHCS, which are used in daily work operations. Prepare slides and update performance metrics for Command Staff meetings (IMR stats presentation, trending and follow up). Work with military providers in completing medical narrative summaries. Identify potentially disqualifying conditions where world wide duty, fitness for duty, and/or medical evaluation boards may need to be initiated. Ensure administrative coverage for various areas during physical exams process, and ensure records are reviewed and documentation is appropriately filed. Daily use of Aeromedical Service Information Management System (ASIMS). Resource advisor/DEAMS trained. MILPDS access and training; pull rosters, update personnel information. Work with active duty and civilian staff on provider credentialing. Alternate Unit Deployment Manager and primary Exercise Evaluation Team leader. Prepare and lead readiness training items to include mass causality exercise, unit recalls and disaster drills. Author After Actions reports and Post-Incident/Exercise Summary (PIES) for submission to EMC and headquarters as required. ALTHA and CHCH trained. Authored units goals and objectives and strategic plan, which was approved though the EMC. E-Finance and DTS usage. Daily usage of all Microsoft Office Products. Completed DTS training, including the training for Accountable Officers & Certifying Officers. Current on all HIPAA required training. Work hand-in-hand with MPF/FSS/PERSCO on personnel issues including gains, losses, promotions, demotions, training, manning documents and performance reports.

Administrative Officer Feb 2009-Present

Department of Veteran Affairs-Audie L. Murphy Division

San Antonio, TX
As a part of service management triad, responsible for integrating, coordinating and managing a multitude of administrative functions of Social Work Services and the Mental Health Product Line. Perform daily monitoring of workload captures and alert statuses for several specialty clinics. Serve as a liaison to Human Resources (HR): utilize HR electronic tracking tool, prepare and submit job announcements and SF 52 Requests for personnel actions, prepare Resource Evaluation Committee request forms used to assist in gaining additional funding and/or positions within Social Work Service. Assess patient satisfaction on a quarterly bases; including problem solving patient care issues and complaints. Advise staff on eligibility determinations and obtain information on changes to laws/regulations regarding eligibility and entitlement issues as they pertain to veterans and their care. Work with Liaisons and Local Recovery Coordinators to coordinate veteran care for medical and dental services. Develop, analyze, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of work methods and procedures regarding manpower utilization, distribution of work assignments, delegation of authority, management controls, information systems, and cost saving mechanisms. Perform trend analysis utilizing clinician work load to expedite transfers and discharge planning in order to reduce hospital bed days of care. Work with Transition Advocates to allow military members a smooth transition into the VA system. Brief veterans and family members on benefits, entitlements, and managed care issues. Assisted providers, clinics and patients/families in the care coordination between the VA, military treatment facilities and civilian facilities. Provide orientation to new staff member concerning the administrative functions of the service. Worked with the Blind Rehab Program and Homeless Dental Program to make certain that all referrals for care were coordinated and followed though, providers were paid and that referrals were used appropriately when care was not available internally. Work with Chief of Service as Contracting Officer Technical Representative by monitoring contract issues relevant to the service. Monitor and manage several multimillion dollar fund control points. Track time and attendance on staff members. Prepared and presented

OEF/OIF/OND Air Force Liaison Jun 2010-Dec 2010

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Landstuhl Air Base, GE
Liaison for all wounded and sick Air Force members transiting the AE system from downrange, regardless of diagnosis. Coordinated patient movement for hundreds of wounded warriors returning stateside for continued care. Ensured all patients being seen made it to/from appointments, scheduled follow up, etc. Cared for family members of severely wounded warriors (to include securing Fisher House care, Chaplain visits, and other duties need in supporting families of severely injured/expiring patients). Ensured less sever patients were seen and transited the AE system expeditiously. Completed daily tracking reports and forwarded these reports to higher headquarters for the overall tracking of AF transiting patients. Aided patients in obtaining airline/bus/transportation when civilian transportation was deemed appropriate by flight surgeons. Worked with member’s home bases and nearest treatment facility (both military and civilian facilities) to coordinate continued care once patients returned to the home of record. Secured copies of military orders and customs forms for patients in order to return the patients stateside.

Supervisor, Patient Care Support Office Apr 2007-Feb 2009

Department of Veteran Affairs-Audie L. Murphy Division

San Antonio, TX
Responsible for direct supervision of 25+ medical administrative assistants/patient care support clerks. Ensure coverage and appropriate staffing for several outpatient surgical areas. Prepared and presented evaluations, assessments, counselings, reprimands, and other administrative documentation. Set up and cancelled clinics. Conducted work load analysis in order to expedite patient care. Ensured all appointments are made in conjunction with Business Rules and established guidelines for scheduling. Provided input to providers and subordinates to maximize productivity and effectiveness of clinic areas. Increased customer satisfaction through the coordination of scheduling, planning and monitoring of all projects and changes. Monitor and track HIPAA training on all assigned staff, conduct training when online resources were not available. Received and review medical documentation from other facilities (MTFs and other civilian facilities) and ensured documents were sent for appropriate processing and inclusion in medical records. Reviewed provider notes to make sure appointments, follow-ups and ancillary orders were scheduled. Followed up on all missed appointments. Certified Health Benefits Advisor, provided guidance to employees regarding eligibility issues. Work with member transiting active duty service; explain VA process, Tricare/VA Healthcare difference and authorized care routes. Worked with providers, veterans and their families in the coordination of medical care to initial, follow-up, referral and ancillary care and hospitalization authorizations.

Medical Administrative Assistant (Air Reserve Technician) Jun 2003-Apr 2007

920th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Patrick AFB, FL
As order clerk, processed all CMAS and orders request. Orders processed included RPA, MPA, Annual Tour and all other calls to active duty. Submitted CMAS requests for deployment and medical continuation (MEDCON) orders. Tracked appointments and orders for members on MEDCON orders. Primary APC for Bank of America travel card program; account maintenance, ran reports, and submitted applications. Pulled misuse and delinquency reports; reviewed reports and prepared reprimands to be presented by First Sergeant and/or Commander. Government Purchase Card holder and approving official; duties included researching and making purchases, maintaining documentation and files as directed, compiling and submitting Form 9's and approving purchases made by card holders. Primary resource advisor, monitored unit expenditures. Annual Tour coordinator: plan, process, and coordinate training plans, as well as any necessary military or commercial air and/or ground transportation. Work as liaison with several training facilities to coordinate training for unit members, both pipeline and cross-trainees. AROWS orders clerk; prepare 938, 1610, CMAS, MPA, RPA and all other order types. Participated in financial working groups as the medical squadron representative. Unit Health Monitor; duties include notifying members of requirement for completing health risk assessments, printing and distributing peer notifications, scheduling members physical exams, distributing dental forms (2813s) and monitoring paperwork associated medical records requirements. Primary time keeper, responsible for input of civilian time and attendance. Conducted quarterly audits on time keeping records to ensure accuracy and compliance with all directives. Trained in healthcare services and Tricare benefits programs. Awards and Decorations monitor. Enlisted Performance Report monitor.

Medical Administrative Assistant Aug 1999-Oct 2011

920th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Patrick AFB, FL
Sole orders clerk, responsible for the preparation, distribution, and maintenance of orders for over 250 unit members. NCOIC of Medical Readiness: ensure members were deployable, monitored and updated medical and mobility records for accuracy, processed members though the medical portion of mobility lines, conducted organizational recalls, and updated appropriate computerized systems. Completely revamped orderly room filing system in order to maintain Air Force compliance and standards. Hand selected by Director of Operations as recorder for the Executive Management Committee. Recorder for the Aerospace Medicine Counsel. Prepare, coordinate, and route all reassignment packages for members being reassigned and/or outprocessed. Trainer in all areas of the Physical Exams process, including check in/out, immunizations and PHA Senior Tech reviews. Conducted medical records audits, made corrections to records as needed. Prepared and disseminated monthly unit bulletin. Instructor/facilitator for Air Force wide Health Service Administrative training readiness course (STARS); prepare materials, lectures, and presentations. Present training in a classroom setting using several teaching methods (PowerPoint, hands on, and other interactive training models). Couse taught include: HIPAA, Self-Aid Buddy Care and In and Outpatient records. Provide TRAC2ES training to include entering patient movement requests, patient and attendant tracking, entering travel, etc. Assisted in STARS program rewrite in order to better meet sustainment training needs of 4A0s of all ranks and skill levels. Selected as the sole 4A0/administrative support to be a part the initial ADVON team that completely set up (both physical and administrative) the new contingency medical staging facility at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgery Center. Duties encompassed: providing TRAC2ES training to all staff including admin, med techs, nurses, and providers, coordination of patient movement efforts and insured patients were validated and properly regulated through the Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) system in conjunction with flight surgeons and GPMRC. Conducted weekly work load monitors on all Mission Control Center (MCC) staff in order to ensure appropriate patient tracking and follow ups were completed. Provided numerous dignitary visits and tours of the new facility.


Master’s Degree in Management

Bellevue University, Nebraska

Graduation 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration

Bellevue University, Nebraska

Associates Degree in Health Care Management

Community College of the Air Force


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