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Georgia Working for WASH

Briefing Prepared for __________
Improving Access to Clean Water Is at the Top of Americans’ Global Health Priorities

People in the state of Georgia are leading the effort to solve the global safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) challenge. There are numerous faith-based, civic, and academic initiatives for WASH underway throughout the state. The top programs in the state include:

  1. The Downtown Macon Rotary Club sponsored Water Team International and helped raise over $1.5 million in grants to supply clean drinking water to 240,000 people in Guatemala, India, Panama, Pakistan, Belize, Malaysia, Philippines, Haiti, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mexico, and Honduras.

  2. Coca Cola invested more than $30 million to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to over 8 million people in more than 45 countries.

  3. CARE International, based in Atlanta, has over 927 poverty-fighting programs that deliver safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to over 3.3 million people.

  4. The Georgia Institute of Technology Engineers Without Borders Chapter designed a water distribution system in Uganda that serves over 1,200 people.

  5. The Rotary Club of Atlanta was awarded the Crystal of Hope Award as the top humanitarian project in the world for their Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) initiative that dug wells and provided clean water to Kenyans in rural villages.

  6. The Seacoast Church of Savannah raised over $350,000 to provide access to clean water in communities in Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Togo.

  7. Dalton Rotary Club funded a water project in Haiti that provided clean water to residents in rural communities.

Other notable efforts include:
Rotary Clubs in Georgia

  • Rotary District 6920, Savannah

    • Provided Reverse Osmosis units for 34 schools throughout India

    • Partnered with Rotary District 3150 in India to install 5,000 hand wells and more than 300 toilets to increase access to water and sanitation facilities for 2 million children

    • Installed a pump, provided well supplies, and trained community members on well maintenance to increase access to water in a Bolivian village

  • Rotary Club of Atlanta

    • Partnered with SWAP on the Kenya Water Project Initiative to build 100 water wells, benefitting over 200,000 community members

    • Hosted Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President & CEO of the Task Force for Global Health, who raised awareness among Rotarians about cholera, onchocerciasis (river blindness), and other global diseases

  • Rotary Club of Perry

    • Donated $1,000 to fund the delivery of water filters to Nicaragua

    • Partnered with ERSLA (Emergency Response Services for Latin America) to deliver 20 water filters to Nicaraguan families living in communities at high risk for waterborne diseases and intestinal parasites

  • Rotary Club of Alpharetta

    • Raised awareness at the District 4400 Ecuador Project Fair about the 45 water and sanitation projects being implemented in Ecuador

    • Partnered with a rotary club in Ecuador to provide training in safe water management and sanitation

    • Sponsored the construction of a water treatment plant for two villages

  • Rotary Club of Savannah West

    • Supports well drilling projects in developing countries to increase access to potable water for rural communities

    • Provided clean water to children in the Ivory Coast and contributed to the elimination of the guinea worm parasite

  • Rotary Club of Brunswick

    • Partnered with Rotary International to fund the repair of 57 pumps and wells, the construction of 800 biosand filters, and the construction of village wells throughout Africa

    • Provided clean, filtered water to Ivory Coast villagers to reduce the prevalence of parasitic infections and to increase access to potable water

  • Rotary Club of Chattanooga Breakfast

    • Funded mechanisms for proper human waste disposal in Dominican Republic villages

    • Repaired over 120 water wells to provide access to clean water and installed 125 toilets to increase access to proper sanitation in mountain villages in Haiti

Faith-Based Organizations in Georgia

  • The Least of His, Irwinton

    • Donated two 10,000 liter water tanks to a secondary school in Northern Kenya to improve health and school attendance

    • Co-created the Well of Hope Nomadic Shalom Ministry project to build 6 water wells and educate local high schools about water catchments in Northern Kenya

  • Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Atlanta

    • Partnered with Start With One International to supply 2,000 portable water filters to Kenyans living in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp

    • Educated children and community members living in the Nakuru city garbage dump about how to maintain water filters and practice proper hygiene

  • First United Methodist Church of Marietta

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church, Marietta

    • Implemented 18 water filtration systems in a community by working with local parishioners in Guatemala

    • Trained Guatemalan women on the importance of water filtration and safe water through Water with Blessing’s Water Women program

  • Impact Church, East Point

    • Sent a mission team to construct a water well and a ventilated improved pit latrine at a Methodist church/school/clinic in Haiti

  • Boynton United Methodist Church, Ringgold

    • Sent a mission team to Nicaragua to distribute over 100 water filters to increase access to clean water

  • Harvest Light Fellowship Church, Savannah

    • Collaborates with MorningStar Ministries members on water and sanitation projects in East Africa

    • Trained communities on proper hygiene and constructed 39 wells, 57 spring water tanks, and 3 rain water catchment tanks in East Africa, India, and Nigeria

    • Constructed over 250 wells in Kenya and rural Tanzania through Hydrating Humanity initiative

  • Covenant Life Church, Bremen

    • Sponsors annual TORCH Missions to Honduras, Brazil, and El Salvador to increase access to basic services, including safe water

    • Sponsors a child monthly through Compassion International, providing clean water for the child and his or her family

  • First Baptist Church, Marietta

    • Funded water projects through its Pure Water Initiative, including digging wells, building water cisterns, and implementing water purification systems in Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and Zambia

Schools & Universities in Georgia

  • University of Georgia – Engineers Without Borders, Athens

    • Conducted a community assessment, relocated a 40 year-old well in El Salvador, and constructed a new pump that provided safe water to over 9,000 community members

    • Consulted on the implementation of a water filtration system in El Salvador

  • Georgia Institute of Technology – Engineers Without Borders, Atlanta

    • Designed and constructed inexpensive solar latrine systems to provide basic sanitation facilities for schoolchildren and community members living in Bolivia’s Andes Mountains

    • Drilled a borehole well and installed a hand pump that provided clean water to 400 villagers in Uganda

    • Constructing a solar-powered well to provide clean, accessible water to 1,000 community members in Cameroon

  • Emory University–Center for Global Safe WASH, Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta

    • Conducts applied research, evaluation, and training to promote universal access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions in Trinidad, Bolivia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mexico, and Mali

  • Savannah State University, Savannah

    • Partnered with the Durban University of Technology on a $50,000 research project to design low-cost ultra water filtration systems using locally-sourced materials for use in developing countries

WASH-Focused Organizations in Georgia

  • Coca Cola, Atlanta

    • Recruits 5 million women entrepreneurs to operate EKOCENTERs Slingshot water purification systems that promote sustainability by increasing access to clean water in 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America

    • Launched Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) that provided $30 million in funding and provided 2 million people in 35 African countries with safe drinking water and improved sanitation

    • Collaborated with Coca Cola India to launch UN-HABITAT, an initiative that aims to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation in South Sudan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Bhutan

    • Partnered with WaterHealth International’s Child With Water (CWW) Program to deliver 500 million liters of safe drinking water a year to 1 million schoolchildren in 2,000 schools

  • Improve International, Atlanta

    • Facilitates ongoing water services through private sector, local community partnerships, and government investments that fund the implementation of water and sanitation projects

    • Collaborated with Georgia Tech students on a review of water point mapping and monitoring tools in Nicaragua

  • Start With One International, Atlanta

    • Designed a Sanitation-Hygiene Education and Clean Water curriculum focused on waterborne diseases and prevention by using Sawyer Point One filters

  • World Water Relief, Atlanta

    • Provided access to safe water and educated youth in 21 schools throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti about the importance of proper handwashing and sanitation, benefiting nearly 14,000 students and staff

    • Sponsored trip an orphanage in Haiti that provided the children with drinking water and neighborhood water access

    • Delivered solar powered water filtration systems and implemented a water system management plan for 3,000 villagers in Nepal

  • Leave a Trace Foundation, Kennesaw

    • Tested and analyzed water samples in Santo Domingo and co-developed water access solutions with Buckner International staff in the Dominican Republic

    • Partnered with Delta Airlines and installed 25 filtration systems in two orphanages in Peru, benefiting 800 children

    • Installed electrolysis water filtration system at a rural school in Peru and trained school staff and community leaders on system maintenance

  • Sanivation, Atlanta

    • Received a $40,000 grant from Startup Chile, a collaboration of Georgia Tech Research Institute, EWB-GT, Emory University, and a Bolivian nonprofit, to research solar sanitation products for low-income residents and low-infrastructure areas in developing countries

    • Received funding from the CDC, UNHCR, and Norwegian Refugee Council to provide 30 toilets for 300 refugees in Kenya

For more information, please contact John Oldfield at WASH Advocates:

202.293.4049   Updated: December 2015

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