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Question 1: Can you name the Wars each of the airmen represent in the statue

Located as you enter the museum? World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm.

Question 2: The statue at the front entrance has a dog beside one of the airmen.

Why was the dog in the statue? The dog was used under their jacket to keep them warm, during World War I the pilots flew with open cockpits.

Question 3: What was the name of the Navy’s first plane? Curtiss A1 Triad

Question 4: Why was it called “Triad”? It could operate on land, sea, and air.

Question 5: Each flag on the wall stands for a letter of the alphabet. Can you find

out what the seven flags mean? Located on the wall facing the entrance. Each flag on the wall stands for a letter of the alphabet. (Fly Navy)

Question 6: When did the Wright Brothers make their first of four successful

Flights? December 17th, 1903

Question 7: What was the name of the Wright Brother’ plane? The Wright Flyer

Question 8: During the famour day when the Wright Brothers made history,

How long was the fourth flight? 59 seconds covering 852 feet

Question 9: How far did the Wright Brothers fly during their first successful

Flight? 120 feet

Question 10: Which of the two Wright Brothers made the first flight? Orville Wright made the first successful flight

Question 11: What does the letters IMAX stand for? Nothing But is reconized around the world to stand for extraordinary and immersive family entertainment.
Question 12: Where are the two rotating Flight Simulators located? Second Level
Question 13: Where can you purchase Dog Tags? Second level

Question 14: What was the average life span of wooden propellers? Six months

Question 15: What were the first wooden propellers called? Screws

Question 16: What type of planes did U.S. Flyers fly during World War I? French Nieupor 21, English F-1 Sofwith Camel

Question 17: Who made these planes? French and English

Question 18: What famous plane did the Red Barron fly during World War I? Fokker DR-1 Dreidecler (Triplane) The museum has later model of the Fokker- the Fokker DV11

Question 19: What was strange about the engines in the planes U.S. Flyers flew

in World War I? Engine used castor oil plus the engine turns with the propeller

Question 20: What was the name of the first plane that crossed the Atlantic Ocean?

Question 21: What does the “N” stand for? Navy

What does the “C” stand for? Curtis

Question 22: What is the wing span of the NC-4? 126 feet

Question 23: What was the name of the Commander that piloted the plane

that first crossed the Atlanta? LCDR A.C. Reed USN

Question 24: What is famous about the plane with the tiger on it? “Flying Tigers” flew these planes against the Japanese

Question 25: What was the name of the plane the Flying Tiger Flew?

P-40 Tomahawk

Question 26: Is there a plane in the museum that President Bush senior took his flight

training in? What is it called? Yes The NZ5 Stearman

Question 27: What kind of plane was president Bush senior flying when he was shot

down during World War II? The Avenger

Question 28: During World War II Alex Amber Von Tempsky Zabtiskie hosted

Hundreds of Naval Aviators in her Maui Island Home called Erehwon.”

What is unique about this name? Spelled backwards it spells “NOWHERE”

Question 29: What was one of the front line fighters of the U.S. Navy toward

The end of World War II? The F6F Hellcat. The Hellcat proved to be the most successful aircraft in Naval history. (Destroying 5,171 enemy aircraft)

Question 30: What type of plane did the black sheep squadron fly? F-4U Corsair

Question 31: Was there a famous pilot that few with the black sheep squadron

And with the flying tiger? Yes, Marine Colonel Gregory ”Pappy” Boyington

Question 32: Is there a plane in the museum that was at both Pearl Harbor

December 7th,1941 and the Battle of Midway on June 4th, 1942 (During

World War II)? Yes, the SBD Daunties

Question 33: What “WING” of PBY’S suffered heavily during the early stages of

World War II? Patrol Wing 10. Flew 245 missions, losing 41 of its 44 PBY’s

Question 34: Did the United States have a pilotless plane during World War II

If so, what was it called? Yes, the TDR Radio-Controlled N2C-2 The 1st smart bomb

Question 35: What was the Navy front line fighter, at the beginning of World

War II called? Naval aviation’s front-line fighter aircraft when the United States entered into World War II was the Wildcat

Question 36: Does the museum have a Japanese “ZERO”? Yes, hanging facing the Wildcat west wing

Question 37: Does the museum have the Japanese “GEORGE”?

(The ZERO Replacement) Yes, the Kawanishi, NIK2-J, and Shiden Kai

Question 38: What feature of the “GEORGE” displayed in the museum is

Very interesting? The bullet hole ( the Japanese soilder would hide in the cocpit-thus the bullet hole meant “security”

Question 39: Read the note that was found in this plane (GEORGE). What does it tell you? (No one answer to this one) One meaning could be that some Japanese did value life

Question 40: When did the war in the Pacific end? August 14th, 1945

Question 41: When did World War II in Europe end? May 8th, 1945

Question 42: Can you find at least plane types that the Blue Angels flew? The Blues flew a total of nine different planes staring just after World War II

Question 43: What aircraft carrier did the USS AKRON fly from? The aircraft in the sky-the rigid airship the USS Akron

Question 44: Did the Ford Motor company make fighter planes before and during World War II? No, they made bombers

Question 45: What helicopter was the first to fly off the deck of a ship? The HNS Hoverfly was the 1st helicopter to fly from the deck of a ship at sea

Question 46: What is the name of the first Navy helicopter and who manufactured it?

The HNS-1 was the 1st Navy helicopter; the first designed specifically for military use, and the first United States rotary-wing aircraft to be mass-produced. (built Sikorsky)

Question 47: Can you find information on all the aircraft carriers that the navy had during World War II? As you enter the building just to the left you will find a time-line of all the Naval Aircraft Carriers

Question 48: What major aircraft carriers were sunk during 1942 in World War II? USS Langley (CV-1)—USS Lexington (CV-2)—USS Yorktown (CV-5)—USS Wasp

(CV-7)—USS Hornet (CV-6)

Question 49: What is the first American aircraft to see a military action? MF-Boat

Question 50: Where did the first American military action with an aircraft take place?

During the Veracruz Insurrection in April 1914, the Curtiss Flying Boat became the first America military aircraft to ever fly a combat mission

Question 51: How much did the Curtiss MF-Boat (flying boat) cost to build? Both Curtiss and the Naval Aircraft factory build the Flying-Boat-at a cost of $5821-today’s dollar $84,798

Question 52: What country made the Nieuport 28 fighter aircraft during World War I?


Question 53: What company made the majority of the Navy fighters during World War II and what is unique about their names?

Grumman Aircraft Engineering, they were all named after cats

Question 54: What is the name of the PB2Y? Who used the one on display?

The Coronado the one on display was used by Admiral Sherman

Question 55: Did the Germans have a jet aircraft in World War II? If so, what was it called? Yes, Messerschmitt ME262 the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft

Question 56: What was the Navy’s first true supersonic plane called?

F11F Tiger

Question 57: What aircraft was John McCain flying when he was shot down? A-4 Skyhawk

Question 58: What aircraft was nicknamed the “Kittiecar”, Tinker Toy, or Scooter?

A-4 Skyhawk

Question 59: How many aircraft carriers did the Navy have at the beginning of World War II? They were: Lexington, Saratoga, Ranger, Yorktown, Enterprise, Wasp, and Hornet

Question 60: What was the nickname of the Douglas AD Skyraider? “SPAD” nickname after a French World War I fighter

Question 61: What was the name of one of the Navy’s primary fighters during the Korean War? F9F Panther

Question 62: What was the name of Grumman’s first jet fighter? F9F Panther

Question 63: What is the name of the U.S. Navy’s first successful carrier-based jet fighter? F9F Panther

Hangar Bay One Answers

Question 1: What is the nickname of the first aircraft to land at the South Pole?

“Que Sera Sera” R4D-5l Skytrain

Question 2: What is the name and type of aircraft used by the Executive Flight Detachment responsible for transporting the President of the United States?

“Marine One” ( VH-3A Sea-King helicopter)

Question 3: What year did the VH-3A join the Executive Flight Detachment”

And what two Presidents used this helicopter? 1972 (Nixon and Ford)

Question 4: When was the H035 helicopter introduced to the Navy and Coast Guard?

And what is its nickname? 1945 (Dragonfly)
Question 5: What is the aircraft called that was used in Operation Deep Freeze?

And where was it used? NU 1 B Otter and Antarctic

Question 6: What was done by astronaut John Glen on 16 July 1975? He flew an RF-8A

Photoreconnaissance version of the F-8 Crusader to establish a transcontinental speed record.

Question 7: Why was the HH-52 given the name Guardian of the Sea?

Because the HH-52 can land on water or an ice cap and is able to assist distress person to be pulled to safety.

Question 8: What aircraft was flown in the South Vietnamese Air Force? And why did

It land on the Midway 30 April 1975? To escape with his wife and children to safety when he noticed he had only one hour of fuel left. He asked the Captain of the Midway to move his aircraft to the left of carrier so he could land his plane.

Question 9: Name the oldest Helicopter currently flying on the front lines?


Question 10: What was the nickname for the aircraft weighting 82,000 pounds?

Whale Flying

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