Film Productions in Lincoln’s Inn

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Film Productions in Lincoln’s Inn
Because of its varied architecture, beautiful gardens, spacious squares, historic halls and panelled rooms, Lincoln’s Inn has long been used by film production companies as a location, and by television companies for interviews as well as drama productions with either a legal theme or a period setting. Among recent productions which have used the Inn are:
2014 Suffragette (Gillerd Production Services Limited)

Lovely Day (Grantchester Limited) (ITV)

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (ITV)

Welsh History Series – Huw Edwards (BBC)

Secrets from the Clink (ITV)

PAN (Dombey Street Productions)

The Theory of Everything (Cosmos Ltd)

A Slight Trick of the Mind (Slight Trick Productions Ltd)

The Man who knew Infinity (Pinewood Studios)

Spotless (Spotless Productions Ltd)

Partners in Crime (BBC)

Silent Witness (BBC)

2013 Agatha Christies’ Poirot (ITV Studios Limited)

Dracula (Carnival Productions Ltd)

The Muppets…Again (More Muppets Productions Limited)

Angelica (Angelica Film Productions Inc)

Downtown Abbey Series Four (Carnival Productions Ltd)

Fleming (Ecosse Films)

Shakespeare’s London Theatres (Illuminations TV)

2012 Shakespeare’s London Theatres (Illuminations Television Ltd)

Speciali Superquark (RAI - Radiotelvisione Italiana)

Jack Ryan (August Street Films Limited)

About Time (Inheritance Pictures Ltd)

Closed (Belmont Productions Ltd)

Who Do You Think You Are (Wall to Wall Media)

The Hour 2 (Kudos Film & TV Ltd)

2011 Dancing On The Edge (Ruby Film and TV (DOTE) Ltd)

Sherlock Holmes 2 (Warner Brothers)

White Heat (ITV)

The Whole Truth: The Story of the Law (BBC Bristol)

Channel 4 News

Parade’s End (Mammoth Screen (PE) Ltd)

Who Do You Think You Are (Wall to Wall Media)
2010 Any Human Heart (Channel 4)

Watchdog (BBC 1)

This Week (BBC 1)

Channel 4 News (Channel 4)

Garrow’s Law (BBC 1)

Miss Marple (BBC 1)

The Hour (BBC 2)

Hysteria (Film)

The Deep Blue Sea (Film)
2009 Blyton (a BBC dramatisation of Enid Blyton’s life)

Foyle’s War (ITV World War II detective series)

Wolfman (Feature film thriller)

Identity (ITV thriller)

Dagenham Girls (1960s dramatisation for TV)

ITV Drama Documentary on David Cameron

2008 Miss Marple (ITV)

Bleak House(BBC)

Whitechapel (ITV Thriller)

Sherlock Holmes (Feature film directed by Guy Ritchie)

Margaret (BBC political drama on Mrs Thatcher)

  1. Sense and Sensibility (BBC period drama)

Poirot (ITV)

Oliver Twist (BBC)

New Tricks (BBC)

Judge John Deed (BBC)

Earlier feature films have included The Good Shepherd, The Lost Prince, Miss Potter, Amazing Grace, National Treasure, Not Only But Always, The Lost Visitor and Finding Neverland. Regular programmes on TV, in addition to the above, have included Waking the Dead, Crimewatch, Rose and Maloney, State of Play and Absolute Power.

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