Florida Atlantic University Interfraternity Council Delegate Meeting Agenda

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Florida Atlantic University

Interfraternity Council Delegate Meeting Agenda


  1. Call to Order

  • A. Alpha Epsilon Pi

  • B. Alpha Tau Omega

  • C. Beta Chi Theta – not present

  • D. Delta Tau Delta

  • E. Phi Delta Theta

  • F. Pi Kappa Alpha

  • G. Sigma Alpha Mu

  • H. Sigma Chi

  • I. Sigma Phi Epsilon

  1. Approval of the Agenda – Alpha Epsilon Pi approves, Delta Tau Delta 2nd

  2. Approval of the Minutes – Phi Delta Theta approves, Alpha Tau Omega 2nd

  3. Guest Speakers

  • Lauren Riedy – Up Till Dawn 5-9pm Nov.19th, register at www.st.jude.org/utd, finale event in February, goal to raise 25,000 dollars. 25 names per person

  1. Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Report

  • A. Spring-Eve Rosado

  • Presidents received learn to lead members, select to participate registered by November 6th online

  • Homecoming next week

  • No brown bag next week

  1. Office Reports

  • A. Vice President of Administration Affairs

  • Registered for next semester for Senate Chambers

  • B. Vice President of Finance

  • No Report

  • C. Vice President of Programming

  • Finding balance through wellness – Alpha Epsilon Pi had the most people, group fitness Phi Delta Theta only there

  • IFC sport of the month – tailgate 5:30 at the burrow, volleyball game. 100 pizza

  • D. Vice President of Recruitment

  • Dates and events for Spring recruitment – January 23rd-27th Monday through Friday, open house on Monday 5-7pm, finale event February 3rd BBQ on the housing, each chapter announce their new guys, tradition, January 12th,19th at 7pm info session, tabling by the So building January 9th,10th and 11th and from the café January 18th,19th,20th. Also hang an IFC recruitment banner November 21st-december 2nd

  • ICS will be mandatory in the spring, free – every pnm must register on ICS by February 2nd.

  • Giving out 3 scholarships 100 dollars each by February 3rd

  • E. Executive Vice President

  • Bylaws – changed or added

  • Delegate – register an alternate, both delegates can’t come president can come in for 1 meeting.

  • Elections – candidate can speak 3 minutes, president will ask questions to the candidate, 1 ballet through each.

  • Scholarships – 3.0 for fraternity have 25 percent off dues, all male average 2.77 to 2.99 – 15 percent off IFC dues, any fraternity new member class 15 percent off if 3.0 or higher with candidate class of the following semester. Can’t have both B and C off

  • Recruitment - Register through ICS

  • Sanctions – can co-sponsor event with education also on probation, ex: sexual education risk management seminar.

  • Sanctions - May be able to do homecoming, but not with another organizations

  • Can’t take way in sports

  • Associate members and full members stated now

  • 2 weeks to take this back to your chapter, for added or changed, IFC VP of Administration will send it today in an email

  • F. President

  • Applications – due Wednesday by 5pm next week, November 2nd

  • Homecoming

  • Expectations of new officers – transition before thanksgiving and after thanksgiving and ropes course with the full e-board.

  • January 6th-8th – IFC president need it on the calendar or chapter presidents

  1. Old Business

  2. New Business

  3. Open Forum

  • Jews In Greek Life Organizations meeting 5:30 at Hillel today

  • Philanthropies combined for the news

  1. Announcements

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi – blue and gold week, date auction at 6pm tonight at coyote jacks, Lynn – colonizing – 9 honorary pledges

  • Alpha Tau Omega – Tau Cuts – 1,400 dollars, homecoming with Theta Phi Alpha

  • Beta Chi Theta – N/A

  • Delta Tau Delta – 2 games against Phi Delta Theta today soccer, turkey bowl November 19th, Movember next week, social with Theta Phi Alpha tomorrow

  • Phi Delta Theta – cook off November 13th – Spanish River Park, tabling, as many teams as possible, and tailgate event. Delta Phi Epsilon for homecoming, 2 soccer games against Delta Tau Delta and a football game tonight

  • Pi Kappa Alpha – N/A

  • Sigma Alpha Mu – N/A

  • Sigma Chi – paired with Alpha Epsilon Pi and Alpha Delta Pi homecoming, November 18th 3:30-7:30pm fall finale turkey toss – 30 dollars per team 6 people per team, 40 dollars to carve, winner will give 5 percent to charity of their choice, t-shirts, pumpkin pie, muffins, coffee

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon – November 4th – 8:30 homecoming bowl might be postponed

  1. Adjournment -2:32 pm

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