General Meeting: 9/1/2011 President (Allison Dooley)

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General Meeting: 9/1/2011

President (Allison Dooley):

  • Welcome to TSU Habitat for Humanity!

    • Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit Christian-based org.

    • Goal: to eliminate substandard housing and homelessness worldwide

    • A hand-UP, not a hand-OUT

    • The Truman chapter does most of its work searching and building for a family in the Kirksville area

    • We also work with the Genesis House in Edina, MO

      • And old house that needs renovation

      • To become a safe haven for new mothers who don’t have a safe or stable environment to raise their children

    • Lots of fund-raisers

      • Benefit concert with the TrueMen, for example

    • We work to raise awareness about substandard housing and homelessness in the US and Kirksville

      • Habitat on the Quad

        • We sleep on the quad in a shack for a week!

    • We take a Spring Break trip

      • Usually to the Gulf Coast

      • We’re thinking about taking a Midterm Break trip to Joplin or Independence

Vice President (Kaitlin Duckworth):

  • VP’s biggest job is to plan our trips

  • Mid-term break trip this year?

    • Independence, Missouri

      • Close to Kaitlin’s house

    • Joplin, Missouri

      • Doing 7 houses in 7 days (not sure if it lines up with Mid-term break)

      • We would need to find somewhere to stay STAT

Secretary (Clara Dahmer):

  • The secretary e-mails everyone every time there is a general meeting or an opportunity to work with fund-raising, building, etc

  • Also posts the minutes on-line so if you miss one you can check them out (

Treasurer (Carolynn Lee):

  • Collects the dues

  • Current balance in the bank account is less than half of what we try to maintain

    • Think fund-raising!

    • Table at Red Barn art fair (Parents’ Weekend)?

    • Car wash in the Barnett parking lot/DPS parking lot (Parents’ Weekend)?

    • Table at the Kirksville air show (Sept. 11)?

Fund-Raising Chairs (Alicia Kimberlin & Charlie Becker):

PR Chair (unfilled):

Historian (Courtney Scanlan):

  • No report

Event Coordinator (Suzanne Hunn)

  • Habitat on the Quad (HOTQ)

  • Act, Speak, Build Week in the spring

Webmaster (Rikki Sitzes)

  • No report

Guest Speaker : Scott Denno

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