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1. FLIP and NOTAM ABBREVIATIONS - This listing provides a ready reference of abbreviations used in Flight Information Publications (FLIPs) and the DoD NOTAM System. Codes, e.g., POL, Lighting, JASU etc., are listed elsewhere in the Supplement Legends. The abbreviations presented are intended to represent grammatical variations of the basic form. (Example - "trans"

may mean "transmit", "transmitting," "transmitted," or "transmits.")


A Alert Area (followed by identification)

A Area Chart (followed by identification)

AA Aruba

A/A air to air

AAF Army Air Field

AAI Angle of Approach Indicator

AAL above airport level

AAL Aircraft Approach Limitations

AAS Airport Advisory Service

AB Airbase

abm abeam

ABn Aerodrome Beacon

abt about

abv above

AC Antigua & Barbuda

ACA Arctic Control Area

ACC Air Combat Command

ACC Area Control Center

ACCID notification of aircraft accident

accom accommodate

acft aircraft

ACL altimeter check location

ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System

ACN Aircraft Classification Number

acpt accept

act activity

ACW Aircraft Control and Warning

A/D Aerodrome

ADA Advisory Area

ADC Aerospace Defense Command

ADCC Air Defense Control Center

ADCF air defense control facility

ADCUS Advise Customs

ADDC Air Defense Direction Center

addn addition

ADF Automatic Direction Finder

ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone

adj adjacent

admin administration

ADR Advisory Route

advs advise

advsy advisory

AE United Arab Emirates

AEIS Aeronautical Enroute Information Service

AER Approach End of Runway

AF Afghanistan

AFA Army Flight Activity

AFB Air Force Base

afct affect

AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AFFSA Air Force Flight Standards Agency

AFHP Air Force Heliport

AFI African/Indian Ocean (ICAO Region, Air Force Instruction)

AFIL Flight plan filed while airborne

AFIO Authorization for Fighter Interceptor Operations

AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service

afld airfield

AFM Air Force Manual

AFMC Air Force Material Command

AFOD US Army Flight Operations Detachment

AFR Air Force Regulation

AFRC Armed Forces Reserve Center

AFRC Air Force Reserve Command

AFRS Armed Forces Radio Stations

aft after

AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network

AG Agriculture

AG Algeria

A/G air/ground

A-G Arresting Gear

AGA airfield or air routes ground aids

agcy Agency

A-GEAR Arresting Gear

AGL above ground level

agn again

AHP Army heliport

AIP Aeronautical Information Publication

AIRAC aeronautical information regulation and control

AIREP Air Reports (Metro in Plain Language)

AIRNAVO US Navy Air Navigation Office

AIS Aeronautical Information Services

AJ Azerbaijan

AL Albania

AL Approach and Landing Chart

ALA alighting area

ALERFA alert phase

ALF Auxiliary Landing Field

ALS Approach Light System

ALSF High Intensity ALS Category 1 configuration (code)

ALSF-1 High Intensity ALS Category I configuration

with sequenced Flashers (code)

ALSF-2 High Intensity ALS Category II configuration

with sequenced Flashers (code)

alt altitude

altn alternate

ALTRV Altitude Reservation

AM Amplitude Modulation

AM ante meridiem, midnight to noon

AM Armenia

AMC Air Mobility Command

amd amend

amdt amendment

ammo ammunition

AMSL Above Mean Sea Level

AN Andorra

ANG Air National Guard

ANGS Air National Guard Station

ANO Air Navigation Order

ant antenna

AO Angola

AOE Airport/Aerodrome of Entry

AP Area Planning

apch approach

apn apron

APO Air Force or Army Post Office

APP CON Approach Control

Apr April

aprx approximate

APU Auxiliary Power Unit

APV Approach with Vertical Guidance

apv approve

apvl approval

AQ American Samoa

AR Aerial Refueling

AR Argentina

AR Army Reserve, Air Receive

ARB Air Reserve Base

ARC Area of Responsibility Center

ARCAL Aircraft Radio Control (Canada) of Aerodrome Lighting

ARCP Air Refueling Control Point

ARCT Air Refueling Control Time

ARFOR Area Forecast

ARINC Aeronautical Radio Inc.

ARIP Air Refueling Initial Point

arng arrange

ARNG Army National Guard

ARO ATS Reporting Office

ARP Airport Reference Point

arpt airport

arr arrive

ARS Air Rescue Service/Air Reserve Station

ARSA Airport RADAR Service Area

ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar

ARTC Air Route Traffic Control

ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center

AS Air Station

AS Australia

ASAP as soon as possible

ASDA accelerate - stop distance available

ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment

asgn assign

ASL Above Sea Level

ASOS Automatic Surface Observing System

ASR Airport Surveillance Radar

ASRgn Altimeter Setting Region

ASU Aircraft Starting Unit

AT Air Transmit

AT Ashmore and Cartier I

ATA Actual Time of Arrival

ATC Air Traffic Control

ATC Air Training Command

ATCAA Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace

ATCC Air Traffic Control Center

ATCOM Air Traffic Control Communications (Ship to Shore)

ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System

ATD Actual Time of Departure

ATD Along Track Distance

ATF Automatic Terrain Following

ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management

ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service

ATS Air Traffic Service

attn attention

ATZ airport traffic zone

AU Austria

Aug August

auth authority

auto automatic

AUW All Up Weight (gross weight)

aux auxiliary

AV Anguilla

AVASI abbreviated VASI

avbl available

avg average

AvGas aviation gasoline

avn aviation

AvOil aviation oil

avord aviation ordnance

AWOS Automated Weather Observing System

AWS Air Weather Service

Awt await

awy airway

AY Antarctica

az azimuth


BA Bahrain

BA braking action

BASH Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard

BB Barbados

BC back course

BC Botswana

bcn beacon

bcst broadcast

BD Bermuda

bdry boundary

BE Belgium

BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

BF The Bahamas

BG Bangladesh

BH Belize

BK Bosnia and Herzegovina

BKN Broken

BL Bolivia

bldg building

blkd blocked

blw below

BM bone marker, back marker

BM Burma

BN Benin

BO Belarus

BOA Break-Off Altitude

BOH Break-Off Height

BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters

BP Solomon I

BQ Navassa I

BR Brazil

brg bearing

brkg braking

BS Broadcast Station (commercial)

BT Bhutan

btn between

BU Bulgaria

bus business

BV Bouvet I

BWC Bird Watch Condition

BX Brunei

BY Burundi

byd beyond

BZ Buffer Zone


C Celsius (degrees), Centigrade (degrees)

C Center (runway designation)

C Circling Approach (on instrument approach chart)

C Commercial Circuit (Telephone)

CA Canada

CAC Centralized Approach Control

CALS combat assault landing strip cap capacity

CAR Caribbean (ICAO Region)

CARF Central Altitude Reservation Facility

CAS Calibrated Airspeed

Cat category

CAT Clear Air Turbulence

CAVU Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

CB Cambodia

CB Crash Boat

CCW or cntclkws counterclockwise

CD Chad

CDI Course Direction Indicator

CE Sri Lanka

ceil ceiling

CERAP Center Radar Approach Control

CF Congo

cfm confirm

CFMU Central Flow Management Unit

CG Democratic Republic of the Congo

CGAF Coast Guard Air Facility

CGAS Coast Guard Air Station

CH channel

CH China

chan channel

CHAPI Chase Helicopter Approach Path Indicator

chg change

cht chart

CI Chile, Easter I

cir circle, circling

CIS Commonwealth of Independent States

CIRVIS Communications Instructions Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings

CIT near or over large towns

civ civil, civilian

CJ Cayman I

ck check

CK Cocos (Keeling) I

cl class

CL Centerline Lighting System

clbr calibration

clnc clearance

CLNC DEL clearance delivery

CLR Clear

clsd closed

CM Cameroon

CMNPS Canadian Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace

cmsn commission

CN Comoros

CNATRA Chief of Naval Air Training

CNF Computer Navigation Fix

cnl cancel

CNO Chief of Naval Operations

cns continuous

cnsld Consolidated

cntclkws counterclockwise

or CCW

cntr center

cntrln centerline

CO Colombia

CO Commanding Officer

Co Company, County

com communication

comd command

Comdr Commander

comdt commandant

coml commercial

compl complete

compul compulsory

comsn commission

CON Control (voice call), Consol, Consolan

conc concrete

cond condition

const construction

cont continue

CONUS Continental United States

convl conventional

coord coordinate

COP change over point

copter helicopter

corr correct

cov cover

CQ Northern Mariana I

CR Coral Sea I

crdr corridor

cros cross

CRP Compulsory Reporting Point

crs course

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CS call sign

CS communication station

CS Costa Rica

CSA Caribbean and South America

cstl coastal, coastline

CSTMS Customs

CStn communication station

CT Central African Republic

CTA Control Area

CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

CTAM climb to and maintain

ctc contact

ctl control

CTLZ Control Zone

ctn caution

CU Cuba

CV Cape Verde

CVFP Charted Visual Flight Procedure

CVFR Controlled Visual Flight Rules

CW Clockwise, Continuous Wave, Carrier Wave

CW Cook I

CWA Center Weather Advisory

CWT hundredweight

Cwy clearway

CY Cyprus


D Danger Area (followed by identification)

DA Decision Altitude

DA Denmark

DAFIF Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File

daylt daylight

db decibel

dckg docking

dct direct

Dec December

DECCA Decca Navigator

decom decommission

deg degree

del delivery

DEMIZ DEW East Military Identification Zone

DENEB fog dispersal operations

dep depart

DEP CON Departure Control

DER Departure End of Runway

destn destination

det detachment

DF Direction Finder

DFTI distance from touchdown indicator

dgr danger

DH Decision Height

direc directional

disc discontinue

disem disseminate

displ displace

dist district, distance

div division

DJ Djibouti

DL Direct Line to FSS

dlt delete

dly daily

dly delay

DM Double Master (Loran Stations)

DME Distance Measuring Equipment(UHF standard, TACAN compatible)

DND Department of National Defense (Canada)

DNVT Digital Non-Secure Voice Telephone

DO Dominica

DoD Department of Defense

dpth depth

DQ Jarvis I

DR Dead Reckoning

DR Dominican Republic

drct direct

DS Double Slave (Loran Stations)

DSB Double Sideband

DSN Defense Switching Network

DT Daylight Savings Time

DTAM descent to and maintain

DTU Data Transfer Unit

dupe duplication

dur duration

dur during

DV Distinguished Visitor

DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rule

DVOR Doppler VOR


E East

ea each

EAF Expeditionary airfield

EAT Expected Approach Time

Ebnd Eastbound

EC Ecuador

ECM Electronic Counter Measures

ECN Enroute Change Notice

EDCT expected departure clearance time

EET estimated elapsed time

EFC Expect Further Clearance

eff effect

EFIS Electronic Flight Information System

EG Egypt

E-HA Enroute High Altitude

EHF extremely high frequency (30,000 to 300,000 MHz)

EI Ireland

EK Equatorial Guinea

E-LA Enroute Low Altitude

elev elevation

ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter

em emission

emerg emergency

EN Estonia

eng engine

enrt enroute

EOBT estimated off-block time

EOR End of Runway

EPD Earliest Practicable Date

EPI Expanded Position Indicator

eqpt equipment

ER Eritrea

ERDA nergy Research and Development Administration

ES El Salvador

E-S Enroute Supplement

est estimate

estab establish

ET Ethiopia

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD Estimated Time of Departure

ETE Estimated Time Enroute

ETO estimated time over significant point

ETS European Telephone System

EU Europa I

EUCARF European Central Altitude Reservation Function

Eur Eureka

Eur Europe

EUR European (ICAO Region)

ev every

evac evacuate

exc except

excld exclude

exer exercise

exm exempt

exp expect

ext extent

extn extend, extension

extv extensive

EZ Czech Republic


F Fahrenheit (degrees)

F fixed

FA Falkland I

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

fac facility

FAF Final Approach Fix

FACSFAC Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility

FAR Federal Air Regulations

FARP Forward Arming and Refueling Point

FAS Final Approach Speed

FAWS Flight Advisory Weather Service

fax facsimile

FBAA Flying Boat Alighting Area

FBO Fixed Base Operator

FBW Fly by Wire

FCC Flight Control Center

FCG Foreign Clearance Guide

FCLP field carrier landing practice

fcst forecast

Feb February

FG French Guiana

FI Finland

FIC Flight Information Center

FIFOR Flight Forecast (in international MET figures)

FIH Flight Information Handbook

FI/P Flight Inspection Permanent

FIR Flight Information Region

FIS Flight Information Service

FI/T Flight Inspection Temporary

FJ Fiji

FK Falkland I, incl South Georgia I and South Sandwich I

FL flight level

fld field

flg flashing

FLIP Flight Information Publication

flr flare

flt flight

fltck flight check

FLT CON Flight Control

fluc fluctuate

flw follow

FM Fan Marker, Frequency Modulation

FM Federated States of Micronesia

FMP Flow Management Position

FMS Flight Management System

FMU Flow Management Unit

FNA final approach

FO Faroe I

FOC Flight Operations Center

FOD Foreign Object Damage

fone telephone

FP French Polynesia

FPL Flight Plan

fpm feet per minute

FPO Fleet Post Office

FQ Baker I

fqt frequent

FR France, Corsica

fr from

freq frequency, frequent

Fri Friday

frng firing

FS Flight Service

FS French Southern and Antarctic I

FSC Flight Service Center

FSL full stop landing

FSS Flight Service Station

fst first

ft foot

ftr fighter

furn furnish

F/W Fixed Wing


G grid

GA Gambia

GA Glide Angle

G/A ground-to-air

gal gallon

G-,A-,R-,B- Low Frequency Airways (green, amber, red, blue)

GAT General Air Traffic (Europe-Asia)

GB Gabon

GCA Ground Controlled Approach

GCAS Ground Collision Avoidance System

GCI Ground Control Intercept

GCO Ground Communications Outlet

GCT Greenwich Civil Time

gen general

GG Georgia

GH Ghana

GI Gibraltar

GJ Grenada

GK Guernsey
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