Family Genealogy The Hoosers Since Salem, North Carolina

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Family Genealogy -- The Hoosers Since Salem, North Carolina
The Lineage and Development of the Hoosers' During American History
Jacob Hauser (10/16/1733 to 1/ 26/1806) and his twin Martin Hauser Jr. (10/16/1733- 11/9/1794)

The North Carolina Hoosers, Life on the Yadkin River

I. Jacob Hauser, (10/16/1733 to 1/26/1806) the twin brother to Martin Hauser Jr. (See section II) married Eleonore Margaretha Fiscus on July 19, 1762 in Bethania, NC. Together they raised 12 children:

Catherine,(b.4/20/1763) m. 07/23/1787 to Jacob Shore and (2) Abraham Loesch. Catherine was the first known spelling of Hooser in Jacob Hauser's family. Jacob Hauser was a witness.

A. Jacob Jr., 12/1/1764, m. Barbara Hartman (2)Elizabeth Schneider (3)Sarah West & (4)Mary Yarrel

Magdalena, 12/15/1766 m. Adam Volk

Hannah, 10/13/67 - 12/3/1800

B. David, 2/14/1769 -11/23/1852 m. Mary Godwin -- {This line is developed to modern day}

C. Daniel, 9/2/1773 -1/2/1846 m. 12/29/1805 to Mary Clark in Christian County Kentucky.

D. Adam, (b. 3/20/1775) m. 10/15/1801 Margaretha Binkele (b.11/28/1780)

E. William, 4/30/1779, He moved to Bedford County Tennessee

Elizabeth, (twin of William) born 4/30/1779 died 10/7/1798.

F. Christian, 7/15/1782.- He has been found in Kentucky executing land deals with his brothers

(Daniel and David).

John, 6/23/1785. He moved to Kentucky in 1814.

Joseph, 6/16/1789. This family settled back in the northeast.
A. Jacob Hooser Jr. Married Barbara Hartman and Elizabeth Schneider

A.1 Susanna Hooser (8/16/1791)

A.2 John Hooser (12/28/1792)

A.3 William Hooser (10/13/1794)

A.4 Rebecca Hooser (8/9/1796)

A.5 Jacob Hooser (3/20/1798)

A.6 Josiah Hooser (8/5/1801) - start: children from Elizabeth Schneider

A.7 Maria Hooser (1/27/1804)

A.8 Daniel Hooser (6/1/1807 to 04/02/1864) m. Francis Kimbro on 15 Aug 1830

A.9 Alexander Hooser (9/29/1809)

A.3 William Hooser's Line (1794 to 1837) - More Indiana Hoosers

{The connection: William was born in 1794 according to the Moravian records and is the son of Jacob Jr. Therefore William is a nephew to David, Christian and Daniel Hooser of Kentucky.}

William was the grandson of Jacob Hauser (the twin). Family originated out of Winston Salem, North Carolina. William Hooser initiated Lafe Hooser's family in Hendricks, County Indiana. The following is their family tree (William was born in Bethania, NC near Winston - Salem North Carolina).
William Hooser (1794 to 1837) m. Sarah W. Sanders (b.1791-d.1841) and raised six children:

A.3.1 Katherine Hooser (b. 1823 to1870)

A.3.2 Mary Polly Hooser (b. 1825 to 1904)

A.3.3 Bradford Hooser (b. 1827)

A.3.4 Wiley Hooser (b.1828 to 3/19/1900)

A.3.5 William Riley Hooser (b.1829 to 1907)

A.3.6 Frederick Hooser (b. 1834)
A.3.5 William Riley Hooser married Sarah Hunter on 27 June 1853 and raised eight children:

A.3.5.1 George W. Hooser (8/24/1858 to 2/19/1922)

A.3.5.2 Wiley Milton Hooser (3/24/1860 to 1937)

A.3.5.3 Charles Thomas Hooser (2/10/1862 to 5/27/1947)

A.3.5.4 Robert Hooser (2/15/1873-10/9/1953 - mother - Mahala A. McCloud - 2nd wife - WRH)

A.3.5.5 Belle Hooser (b. 1864)

A.3.5.6 Ida Mae Hooser m. Marion Runion

A.3.5.7 Julia Florence Hooser (1886-1967) m. Lewis Ralston

A.3.5.8 Jesse F. Hooser (1890) m. Eliza Fenton
A.3.5.2 Wiley Milton Hooser married Kitty Ann Morphew on 6/1/ 1882 and raised three children:

A. Joseph Milton Hooser (b. 1884)

A. Charles Earnest Hooser

A. Verne Clive Hooser (b.1893)

A. Verne Clive Hooser married Anna Margaret Pfaffenberger and raised two children:

A. Lafayette (Lafe) Allen Hooser

A. Mary Margaret Hooser
A.3.5.4 Robert Hooser Married Emma Young (1876 to 1960) and raised five children:

A. Claude Cecil Hooser (1895-1966)

A. Harry Ross Hooser (1897-1959)

A. James Glenn Hooser (1899-1957)

A. Beulah Theodora Hooser (1901-1994)

A. Maude Hooser (1905 -1992)

A. James Glenn Hooser married Bessie Crosbie and raised two children:

A. Ruth Imogene Hooser (b. 1924) married Clifford Crosby

A. Warren Hooser (b. 1933)
A.3.5.8 Jesse F. Hooser married Eliza Fenton and raised three children:

A. Roy Lester Hooser (1916- )

A. Tessibel Hooser (1917- )

A. Anita Merle Hooser (1926-)

A.8 Daniel Hooser and Francis Kimbro Hooser's (07/11/1807 to 05/06/1885) Line

Daniel and Francis Kimbro Hooser raised 10 children near Bedford County Tennessee.

A.8.1 Mary Ann Hooser (8/20/1831 - 8/12/1856)

A.8.2 George Marion Hooser (11/4/1832 - 11/2/1876) m. Harriet Holt 2/4/1864

A.8.3 Sarah Jane Hooser (3/1/1836 - 5/16/1863) died in Tennessee as a Couch

A.8.4 Rachel Lucinda Hooser (twin) (4/1/1839-10/16/1841)

A.8.5 Harriet Luisa Hooser (twin) (4/1/1839-05/31/1849)

A.8.6 William Mitch Hooser (12/181840-12/15/1907)

A.8.7 Martha Hooser (11/12/1842-4/12/1924) died in Tennessee as a Troxler

A.8.8 Almeda Hooser (11/3/1844-1927) died in Texas as a Couch

A.8.9 Sophronia Hooser (10/9/1847-6/13/1925) died in Tennessee as a Williams

A.8.10 Virginia Ann Hooser (3/25/1850- ?) died in Louisana as a Bomar

A.8.2 George Marion Hooser married Harriet Holt and raised three children in Bedford County Tennessee.

A.8.2.1 A.G. Gee Hooser (6/20/1869-6/8/1942)

A.8.2.2 Edmund Cooper Hooser (11/2/1872-11/18/1898)

A.8.2.3 George Marion Hooser Jr. (3/31/1959)

A.8.2.3 George Marion Hooser Jr. was married 4 Feb 1899 in Bedford County TN. He fathered:

A. Mary Hooser (1/28/1900 to 4/5/1986) died in Bedford County TN as an Edmund

A. Ruth Hooser (9/12/1901 to 5/6/1990), and her married name was Dillingham.

A. Percy Hooser (3/5/1905 to 1/3/1988), died in Gainsville, FL as a Hobart

A. Margaret Hooser (b 1/19/1907) married Willie Bertie Thomas

A. Marion (Hattie) Hooser (b 11/8/1915) living in Rome GA as a Hodge.

A.8.6 William Mitch Hooser raised his son and daughter in Bedford County.

A.8.6.1 Horace William Hooser (11/17/1873 to 11/26/1929)

A.8.6.1 Horace William Hooser raised three sons:

A. Fred Mitchell (5/7/1905 to 1/28/1925)

A. Lester Sullivan Hooser (2/20/1908 to 7/1/1917)

A. William Ward Hooser (5/23/1915 to 6/10/1995), who died in Nassau Bay, TX

B. David Hooser's (2/14/1769-11/23/1852) Line - North Carolina To Kentucky.

David Hooser married Mary Godwin in Bethania, NC and raised 7 children:

B.1 Daniel Hooser (1801) married Margaret W. Allen on 2/8/1823

B.2 William G. Hooser married Purity B. (both born in North Carolina)

B.3 George W. Hooser (1804) married Mary W. Ring in 1831

B.4 John (aka Jack) Hill Hooser (1808) married Martha Ring

B.5 Nancy Hooser (1810) married Lemuel Hargrave on 6/14/1826

B.6 David J. Hooser (1812-1903) married Mary Jane Overshiner in Christian Co Kentucky

B.7 Ellen Hooser married Lott Murphy 1/30/1840

Through John Hill Hooser and the genealogical marker that he provided me (Randall Hill Hooser (TWIN SON) born 1957) is basically why I was so motivated to continue after I had most of the answers to my own family lineage. Much thanks to Bell Cobb Dahlman (granddaughter of James Knox Hooser for the clues) and Susan Hooser Gray (daughter of Charles Emmett Hooser) for providing the vast historical

insight to our family.

Notes About David and Mary Hooser’s Life

David's farm still stands although uncared for, north of Guthrie Ky on Highway 79. The old house, the barn, the well, as well as the grape vineyards are still there. The Civil War and the events leading up to it must have taken a toll on the Hooser family. David was born on Feb 14, 1769 and died November 23, 1852. The words on his stone read:
"Our Father has gone to a mansion of rest;

From a region of sorrow and pain;

To the glorious land by the Deity Blest;

There he never can suffer again."

Mary lived from the year 1779 until 30 Aug of 1862. She died of old age and exposure. We know the farm, and the crops were completely destroyed in 1862 by the Union Army (Sherman and Shackelford were known to be in the area) after some weeks of occupation. The pre-battle activities lead up to the Battle of Dover approximately 30 miles west of Clarksville TN. Mary died very soon after the Union Army left their home in ashes. Her stone reads:
"Alas Mother has left us her spirit has fled;

Her body now slumbers along with the dead.

Her Savior hath called her to Him, she has gone;

Be Ye also ready to follow her soon."

The question remains:

"Why did the Union Army destroy the family home and livelihood from a family that resided in a NEUTRAL state of the United States?"

B.1 Daniel Hooser (1801-1885) and Margaret Allen (b.1802 in SC) raised three children:

B.1.1 Rosanna Hooser (b.1833) married Puckett

Children: Joseph A. Puckett (b. 1859) & Mary J. Puckett (b.1857)

B.1.2 John H. Hooser (b. 1837-5/20/1923) married Bell R. ? (b.1846 in KY – 8/18/1921) m. in 1863

B.1.3 Martha E. Hooser (b.1847–1854)
B.2 William G. Hooser (1800) and Purity B. Hooser raised six children:

B.2.1 William D. Hooser (1826) married L.A. Gill in 1855.

B.2.2 George Hooser (1827)

B.2.3 David O. Hooser (1830) married M.J. Hester in 1853.

B.2.4 Emaline Hooser (1834)

B.2.5 Elizabeth E. Hooser (1836)

B.2.6 Harrison Hooser (1838)
B.2.1 William D. Hooser (1826) and L.A. Gill lived in Todd County and raised five children:

B.2.1.1 M. Elizabeth (4/2/1856) died in Todd 11/29/1929 as a Cole

B.2.1.2 Adaie Hooser (1858)

B.2.1.3 James M. Hooser (1863)

B.2.1.4 William E. Hooser (1865)

B.2.1.5 Nellie Hooser (1866)

B.2.3 David O. Hooser (1830) and Martha J. Hester married in 1853 in Todd Cty KY. Children:

B.2.3.1 Parthenia "Bettie Hooser" (b 5/4/1854)

B.2.3.2 Mary E. Hooser (1/20/1857)

B.2.3.3 James W. Hooser (3/6/1860 to 11/16/1889)

B.2.3.4 Margaret Ann Hooser (6/16/1862 to 11/9/1949) married William Taylor

B.2.3.5 Martha O. Hooser (8/3/1865)

B.2.3.6 John W. Hooser (3/16/1867 to 10/31/1867)

B.2.3.7 D G Hooser (b. 3/14/1869)

B.2.3.8 Ocepex Hooser (1/12/1871 to 7/3/1871)

B.2.3.9 Ashmal Hooser (8/13/1872 to 9/21/1872)

B.3 George W. Hooser (1804) married Mary W. Ring in 1831. Together they raised four children:

B.3.1 Washington M. Hooser* (1836-1901) wife, A.P.; children Ida, Horace and Rubey

B.3.2 Thomas P. Hooser (1832) had 2 daughters Mary B. and Sally M. Hooser

B.3.3 George W. Hooser (1843)

B.3.4 Charles D. Hooser (1848 - 2/23/1921) m. Martha L. Edwards (d. 3/20/1931) in 1869.
Note About Washington M. Hooser

A Confederate Veteran who fought under Morgan and was captured by the Yankees. (Taken from the Daily Leaf Chronicle – Clarksville, TN 3/18/1901 p.1)

B.4 John (Jack) Hill Hooser's Lineage -- HEAD To THE HILLS!

John (Jack) Hill Hooser married Martha G. Ring (bn 1812) on Feb 26, 1834 in Todd County Kentucky. Martha and Jack raised eight children that constitute the majority of the Hooser family in KY, TN, &AL.

B.4.1 Andronica Hooser (1835) married Dr. Thomas Frazier in 1861. She is buried in Dayton, Ohio

B.4.2 John Nick Hooser (1840) married Ann Damascus Edwards (sister to William M. Edwards)

B.4.3 Martha T. Hooser (1842-1913) married William M. Edwards (brother to A. D. Edwards)

B.4.4 George Frances Hooser (1845-1930) married Nannie Almary Moore (b 7/2/1862) in 1893

B.4.5 Sarah E. Hooser (1847-1889)

B.4.6 Babe (Hattie) Hooser (1852-1921) married J.W. Furnish of Owen County Kentucky.

B.4.7 William M. Hooser (1854-1911) married Alice Moore on 7/25/1889 in Montgomery Co TN

B.4.8 Nannie Hill Hooser (1856) married Toby Ring in 04/28/1897 Buried in Washington, PA

With all these children, "Jack" Hill Hooser must have been a busy man. While he may never have "headed for the Hills" some interesting things result from the US Census records. In 1850, census records show him in Kentucky; in 1860 census shows a John H. Hooser in California; and 1870 then back again to Kentucky. Could John have been a "forty niner"? (Answer: There were two John H. Hoosers from Kentucky. The younger John H. Hooser went to California).

B.4.2 John Nick Hooser's* (1840-1905) Line-A TAILOR-MADE Family

John Nick Hooser married Ann Damascus Edwards on Dec 22, 1864 and reared a family in the Todd County/Christian County area of Kentucky. Due to the achievements and hard work of John Nick's family (himself an artist), a tribute to the Hooser family is there today (on MAIN STREET of course!)

B.4.2.1 Jenny Hooser (1866-??)

B.4.2.2 James Knox Hooser (1869-1952) married Elizabeth Edmunds

B.4.2.3 John Edward Hooser (1867-1950)

B.4.2.4 Charles Emmitt Hooser

B.4.2.5 Elva Hooser

B.4.2.6 Sally Hooser
James Knox around 1900 established a Tailor Shop in Hopkinsville Ky. He employed his family members most notably Charles Emmette who was responsible for the Pants and Vest preparation for men's apparel. The girls Elva, Sally and Jenny never married but they too were business people. They started a dry goods store that was converted to a women's apparel annex to JK Hooser's shop.
B.4.2.2 James Knox Hooser (The Tailor) Hooser's Family Line

James Knox Hooser (1869-1952) married Elizabeth Edmund and raised a daughter Jane Hooser along with tending to the family business.

B. Jane Hooser (19XX to19XX ) married Maurice Cobb

As mentioned earlier, James Knox (J.K) worked with his family in the Tailor Shop. His style was very evident not only from his loyal customers but also in his taste for architecture. The following quote is taken from the Hopkinsville KY newspaper "Kentucky New Era". "One of the most distinctive changes made during the Hooser ownership was the installation of an oversized colored-glass window above the front doorway. It allows in both the large amounts of light required by a busy tailor and left an unusual bit of commercial art to the downtown scene." The building is now a monument to J.K. Hooser (The Tailor) in downtown Hopkinsville, Ky.

B.4.2.2 James Knox Hooser's Family Tree (J.K and Elizabeth Hooser)

Jane Hooser (married Cobb):

Ann Cobb Married Ronald Wise parents of:

  • John Mabre Wise

Belle Cobb Married Fred Dahlman parents of:

  • Robert Albert Dahlman

  • Mark Cobb Dahlman

B.4.2.3 John Edward Hooser's (1867-1950) Line-What Do You Mean-"ROLL TIDE!?"

John Edward (1869-1950) married Davie Emma Hooser and raised three children. The majority of his family settled in the Alabama area. (Is this what they mean by a "FAMILY FEUD"? -- REF: the 3rd Saturday in October when a sea of orange & white meets the Crimson Tide or Frank's side verses John Edward’s side?? Nathan, better get my Tennessee Woodsman black powder shotgun!!)

B. Mildred Hooser married Emil Carl Armingeon

B. David Mack Hooser married Henrietta Catherine Froehlich

B. Cornelia Hooser
Well I guess in every house a little football must be watched. While I am most thankful that I met Ronald Williams at work, I must admit though, we are probably not on the same side of the gridiron on Tennessee-Alabama game day. Ronald's family lives in Huntsville (as I do) and his parents Louise and Louis Williams live in Birmingham Al. David Mack Hooser lived in Birmingham with his wife and his daughters Olga and Anita are still in the "Heart of Dixie".
B.4.2.3 John Edward Hooser's Family Tree (John Edward and Davie Hooser)

David Mack Hooser

  • Anita Gayle Hooser (married Charles Barnes)

  • Olga Marie Hooser

(1st married George F. Gilliland-deceased)

(2nd married Sam A. Franklin)

Mildred Hooser (married Emil Carl Armingeon) parents of:

  • Mary Louise Armigeon married Arthur Louis Williams parents of:

  • Ronald Williams

Cornelia Hooser Smith Franks

  • Charles Howden Smith

B.4.2.4 Charles Emmette Hooser's (1880-1967) Line-"A Quality Man Makes His Mark"

Charles Emmette married Maude Schanlin and raised two children. His family lived mostly in Kentucky, until Charles moved to Georgia late in life.

B. John Mack Hooser (1919 to present)

B. Susan Hooser married Gray (1915 to present)

After researching volumes of data on our family, I must admit I still have some lingering questions ... but of this I am sure. Everyone in our extended family should contact the children of Charles Emmette Hooser. John Mack (79) and Susan Gray (83) were wonderfully delightful and colorful conversationalists.

John Mack's honesty was remarkable and Susan's sincerity was poignant. They are I believe the oldest surviving of the John Nick Hooser family line, however I did not research all of his children.

Charles Emmette Hooser's Family Tree --(Charles Emmette & Maude Schanlin Hooser)

John Mack & Ann Hooser parents of:

  • John Stewart Hooser father of

  • Marian Hooser

  • Andrew Stewart Hooser

  • Charles Clark Hooser father of

  • John Clark Hooser

Susan Hooser (married Gray) parents of:

  • Charles Emmitt Gray

B.4.7 William Hooser's (08/29/1854-11/27/1911) Line-A Heart-Felt Family Story

William Hill Hooser married Alice Moore on (7/25/1889) in Montgomery County. The family was raised in nearby Trenton, KY. Many families today do not know how to function in times of tragedy but this one did. The children were:

B.4.7.1 Frank Hill Hooser (1893-1956) married Volena Hamm.

B.4.7.2 Guy Hooser (1897-1984) married Rhea Liddich.

B.4.7.3 Robert Hooser (Died suddenly in a car accident in the 1940's)

B.4.7.4 Ethel Hooser married Robert Sanford April 10, 1910

B.4.7.5 Alice Hooser
According to death records and family reflection, William, already a widower (Alice died in 1905 possibly due to Typhoid), died in 1911 due to a sudden heart attack. The children (mostly in their teens) were raised by William's youngest sister Nanny and her husband Toby Ring. It is known that Nanny and Toby had no children of their own, but the inclusion of five new mouths to feed in those days shows the courage and strength of the Hooser family then and also a strong testimony of what modern families may need to relearn in the 1990's.
B.4.7.1 Frank Hill Hooser's Line - HOW 'BOUT' THEM VOLS??

Frank Hill Hooser (1893) married Volena Hamm and moved to Paris Tennessee to raise their children. 107 Wynn Dr was the home for the following five:

B. William Edward Hooser (1925 to 1983) married Jackie Beazie

B. Emma Jean Hooser (1927-present) married Thomas Erwin

B. Thomas Hooser (Tommie) 1930 to 1981) married Mary

B. Frank Hill Hooser Jr. (1933-present) married Margaret Burns

B. Mary Alice Hooser (1935-present) married Dewey Garrett
Paris is a boating Mecca of the South. Large segments of Kentucky Lake are available from boat docks at the Paris Landing. Paris also boasts of the only National Fish Fry in the United States. The majority of the Frank H. Hooser family continues to frequent Paris to conduct large portions of family gatherings and events. My own personal memories of my uncles is one of boats, fishing, radios and televisions-especially when the University of Tennessee Volunteers were playing.
Frank Hill Hooser's Family Tree - (Frank Hill and Volena Hooser)

Tommy and Mary Hooser parents of:

  • Volena Hooser / Linda Hooser / Betty Lou Hooser / Butch Hooser / James Hooser

William E. and Jackie Hooser parents of:

  • Cheryl Ann Hooser / Theresa Hooser / Carrie Hooser

Frank Hill Jr. and Margaret Ann (Burns) Hooser parents of:

  • Karol Ann Hooser / Randall Hill Hooser / Ronald Earl Hooser / David Wayne Hooser

Emma Jean Hooser (married Thomas Erwin) parents of:

  • Margaret Erwin / Mary Jean Erwin / Charles Erwin

Mary Alice Hooser (married Dewey Garrett)

  • Kathy Garrett / Michael Garrett / Karen Garrett / Kay Garrett / Don Garrett

B.4.7.2 Guy Hooser's Family Line - California Dreamin'

Guy Hooser (1896-1984) married Rhea Liddich (second wife was named Via) and raised three children:

B. Thomas Guy Hooser (1922 to present)

B. Gertrude Hooser

B. Louise Hooser
Guy was strong willed and free-spirited. He eventually was drawn to the San Diego California area when he found solace with the ways of the "Hollywood" State. I remember him more as Uncle "Buck"-no not because he looked like John Candy, but because when I lived in Kentucky with my father (Guy's nephew), he brought us our first ever BUCK KNIFE.
David Hooser's Line Name Bearers-Next Generations-ASSESSED BY TRADITIONAL MEANS

Charles Emmitt Hooser's Line

  • John Clarke Hooser son of Charles Clark Hooser and grandson of John Mack Hooser

  • Andrew Stewart Hooser son of John Stewart Hooser and grandson of John Mack Hooser

Guy Hooser's Line

  • Ryan Hooser son of Richard Hooser and grandson of Thomas Guy Hooser

Frank Hill Hooser's Line

  • Michael Hooser son of Ronald Hooser & grandson of Frank Hill Hooser Jr.

  • Matthew Hooser (born Aug 1987) son of Ronald Hooser & grandson of Frank Hill Hooser Jr.

  • Aaron Thomas Hooser ( July 1, 1985) son of Randall Hill Hooser & grandson of Frank Hill Hooser Jr.

  • Nathan Alexander Hooser ( Feb 6, 1990) son of Randall Hooser & grandson of Frank Hill Hooser Jr.

  • Timothy Christopher Hooser (11/29/1995) son of Randall Hooser & grandson of Frank Hill Hooser Jr.

B.6 David J. Hooser (1812-1903) m. Martha Jane Overshiner* on 1/8/1838 in Christian Cty KY.

B.6.1 Virginia Hooser married Johnson T. Savage of Huntingdonshere England in May 1838.

Children: Anna V. Savage (m. Alfred L. Wilson); George D. Savage; and John F. Savage

B.6.2 Mary L. Hooser (b.11/15/1840) married Henry Clay Ballard (b.11/15/1840)

Children: Jenny / James / William / and Albert G. Ballard

Notes About Martha Jane Overshiner

Martha Jane Overshiner, wife of David J. Hooser was the daughter of Gideon and Barbara (nee Campbell) Overshiner. Gideon’s father came here from Germany and fought for the American Revolution. Gideon and Barbara Overshiner were pioneers of the Methodist Church in Christian County. (Taken from the History of Christian County)
C. Daniel Hooser (9/2/1773 -1/2/1846) and Mary "Polly" Clark (1/15/1787 - 9/12/1852) were married 12/26/1805 by Jesse Clark in Christian County, Kentucky. Daniel and Mary moved to the Cape Girardeau area in Missouri in 1815. We know that Daniel and Mary raised three sons and three daughters. Daniel and Mary attended the first Methodist Church west of the Mississippi - Old McKendree Chapel. The Church was built in 1819 and is the oldest Protestant Church west of the Mississippi still standing and located just east of Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Rush Limbaugh’s hometown). One of his earliest members was Samuel H. Thompson. The 1852 membership shows Mary (Polly) Hooser as a member.

C.1 William Hooser (9/1/1810 - 9/10/1821) the child died in Cape Girardeau County.

C.2 Joseph Hooser (?)

C.3 Reuben Hooser (b.1808 in TN-?) married Gensie (Jincie) Ann

C.4 Eustatian A. Hooser (?) married Robert Taylor 8/27/1840 in Cape Girardeau County

C.5 Sally Hooser (?) married Wylie Abernathy 5/20/1830 in Cape Girardeau County

C.6 Eleanor Margaret Hooser (??) married into the Welch family.

According to Cape Girardeau county records, on October 26, 1821 Sarah Spears Thompson died and Daniel came and was made guardian of Clarissa "Clara" Ann Spears (b. 1803) and Laura Ann Spears (b. 1804), daughters of Sarah Spear Thompson, first wife to Edward A. Spears, Jr. (killed at Fort Howard in what is now St. Charles Co. MO, during the war of 1812). Sarah Spear Thompson remarried in 1815/16 John Thompson, daughter Elvira Carolina Thompson was born about 1816. Daniel was appointed guardian on January 28, 1822 of Elvira Caroline Thompson. Daniel and Polly raised these children together.
C.3 Reuben and Gensie (Jincie) Ann Hooser raised the following family:

C.3.1 Joseph Hooser (b. 1836)

C.3.2 William Hooser (b.1838)

C.3.3 Mary E. Hooser (b.1841)

C.3.4 Henry Hooser (b. 1844)

C.3.5 James Dawson Hooser (b.1/8/1846 - 8/20/1898) married Sarah Jane Harris (b.1857) in MO.

C.3.6 Martha Hooser (b.1848)

C.3.7 George Hooser (b.1850)

C3.8 Amanda Hooser (b. 1854)

C.3.9 John B. Hooser (b.1859-1922) married Mary Jane Wood. John became a Methodist circuit rider.

C.3.10 Az Hooser (7/19/1860-3/3/1927) born in Mt.Home Arkansas & died in Tyro, Kansas.
C.3.5 James Dawson Hooser married Sarah Jane Harris near Baxter County Arkansas. James and Sarah operated a mill and a general store on the White River near the town of Northfork, AR. They raised four children:

C.3.5.1 William F. Hooser (b. 1882) married Julia Dickerson (b. 1885) on 1/9/1902

C.3.5.2. Florence Hooser (b.1878-??)

C.3.5.3. George W. Hooser (b. 11/1/1879-8/4/1885) George was born and died in Baxter Co. AR at the age of 5.

C.3.5.4. Robert H. Hooser (b. 6/15/1885-7/30/1886) Robert died in Baxter Co. AR

C.3.5.1 William F. Hooser (b. ca. 1882 in Baxton Co. AR.) married Julia Dickerson (b. ca 1885) on 1/9/1902 in Baxter Co. AR. Julia was born in Illinois & both William and Julia died in Dalhart, Dallam Co, TX. They had 7 children:

C. Beulah Hooser (b. 1904 in AR) She married into the Graham family.

C. Lovenia Hooser (b. 10/12/1905-05/1978) She was born in AR. She married George Thomas.

She went by the name of Florence. She died in Dalhart County TX.

C. Delbert James Hooser (b. 1908 in AR) married Loretta ??

C. William Bonnis Hooser (b. 1910 - 1977) William was born in Vera , Knox Co. TX. He married Helen Blanche Marlow (b.12/31/1913-03/1958) Helen was born in Baylor Co, TX & died in Memphis TX in Hall Co. William had difficulty dealing with the loss of his wife, Helen Blanche Hooser. He loved

her very much.

C. D. Woodrow Hooser (b.1913 in TX).

C. Gerald Hooser (b.1915-ca. 1935) Gerald was born in TX & died in his early 20's train accident.

C. L. Grace Hooser (b.3/6/1919 - 1/8/1997) She lived her life in Dalhart TX. She married either Jessie McClendon (b. 6-4-1912) or Joe McClendon (b. 7-3-1918). Records are difficult to determine what the "J." represents.

C. William Bonnis Hooser (b. 1910-1977) married Helen Blanche Marlow (b.12/31/1913-03/1958). William was born in Vera, Knox Co. TX. Helen was born in Baylor Co, TX & died in Memphis TX in Hall Co. William would live with family, friends and relatives after the loss of his wife, Blanche. He never adjusted to her loss. He died at the home of his daughter due to self-inflicted causes.
C. Jerry Lynn Hooser (June 1941 to present) married Barbara Gayle Lambert (b. 7/21/1941). Jerry and Barbara had one son:

C. -- Cody Lynn Hooser (b. 9/14/71 - present) Cody was born in Bowie, TX and married Amy C. Osborne.

C. Vicki Hooser (b. ??) No data available

C. Sharon Hooser (b. ??) No data available.

C. Cody Lynn Hooser (b. 9/14/1971 in Bowie, TX) married Amy C. Osborne (b. 12/14/1974 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co TX) on June 14, 1997 in Azle, TX. Amy is the daughter of Thomas R. Osborne and Nicki J. Smitham Slobodien.
C. Logan Tyler Hooser (b. 12/20/1998 to present)
C.3.9 John B. Hooser married Mary Jane Wood. John B. Hooser was a Methodist circuit rider around the Taney County Missouri area.

C.3.9.1 Ralph Hooser (ca 1883)

C.3.9.2 Mandy Hooser (ca. 1885)

C.3.9.3 Viola Hooser (b. 1886)

C.3.9.4 George W. Hooser (b. 1887)

C.3.9.5 Alexander Hooser (b. 1890)

C.3.9.6 Ugene Hooser (b. 1891)

C.3.9.7 Az N. (Acie) Hooser (ca. 1893)

C.3.9.8 Joseph Fletcher Hooser (b. 1895) may have been a twin or nicknamed "Jada"

C.3.9.9 Minni L. Hooser (b. 1899)

C.3.10. Aze Hooser (7/19/1860-3/3/1927) married Dora Jackson (b.2/3/1873 - 7/22/1938). Aze worked with a mule team as a water well digger.

C.3.10.1 Ruby Elizabeth Hooser (3/12/1912 -6/1949) married Herman Shipper

C. Thelma Henryetta Shipper (5/3/1936) married Ronald Rowlan

C.3.10.2 Ralph Mogul Hooser (3/12/1916 – 4/25/1993) twin to Ruby
C.3.10.2 Ralph Mogul Hooser (3/12/1916 – 4/25/1996) married Dorothy Perkins (b. 4/16/1920) on 10/6/1942

C. Ruby Faye Hooser (8/22/1945) married Darrel Hall.

C. Kathy Kay Hooser (b.1958) married Mike Mickelson. Mike passed away in 1995.
D. Adam Hauser (Hooser) married Margaretha Binkele raised a large family in Stokes and Yadkin County, North Carolina:

D.1 Samuel Hauser (1803 - 1881) married Nancy Scott & later Louisa Rebecca Doub

D.2 Sallie Hauser (2/24/1805 -1883) married Leonard Scott Jr. (9/17/1798 - 1888)

D.3 John Hauser (5/5/1807- 4/21/1886) m.Elizabeth Caroline Poindexter & Mary Susanna Kreeger

D.4 Thomas Hauser (11/18/1809-4/21/1881) m. Susan Ann Hendman in Indiana in 1822.

D.5 Jacob Wesley Hauser (3/2/1812-3/10/1897) m. Nancy Miller. Jacob died in Eury Cty MO

D.6 Mary Hauser (b. 1814) married Jeremiah Glen.

D.7 Elizabeth Hauser (6/23/1817-1/1/1902) married Henry P. Martin on 9/10/1870

D.8 Adam Hauser (8/25/1819-4/25/1895) m. Catherine Scott on 8/16/1842.

D.9 William Hauser (1821 - 1822)

D.5 Jacob Wesley Hauser married Nancy Miller (2/6/1811-5/19/1898) on 10/5/1832. Nancy was the daughter of Frederick Miller (d. 1872) and Judith Rectens (d. 1870). Jacob Wesley Hauser (3/2/1812-3/10/1897) was born in North Carolina but always called Wesley. Wesley and Thomas Hauser went west in a covered wagon with the parents of Nancy Miller. They stopped for a while in Indiana at least long enough for Thomas to find and marry his Indiana bride around 1822. Again, MORE INDIANA HOOSIERS coming to Indiana before the Moniker occurred!!! Eventually both men went on to Missouri. Wesley and Nancy raised four children:

D.5.1 Richard A. Hauser (b. 4/21/1834) married Nancy Jane Madden on 9/14/1883

D.5.2 Sarah E. Hauser (8/31/1836-2/6/1883)

D.5.3 Jeanetta A. Hauser (12/12/1838-12/22/1840)

D.5.4 Judith Ann Hauser (1/07/1841-6/13/1920) married Henry McClure
E. William Hooser (4/30/1779-3/10/1847) married Rebecca Cout (4/5/1783-11/1845). William followed Catherine Hooser Schor to Bedford County Tennessee near Shelbyville. He became a lawyer in the area and can be found over and over in the Bedford County records. His daughter Letitia Morton Hooser would marry the nephew of Newton Cannon. Newton Cannon was the governor of Tennessee in the 1830’s. The Cannon family would donate much of the land that became the town of Shelbyville, Tennessee.

E.1 Eliza C. Hooser - named in honor of William’s twin sister Elizabeth -- married William Young

E.2 Letitia Morton Hooser (5/1/1827-8/6/1852) married Robert T. Cannon (1/8/1814-12/12/1888)

E.3 Polly Ann Hooser – married Charles L. Cannon

F. Christian Hooser (7/15/1782 to 1861) married Elizabeth (died 1860) in Cooper County, MO

A historical reference is made to Christian Hooser in Grand River Twp. MO. On 4/17/1824, he bought two horses for $25 (a bay filly) and $15 (black colt) dollars. Christian and Elizabeth together raised the following children:

F.1 Sarah (Sallie) Hooser (b1811) m. 12/1/1825 married Joe Snodgrass

F.2 Malinda Hooser (b.1815) m. 9/24/1835 William Smith

F.3 Jane Hooser (b.1819) married Thomas Stevens on 8/11/1839

F.4 Martha Hooser (b.1820) married James Harris

F.5 Elizabeth Hooser (b.1826) married Abraham Baxter

F.6 William Burleson Hooser (1830-8/11/1911 in WY) married Arena Martin

F.7 John D. Hooser (??) married Nancy Snodgrass (1/13/1854) in Missouri

F.8 Louisa Hooser (b. 1830)

F.9 Susan Hooser

F.10 Mary Ann Hooser

F.6 William Burleson Hooser and Arena Martin (3/18/1826-12/12/1886) and raised four children:

F.6.1 Jasper John Hooser (ca.1855-1912) married Pearly Mae Thompson (3/10/1871-12/20/1959)

F.6.2 Redmond David Hooser (7/30/1851 - 11/18/1933) m. Elvira Jane Shipley & Claira McClendon

F.6.3 Jennie Hooser

F.6.4 Emma Hooser

F.6.5 Floura Price Hooser married Joseph Campell McClendon (Floura was living in household)

F.6.1 Jasper John Hooser (1855-1912) and Pearly Mae Thompson (b. 1875 in KY) raised three children in Colorado:

F.6.1.1 Thomason (Tom) Jefferson Hooser (aka Thomas Jasper – two families ref. different names)

F.6.1.2 Ollie (Shad) Hooser (3/21/1898 - 6/16/1970) married Nettie Brown (8/16/1901 - 1958)

F.6.1.3 George (Joe) Hooser changed last name to Hoover

F.6.1.4 Bertie Ann Hooser married a Babbit

F.6.1.5 William Foriest Hooser (4/26/1893-2/18/1962) married Zeilpha Margaret Hanson on 3/8/1921

F.6.1.6 Peter Hooser (believed to have died very young)

F.6.1.7 Albert Henry Hooser (9/2/1903-2/6/1968) married Iva Bell Tucker (2/24/1925) in Sterling, CO

F.6.1.5 William Foriest Hooser and Zeilpha Margaret Hanson (3/27/1898-2/28/1943) raised four children:

F. Merl William Hooser (4/24/1922-Present) married Marie Palmer on 8/28/1946

F. Mary Eliza Hooser (8/24/1923-Present) married Melvin Jackson 8/28/1959

F. Grover Dayton Hooser (9/22/1925-9/24/1964) married Nelda Smith on 2/23/1951

F. Della Lee Hooser (4/8/1929-5/9/1930)

F.6.1.7 Albert Henry Hooser married Iva Bell Tucker and raised three children in the Great West

F. Bonnie Arlene Hooser (5/8/1927 to present) married Jim Mason / Frank Redden & Frank Huni

F. Junior Dale Hooser (5/7/1929 – 10/29/93) married Emma Margaret Wilson / Sharon L. Sherick

F. Leona Hooser
F. Junior Dale Hooser and Emma Margaret Wilson (2/16/1931-Present)

F. Becky Ellen Hooser (8/30/1951-) married David Brumbaugh in Astoria, OR

F. Jerry Hooser (10/24/1953-) m. Erin Butler and Susan Goodwin on 4/12/1988.
F.6.2 Redmond David Hooser married Elvira Jane Shipley and Claira McClymond

F.6.2.1 William Burleson Hooser (b.10/13/1875-8/11/1911) married Maude Emma (5/10/1899)

F.6.2.2 Nettie Ann Hooser (b.2/14/1878-11/12/1949) married William Henry Salmon

F.6.2.3 Sally Jane Hooser (b.4/12/1879-1919) married Wade H. Long

F.6.2.4 Joseph Christopher Hooser (b.12/21/1880-8/19/1976) married Emma Hurt

F.6.2.5 Redmond Curtis Hooser (b.6/25/1882-1/21/1901) Redmond died young and never married.

F.6.2.6 Bertha Mae Hooser (b. 5/10/1884-2/151980) married William Freeman Draffen / William Kaiser

F.6.2.7 Arena Beatrice Hooser (b.12/12/1885-6/24/1977) married Joy Elkins and Alex Rheberg

F.6.2.8 Susie Maude Hooser (b.5/17/1887-7/31/1981) married Dr. Frank Herman Smith

F.6.2.9 Newton Hickman Hooser (Newt) (b. 1/20/1889-9/13/1956) m. Helen Amanda Hudson (Choctaw)

F.6.2.10 Nena Olathe Hooser (8/1/1897-Present) married Albert Lowery -- (child of Claira McClymond)

F.6.2.11 Ruby Dorothy Hooser (11/10/1902-Present) married Gillespie -- (child of Claira McClymond)

F.6.2.12 Lewis Allen Hooser (8/28/1901-8/29/1901) Died one day old.
F.6.2.9 Newton Hickman Hooser on 10/22/1911 m. Helen Amanda Hudson (10/10/1893-9/29/1976)

F. Hickman Hudson Hooser (10/8/1912-5/23/1968) m. Nell Marie Lambert on 9/12/1940 in OK

F. Eugenia Melissa Hooser (2/5/1914-11/23/1938) died in Talihina Indian Hospital

F. Ernestine Hooser (10/8/1917– Present) married Lucian Carl Hunkapillar on 3/20/1917

F. Earnest Hooser (10/8/1917-Present) married Helen Willard

F. R. D. Hooser (11/27/1920-11/22/1987) m. Martha Lee Long / Mable Gorman

F. John Archie Hooser (8/22/1924-Present) m. Lucille Spencer on 12/28/1944 in OK

Hoosier / Hooser Notable Facts -- Migration Minutes from Greg Rose's “Hoosiers' Origin

Quote from Page 214: "By 1850 southern-born settlers in the Hoosier state comprised 44% of the population that was born in the United States exclusive of Indiana, far above the average of 28.3% for the whole Old Northwest as a whole. No state in the Old Northwest had a greater proportion of its population native to the South in 1850; Illinois came closest with 34.8 percent. No state in the Old Northwest had a larger number of southern natives in 1850: Ohio came closest with 150,845 - 28,000 shy of Indiana's figure of 178,847. The south central section of the state was the most heavily southern, reaching a maximum of 91.5% of the non-native Hoosier ... Southerners were the first pioneers in the state, settling initially in the south along the Ohio River and then moving northward into the interior.”

"Because so much of the state was preempted by southerners, fewer migrants from the Middle and New England states moved directly to Indiana during the period from 1800 to 1840, when much of the state passed from a wilderness to an established society. This fact made southerners extremely important in the development to the state."
“… Four states-Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee accounted for most of the southerners in Indiana. Natives of Kentucky surpassed all other southerners in number (17.3%) In 1816, while visiting the south central part of the state, David Thomas noted, "Many of the settlers in this quarter are Carolinians". Two years later while in Princeton IN, he reported, "The inhabitants are principally Kentuckians". Additionally, Issac Reed identified numerous Kentuckians at New Albany in 1818. The next year Edward Dana noted about Wayne County," Many of the settlers are from North Carolina". Dana also noted the Virginians living in Clark County in 1818. Karl Postel noted in 1818, Kentuckians filled Indiana "in the south, on the banks of the Ohio River, and farther up..." Issac Reed study concludes that the population mix of Indiana residents are mix of every quarter SOUTH OF THE OHIO RIVER". One final point: By 1850 Germans accounted for 52.5% of the foreign born in Indiana.”
Our current genealogical records indicate already that the states listed above were heavily populated with our ancestral family members - Randy Hooser.
[Family Events] Family Reunions:

The Hooser Family: 2nd Saturday in July in Mooresville, IN POC- Randy Hooser in Martinsville IN. This event is normally held at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana. (765-342-8151)

The Hauser Family: Two Reunions are held each year. One in Owen County Indiana on the 2nd Sunday of October every year at the fire station. POC - J.W. "Jack" Hauser of Cole City, IN (812-859-4311)

Hauser Family (2) - Pleasant Hill Church Home Coming. The Church is located north of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Contact the Church for specific dates.

Family Historical Sites and Information:

Horne Creek Historical Farm: Adam Hawser's son John lived in a very unique farm environment. The 1830 farm has been captured for all family to see outside of Bethania, North Carolina. (see photo).

J.K. Hooser Building in downtown Hopkinsville, KY - Part of the town square on main street.

Hoosier Pass in Colorado: Pass that separates a mountain divide near Quandary Peaks, CO. Directions: It can be found between the intersection of State Highway 9 and Federal Highway 285 near Como, CO.

Hausertown (read "Hoosertown"): Bethania, North Carolina established in 1759. (see appendix)

Hope, Indiana: Town founded by Martin Hauser (b. 1799) the Moravian Minister. Martin also has a high school named after him. Martin also helped to found West Salem, Illinois.

Family Web Sites: and

Email addresses for Hauser/Hooser Historians:

John Hooser and William Cain Hooser Line of Red River County Texas:

Mary Hooser is the historian responsible for the Texas website. If you are a Texas or western Hooser

check with Mary first. Her email is:

David Hooser of North Carolina and Todd County Kentucky:

I am Randy Hooser and the author of "Burned Into Memory - The Hausers/Hoosers Vol 2". Contact

information is PO Box 5405 Huntsville, AL 35814 and my email is

Margaret B. Hooser (my mom) has unearthed hundreds of family transaction data. She is the one stop shop for any deed or land transaction, not to mention marriage information. Contact her through me.

Christian Hooser of North Carolina and Cooper County Missouri:

Jerry Hooser works for the Boeing Corporation in Seattle Washington. His is just now finding out about Christian. He can help with much of the Midwestern Hoosers. His email is Ernest and John A. Hooser are also quite knowledgeable about this family. Contact them through either Jerry Hooser or myself.

Daniel Hooser of North Carolina, Todd County KY and Cape Girardeau County Missouri:

Help for Daniel Hooser relatives comes in many reliable forms. First, retired Methodist Rev. Robert Templeton of Albuquerque New Mexico knows of the Daniel Hooser connection to the Welch family. Mrs. Betty Darnell of Mt. Washington, KY knows how the Hoosers and the Thompsons are connected. Finally, three sources exist for help with Rueben Hooser, Daniel Hooser's third son. For information on John B. Hooser, the circuit rider, contact Mike Hooser in Alamogordo, NM. If you are following Aze Hooser's line contact Faye Hall in Wichita, KS. Finally, data on James Dawson Hooser's line should be directed to Nicki Osborne of Azle, TX.
The original Martin Hauser and Maria Margaretha Schaefer:

Kenneth J. Hauser is the author of the book "Alsatian American Family - Hauser". It was published in 1977 by Hunter Publishing Company in North Carolina. His book is the one that I consider Volume One on the Hooser family. His email is:

Mark Arslan is responsible for the web site in North Carolina. His web site is a great place to get started if family data on the Hauser family is necessary. Mark's email is:
Elizabeth Harris works with Mark Arslan and each site is hyperlinked to the other. However, Elizabeth has done tremendous family research and luckily for us, the Hausers were part of it. Her site breaks down the family into generations and can be very useful. Her email is:
The Rudolph Hooser Line:

I have met many of the fine descendants of Rudolph Hooser (b. 1780 from NC). I must admit we do not know how we are related. If you are having trouble unearthing your family line, I would suggest that you check with these fine people: Dr. Steven Hooser, Dr. Richard Hooser and Randy Hooser of Martinsville, IN. I am sure it is just a matter of time before the lines link. Dr. Steve Hooser's email is: Dr. Richard Hooser's email is: and Randy Hooser's phone number is 1-765-342-8151.

Many more historians are available and for those not listed here please contact me at my email. I know we can find a historian either online or not to help any Hooser member looking for family information.

Randy Hooser (David Hooser’s Line)

[Much of Martin Jr.’s line can be found in Alsatian - American Family: Family Hauser. Again, this book I consider Vol 1 of the Hauser/Hooser story. I will not repeat that work here for obvious reasons.]
II. Martin Hauser, twin brother to Jacob (10/165-1733 to 11/07/1794) and Susanna Maria Kessler raised 8 children between Maryland and North Carolina. Most notable of Martin's family was his grandson Martin Hauser (9/23/1799) who became a Moravian minister and pioneer that founded Hope, IN and West Salem Illinois.
A. Abraham Hauser (8/30/1761-12/27/1819) married Magdalena Strub.

Christina Hauser (3/25/1763) married Martin Lick

Maria Hauser (12/30/1764 - 1794)

B. Martin Hauser (1/4/1767) married Leah Billeter

Susanna Hauser (1/8/1769) married Samuel Schulz

Elizabeth Hauser (7/31/1772) married Mathias Reich

Phillip Hauser (1/20/1775)

Samuel Hauser (Hooser) (11/18/1777) became a Shaker at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

A. Abraham Hauser and Magdalena Strub lived near Bethania, NC & raised 6 children:

A.1 Susanna Maria Hauser (b.10/22/1787)

A.2 Abraham Hauser (b.7/5/1789) married Anna Elizabeth Loesch

A.3 Jacob Hauser (b. 1/28/1793) moved to Columbus, Indiana

A.4 Timotheus Hauser (1/30/1795) married Sarah Greter

A.5 Martin Hauser (9/23/1799 - 09/25/1875) married Susanna Chitty

A.6 Anna Elizabeth Hauser (2/9/1805)
A.5 Martin Hauser and Susanna Chitty: Pioneers to Indiana. Martin was the Moravian Minister who convinced the Moravians to expand west to Indiana. He was very important in establishing Hope, IN and West Salem, IL. He and Susanna had 8 children, however Amos C. and Margaret died very young:

A.5.1 Edwin Theodore Hauser (b. 2/2/1823) m. Johanna Caroline Beech (??)(b. 12/1/1827)

A.5.2 Susanna Elisabeth Hauser (b.6/9/1825) m. George Fry (b. 3/1/1819) on 2/3/1844.

A.5.3 Mary Ann Pauline Hauser (b.11/20/1826) m. Daniel Bruner (8/25/1821) on 8/18/1844

A.5.4 Sophia Teresa Hauser (b.11/17/1828) married Lewis A. Levering on 2/8/1848.

A.5.5 Melvina Louisa Hauser (1/21/1831-9/8/1863) married John G. Luther

A.5.6 Anna Emmiline Hauser (b.1/21/1833) m. Charles Foster (b.10/27/1824) on 7/29/1853.
A.5.1 Edwin Theodore Hauser was born 2/2/1823 in Salem, NC. He married Johanna Caroline Beech (??). born 12/1/1827 in Prussia, Germany. They were married 9/18/1850.

A.5.1.1 Emilia Matilda (05/28/1852- 10/19/1852) born in W. Salem IL. Died in Hope, Ind.

A.5.1.2 Martin Theodore Hauser (b. 12/22/1853)

A.5.1.3 John August B. Hauser (b.1/23/1856)

A.5.1.4 William Edwin Hauser (b.3/10/1858)

A.5.1.5 Lewis Levan Hauser (b.11/30/1860)

A.5.1.6 Melvina Ernestina Hauser (b.8/27/1863)

A.5.1.7 Caroline Louise Hauser (b.5/14/1866)

A.5.1.8 Clara Alice Hauser (b.7/18/1871)
B. Martin Hauser (1/4/1767-1814) married Leah Billeter, raised as a Quaker.

B.1 Joseph Martin Hauser (b.1791) married Mary Ward

B.2 Susan M. Hauser (b.1/6/1793) married Joseph Hauser

B.3 Moses Hauser (2/16/1795) married Nancy Randelman on 10/31/1793.

B.4 Samuel Hauser was the Methodist Minister preaching without permission

B.5 Elijah Hauser

B.6 Martin Hauser married Christina Miller

B.7 William Hauser (12/23/1812-9/18/1880) m. Eliza Renshaw (1813-1880) on 3/23/1837

B.8 Rachel Hauser married John Miller

B.9 Leah Hauser married Andrew Thomason and moved to Indiana

B.7 William Hauser M.D. married Eliza Renshaw in Rowan County NC and raised most of their children near Wadley, GA. Their homestead was called Hesperia.

B.7.1 Caroline Elizabeth Hauser (1/8/1838-6/4/1926) married William M. Parker in Jefferson Cty. GA.

B.7.2 William Clarke Hauser (8/18/1844-7/30/1919) married Laura Modesette in Coffeeville, MS.

B.7.3 Victor McLandhton Hauser (5/26/1847-12/19/1919) married Ursula Peck in Tazewell Cty VA

B.7.2 William Clarke Hauser married Laura Catherine Modesette (6/271847-8/5/1942) on 11/11/1869. Together they raised their children in New Orleans:

B.7.2.1 John Gary Hauser (5/3/1871-5/22/1934) m. Charlotte Annie Harris (12/19/1869-7/17/1911) on

11/20/1895 in New Orleans.

B.7.2.2 Beulah Sidney Hauser (b.11/6/1874) m. C.C. Gilbert on 12/26/1925

B.7.2.3 Carl Lewis Hauser (5/13/1876-3/14/1934) m. Ethel Harlow (b.1/6/1878) on 1/3/1900.

B.7.2.4 Estelle Evans Hauser (1/8/1880-1/4/1922)

B.7.2.5 Inez Edelweiss(11/17/1882-3/25/1938) m. Thomas Jefferson James (11/25/1882-8/28/1943) on 10/12/1903 in Wadley, GA. The family later settled in Miami, FL.

B.7.2.5 Jessie Cleveland Hauser (b. 10/9/1884) m. Asbury Duren on 6/22/1907

B.7.2.6 Laura Catherine Hauser (3/14/1888-) m. William A. Johnston & Johnston E. Davies.
B.7.3 Victor McLandhton Hauser married Ursula Peck (12/27/1856-4/26/1943) in 1877. In Ogden Utah, they raised their children:

B.7.3.1 Charles Henry Hauser (2/12/1880-1937) married Florence Taylor.

B.7.3.2 Nora A. Hauser (b.3/27/1883) married David Horton Elton on 4/8/1901.

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